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Katie Johann



Before I started working with Yoga on a daily basis, I had been feeling pretty low and sickly for close to a year. I was taking herbs for various issues.  The herbs were helping, but I still had little stamina or energy, until I committed to Yoga. 
I know that Yoga can be practiced in a way to expand the spirit, clear the mind, connect with universaI energy, and balance the physical. I come from the field of Feng Shui, and work with the I Ching.  As a teacher,  I like to include energetic and emotional work in my flows, remembering both , the feminine and masculine sides of each practice.

To me, The Yin or feminine side of Yoga can be presented in the transitions, mudras, moments of stillness and self observation. The Yang brings strength with correct asana practice and training through endurance. This way we can build steadfastness, both on the mat, and in life.
My ever expanding quest in life is to create ways for people to attain balance, to reclaim their light, and to remember the truth of who they are, and can be.


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A Little More About Me




Washington, USA

Yoga Interests

I love my home practice, and enjoy designing flows both for physical and spiritual needs. Many of my flows have a mudra and pranayama practice in the beginning and middle, focusing on humility, inner strength, or self-knowledge.  My greatest love is nature.  I prefer working outside if possible, and know how important it is to tune into nature’s support of our spiritual paths.

Currently teaching at:

From home, with private clients.

Experience & Qualifications

Yoga Style(s)

Vinyasa, bhakti-style slow flow, therapeutic.


Since I have been certified (during covid time) I have worked with Private Clients, and small classes taught from home.

Yoga Alliance Credentials

RYT 200

Teacher Training Program

Yoga and Ayurveda Center

Other Qualifications & Trainings

Ayurveda Certification, certified Feng Shui Practitioner,

Type of opportunities I'm interested in...

Domestic, International, Volunteer, Paid

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