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Seeking a Balance Between Strength and Flexibility

I am rooted, but I flow.”  -Virginia Woolf

May I create flexibility in my life.
I can bend.


I am open. My heart is open. My mind is open.

My plans are elastic. They are simple. I will honor my commitments to others yet first, honor myself.

I waver in the wind. I drift.
The current carries me, effortlessly. I float.


Muscles stretched outward and inward and spiraling and reaching.

One day, I may reach my toes.
Today, I trust the process.

I engage in the constantly changing landscape of my life.

May I stand in a place of stability.
My toes grip the earth.
Belongings decorate a physical place called home.


Standing strong in my body. Unwavering.
Letting thoughts fall to the sides.

Sand sifts through my toes as the water shifts forcefully.
Morals and principles firm like rocks.

Respect. Myself. This space. All spaces.


May I find peace in the space between flexibility and stability.
May I be humbled when I am pulled toward one or the other.
May I recognize my efforts.
May I fill with love, amidst uncertainty and lack of control.
May I ride the waves of my life, with ease and joy.


Like a tree, I am rooted. Like the birds in the sky and the water in the rivers, I flow.

briBriana Valorosi is a writer, a beginner, one who practices yoga, a traveller, a climber, an outdoor enthusiast, a steward, a to-be gardener, a builder, a creator, a thinker and a do-er.

Instagram- bvalorosi

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