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I completed my 500hr Moksha/Modo yoga teacher training in Feburary 2015. Since then I’m teaching 2 classes a week at You Can Yoga (Warm Hatha classes at 25°C/30°C)

The Moksha/Modo sequence ( has been designed for complete beginners. If you are an all-zen yogi who can do Utkatasana on the tips of your toes with a smile, even better, the sequence has been designed for the all-zen yogi, too. I think you see what I’m getting at: everybody is welcome and let’s simply have some fun together falling out of and back into balance.

About Me
“Fall 7 times, stand up 8”…this Japanese saying summarizes Serge’s philosophy of life and his approach to yoga. After 15 years of very diverse professional experiences (working in the banking and jewelry industry for instance) and 11 years of yoga practice all around the world, Serge decided to start teaching yoga and share the many lessons learned on the winding road of life. Serge discovered the Moksha/Modo Yoga (Warm Hatha) series in Montréal in June 2011 and fell instantly connected to it and subsequently attended the teacher training in February 2014 in Los Angeles. Here at You Can Yoga he will teach the Modo-inspired series. His teaching style is fun and accessible for everyone.”

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And If you wonder why “Serge’s Yoga Club”, I invite you to watch one of my favorite movie “Fight Club” and find out his yogic side

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