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As we flow thru life, we often meet people who have that special spark. Here, we catch up with one of these people, Amanda Christian. A dedicated yogi, writer, mountain biker, nature lover, and business woman. Amanda lifts you up when you need it most!

On your website you say that you are a “believer”, can you talk a little bit more about what this means to you?

We don’t have to hustle for our worthiness or do everything on our own. Being a believer in this case, is aboutamanda4 being willing to say to yourself, “okay, even though everything around me might be completely falling apart, there is another way. I’m not alone and I do have guidance.” It’s about truly believing you have a purpose in this world and empowering yourself to take action.

No matter what happened during the day, how crappy I might feel about myself at a particular moment, or how angry/frustrated/confused I am, I truly believe there is a better way to live than the endless attempts to fix myself (and my life). Through practicing yoga, becoming aware of my thoughts and my power to choose them, I start to live that new way. But it all starts with my belief that it exists.

You are an inspiring new yoga teacher who taught at Wanderlust! It seems like everyone is a yoga teacher these days (which is a good thing)! Can you offer any advice to new yoga teachers looking to find their place in a highly saturated field?

First, the best advice I’ve gotten and would pass on is to be the teacher you want to be right now. In the YogaPeruAmanda (1)beginning of my teaching, I was trying to be the teacher I thought people wanted me to be, instead of just teaching how I wanted. Find the courage to be yourself (yes, it’s vulnerable) and teach a style that is authentic to you (which takes practice to hone in on, so be gentle with yourself as you experiment).

Secondly, remind yourself that you are good enough, and remind yourself of that often. It’s easy to look around at what other yoga teachers are doing and feel inadequate because you’re not as seemingly successful or experienced. I’d just drop all that right at the beginning and focus on awakening your unique way of teaching. Comparisons are the quickest way into fear.

You are also an accomplished writer. How did the inspiration come to write your e-guide and any tips for new writers out there?

It took me a solid year to birth Miracles and Munchin’: An alternative + practical guide to freedom from emotional eating. I’m definitely no expert on the writing process! However, I will tell you that it was extremely vulnerable, challenging, and full of moments that I didn’t want to write, but I wrote anyway because above all, I believed in what I was writing. I think that’s key.

The inspiration for Miracles and Munchin’ came through my own personal experiences with emotional eating. It was something I struggled with for so many years, but it also was an incredible gift because it brought me to the awareness and level of self-confidence I have now. In a world where we try so hard to get rid of the emotional eating “problem” by controlling it, I wanted to show people how they could work with it and as a result, discover freedom with food.

Can you describe your dream Yoga Trade volunteer opportunity place/scenario?

My dream Yoga Trade volunteer opportunity would be somewhere in Northern India or Nepal. I traveled to India for the first time a few years ago and I’ve wanted to go back ever since! I love the mountains and have a passion for practicing and teaching yoga outdoors, so I’m sure teaching amongst the Himalayan Mountains would be awe-inspiring


Amanda is the hiking yoga buddy you always wanted but never had…until now! She’s a miracle-fueled yoga instructor and a modern day voyager with lots of strange ideas. (Strange ideas that just might beAmandaHeadshotJuly what you’ve been waiting for.) She’s been featured on websites such as Tiny Buddha, MindBodyGreen and her site was named one of the Best Personal Growth Websites by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. It’s time to find excitement in uncertainty, revel in self-love and embrace adventure!


Website: www.amandachristian.com

YouTube: youtube.com/amandachristiantv

Facebook: facebook.com/amandalece

Twitter: @amandalece

Pinterest: pinterest.com/amandalece



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