Yoga Trade Travel Rep! March/April 2016

We are grateful to have Sacha Bryce representing Yoga Trade as our Travel Rep!

Sacha’s passion for yoga stems from her belief in the power of the practice – for mental, spiritual and physical therapeutic healing.

Sacha studied Psychology at the University of Toronto and began travelling with studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Her teaching journey began with tiny yogis at Toronto Yoga Mamas, a studio that focuses on yoga for children, families and pre and post-natal mamas.

After her studies, Sacha set off in a Westfalia campervan from Toronto to California. She went up the west coast from California into British Columbia – studying organic gardening and permaculture, community living and essentially- living yoga.

This journey led her to Dharmalaya in Oregon- where she completed a Yoga Life course and was mentored on what it means to follow your personal dharma in this life. After following the path to be a full-time teacher, Sacha travelled to Sri Lanka, and India where she completed her 200hrs RYT. She then began teaching full-time at Hariharalaya Retreat Center in Cambodia.

Sacha is currently in Cambodia working at Song Saa Private Island as the residential Yoga Instructor and Health & Well-Being Guide.

Her future plans are to head to Bali and Northern India to study at Tushita Buddhist Meditation Center and participate in a Mindfulness Based Nature Therapy Trek in the Himalayas with Hana Berlin Retreats. She will complete her 300hrs RYT in yoga therapy with her teacher Shy Sayar in Denmark this summer.

Part of her daily practice is trusting that life will lead us where ever we are supposed to go. Her advice would be to listen carefully if fear or love is guiding your choices. Keep choosing love and stay open to miracles in every moment!

May everything we do be for the benefit of all beings.

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