Safety & Trust

Every interaction we have in life involves trust. Yoga Trade works on trust and faith in humanity. When connecting with new people in new places, trust must be built from the foundation up. It is important to see both sides of the coin. Yoga teachers and wellness leaders looking for jobs and opportunities must establish trust with the host or organization as much as the host or organization must establish trust with the person they are looking to bring into their space.

We hope organizations offering opportunities and teachers/wellness leaders applying for opportunities do so with: Honesty, Respect, and Integrity.

Yoga Trade is a community built on the philosophy of yoga. The Yamas and the Niyamas are a set of ethical principles that help us live our yoga:

The Yamas:

Ahimsa ~ Nonviolence

Satya ~ Truthfulness

Asteya ~ Non-stealing

Brahmacharya ~ Non-excess

Aparigraha ~ Non-possessiveness

The Niyamas:

Saucha ~ Purity

Santosha ~ Contentment

Tapas ~ Self-discipline

Svadhyaya ~ Self-study

Ishvara Pranidhana ~ Surrender

Trust Your Intuition and Communicate

When reaching out about jobs/opportunities or interviewing with Yoga Trade community members, be sure to trust your intuition and engage in CLEAR communication. We advise not to give out your personal details, email, or phone number, until you feel that the contact is the kind of person or organization that you are interested in hearing from. Review profiles carefully, and conduct your own research so you feel comfortable. Before traveling abroad or hiring someone internationally, we recommend that you have some kind of video call (Skype, etc.) to make sure things feel right.

It is important that details are clear from the beginning. Make a list of questions to ask each other, such as:

-What exactly is the trade/exchange/job?
-What is the compensation?
-What will the daily schedule look like?
-What are the sleeping and eating arrangements?

If you are uncomfortable with the conditions, it is up to you to come up with different solutions with each other and to set personal boundaries. If a person, situation, or profile seems unsafe for any reason, move on.

Any arrangement you make is entirely your responsibility. Yoga Trade is a platform for listings and enables initial contact between the yoga teachers/wellness professionals and the hosts. Please review our terms and conditions.

Have a Backup Plan

Know your options. If something doesn’t work out with your plan, or if a party misrepresents themselves, make sure you have an alternate place to stay. Identify other hotels or hostels that are near where you are traveling, before you go. If possible, research the  neighborhood you will be traveling to prior to arriving, including how to get to and from there on your own.

Research the Cultures and Countries You Travel To

Check for travel alerts and advisories when you travel. Look into necessary visa requirements and mandatory immunizations. Be sure you’re aware of cultural and religious differences, sensitivities, and general safety recommendations for each place that you travel. Gender roles and cultural expectations can vary wildly. Find the balance of places that will stretch your comfort zone, but that you can still feel safe. See these experiences and cultural differences as a way to view the world from new perspectives.

Be Wise About Giving Out Personal Information

Here are some tips to help you avoid some common internet scams:

-Be aware that wiring money is equivalent to sending cash.

-Con artists often insist that people wire money, especially overseas, because it‘s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money. Don‘t wire money to strangers or to anyone who wants to keep the request a secret.

-Never agree to deposit a check and wire money back, no matter how convincing the story may be.

-Use your common sense. If someone asks you for sensitive financial information make sure you are 100% certain that you trust them.

Your safety is important. Honor yourself.

Report Safety Concerns to Yoga Trade