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Born and raised in Nairobi ,Kenya, my name is Kate and I am a Baptiste power yoga teacher with Africa Yoga Project. I have taught and practiced yoga for 4yrs in my community and I aspire to travel around the world to experience yoga, culture, and nature of other communities. Apart from yoga I enjoy being in the farm planting, weeding and harvesting. I am happiest when I consume healthy foods straight from the farm. I have a background in Environment and Natural Resources Management, and I advocate for conservation of our trees and natural life.



Nairobi, Kenya


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A Little More About Me




Nairobi, Kenya

Yoga Interests

Originally, I started practicing yoga with a community of 300 + people from different backgrounds on a weekly basis. I felt connected and felt the sense of being up-to something bigger than myself drove me to continue.

Today i keep practicing  different styles yoga to become a powerful teacher, to keep my body moving, to start my day, to let go, to rejuvenate and stay healthy.

I mainly teach vinyasa and power yoga and for me this, is not just finding a way to help myself or putting food on my table, but it goes further to how can I help others and this is especially because i live in a community where people need to adopt to yoga as a means of life . I enjoy conducting yoga sessions during hiking tours and retreat events I lead. I am child safeguarding officer and it is my duty to ensure that children practicing  yoga are being protected from any forms of acts of harm. I also lead yoga for addiction recovery (Y12SR) for other yoga teachers and public dealing with addiction and recovery.


Currently teaching at:

Nairobi and global virtual yoga classes from my home.

Experience & Qualifications

Yoga Style(s)

Baptiste power yoga, Vinyasa, Kids Yoga


I am a 200hr Baptiste power yoga certified teacher with Africa Yoga Project Organization (AYP).  I teach with AYP as well as individually. I work with private clients, and groups. Yoga has enabled me to enhance and become a retreat leader here in Kenya giving me an opportunity to create more connections, build my career and travel around.

I am also a 60hr certified children yoga teacher with Yoga Puravida & Satyananda Yoga Centre.

I am a leader in yoga for 12 steps to recovery (y12sr). I have been part of a leadership crew that brought tools for adicition recovery using yoga in the coastal Kenya where addiction is significantly impacting young lives. I also lead meetings and sessions for teachers and public who are also going through addiction recovery.

I am a leader in child safeguarding for children doing yoga under the Africa Yoga Project Organization. Being a leader means I create awareness and train other yoga teachers to take measures of  protecting children they are teaching from sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. It means educating children about their rights and how to safeguard themselves from harm.

I volunteer to teach yoga to my community especially to those who cannot afford to pay for a class. I work with schools, orphanages where I offer 5hrs of yoga in a week all together.

I am a hiker and every time am up along trails or mountains, I offer yoga before and after hiking. I love taking yoga to nature because we feel most alive in these places. Hikers get to experience injury free hikes, more strength and a healthy range of consistent motion during hiking not to mention mental and physical health. i have done yoga at the foot of Mount Kenya, Mt.Longonot and the aberdare ranges just to mention a few.

Yoga Alliance Credentials

RYT 200

Teacher Training Program

Africa Yoga Project- Baptiste Certification

Yoga Alliance Specialty Designations

RCYT (Registered Children's Yoga Teacher)

Type of opportunities I'm interested in...

Hometown, International, Volunteer, Paid

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