#NatureInspiredYogi Winner

For the last two weeks in July, @yogatrade ran a #natureinspiredyogi photo contest on Instagram. We received over 750 entries! Thank you to everyone who entered, we were truly amazed with all the great photos. The winner was announced on August 1st as @tayeg (Taylor Godber), for her beautiful shot overlooking rugged, raw, glacier wilderness in a simple meditative seat. Congratulations Taylor! Below is another awesome photo by @tayeg:




There were so many vibrant entries that we couldn’t help but pick some runner ups! Check out and follow the IG profiles below for more awe inspiring nature yoga photography. Keep connecting with the elements, practicing, and following what makes you feel alive. Thanks for sharing the stoke! Yea!

#natureinspiredyogi runner ups:

1. @anjali_energy

2. @blayered

3. @duncanyoga

4. @beauk

5. @allliiibaba

6. @christyprior

7. @ania_75

8. @ceciledohertybigara

9. @wandertosea

10. @domestikatie_

11. @kaceyyoga

12. @momentswithmitch

13. @lamise

14. @outdoor_discovery_school

15. @ruelgalinato

16. @northshoreyogagirl

17. @dyuzbick

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