The Power of Faith and Yoga

Meet Chanti Mai. She has been practicing yoga since 2002 and teaching since 2005. However even though she was living healthy and enjoying her life fully, nothing was guaranteed.

In October 2013 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer with metastasis. Everything changed.

The illness and treatments (two months of chemotherapy and radiation) forced her to slow down with her daily activities. Just after two months of her treatments she began her yoga practice again. It helped her reconnect with her body and deal with all the aches and joint pain that accompanied chemo. It gave her a profound acceptance that helped her to devote more energy to getting better.

This is the power of faith and yoga!

Thank you Chanti, for your inspiring story, spirit, and beauty. You are radiant!


Yoga with Chanti Mai from Xena Maria Evers on Vimeo.

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