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Meet Lauren.  She is a sensational traveling yogi blessing the world with her radiance.  Here she shares some words about SEEKING TEJAS.  You can keep up with her wise writings here:  http://raiseyourbeat.com/feelthebeatblog/

And check out her amazing Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Retreat she is co-teaching this July in Costa Rica.  It is going to be a good one!  http://raiseyourbeat.com/ashtanga-vinyasa-retreat/


Lauren_42Do you ever feel grateful but unfulfilled? These two emotions seem contradictory and impossibly to exist simultaneously, however after a recent travel experience in Bali I am confronted with these two feelings as I become accustomed to my life again in the city.

After returning, I decided to set a sankalpa (intention) for myself : to maintain my ‘Bali Bliss’, to keep the positive buzz humming within me. That buzz I felt in Bali, was a feeling of contentment from hours of self-practice, lectures which sparked my interest, and a feeling of well-being by eating fresh foods, surrounded by nature. Mix that with the  thrill of traveling in an exotic place, and I had consumed the ‘perfect’ cocktail of contentment.

Fast forward a few months and my reality has changed. I am no longer in Asia and physically couldn’t be farther away. Although, I am beginning to understand that my internal reality doesn’t have to change. I can still continue my yoga practice, read texts and spend time with intellects who have open minds, eat with intention, and take trips outside the city. This is the true reality. I have the freedom to create my own inspiration, beauty and excitement, no matter where I am in the world.

The following Ayurvedic principals are simple, yet profound when practiced. They are used to reflect on reality and help us to reconnect in times when we need it most…

lauren2 Look back at times when you felt happy and a state of well-being. Recognize aspects from time period that you can incorporate into your current life.

•  Look forward at all of the positive possibilities your current situation can offer you. Remember that ultimately you have the power to change anything that is negative in your life : a relationship, job, housing situation, etc.

•  Look around for a mentor – someone who is wise and you can trust. Even better, reassess each of your close relationships. Surround yourself with positive and healthy people who love and support you.

•  Look within to awaken your divine. The divine aspects (which are within each of us) are the qualities of inner intelligence, pure radiance and well-being. Cultivate these properties through your yoga practice and bring more awareness into your lifestyle through Ayurveda, adjusting your habits & diet so they are most beneficial for your own personal well-being in body & mind. Both Yoga & Ayurveda develop the practice of pratyahara (turning inward) to focus on what specific qualities you need to feel more nourished.

So this post is for the many travelers, yogi’s or people who can relate to these feelings. Those who may be feeling a bit stuck in their current situation, dreaming of a time when things seemed to be ‘perfect’. Don’t be fooled by perfection and its overwhelming definition, instead, take this opportunity to surrender to the reality we are in, wherever and whatever that may be for you. To surrender with open minds, recognizing that we are the only ones who can create our own happiness, health and inner peace.

More about Lauren, in her own words…
I first stepped on a yoga mat as a teenager with curiosity of the ancient practice but intended to get nothing more than a good sweat. My curiosity quickly grew into a daily appetite and Lauren_37after graduating from University, and I combined my wanderlust with my newfound love: I embarked on a journey of a lifetime to work at a family run yoga retreat in the Southwest corner of India. It was throughout my travels in India that my perspectives on health, happiness and lifestyle changed. I followed my heart which led me to my first yoga teach training in 2011. Since then I have lived in various places around the world which have opened my eyes to the many beautiful styles of yoga and teachings, which continue to arrive both on and off the mat. I am constantly inspired by the incredible diversity of cultures and people in this world that are ultimately striving for a universal purpose of connection. Yoga has shown me the truths worth living for and I am compelled to share these with as many people as possible. 

My teachings reflect a fusion of breath, movement and stillness. I aim to bring accessibility to all students, with modifications to intensify or simplify any posture. I encourage students to find themselves: their bodies, breath and emotions, and to embrace the present moment in a non-judging state, with whatever feels natural. My goal is to create a positive, empowering and awakening space to open the heart and mind, and take each student to a new level of awareness within each practice. 

Thank you Lauren for inspiring us!  Keep up with her travels, and feel the beat here:





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