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Meet our friend, Meg Tuazon! She is the creator of Summit to Sea Yoga and Retreats ( Raised with a close connection to movement and nature, this amazing woman lives yoga and adventure. She is an encouraging and supportive leader whether on the yoga mat, the rocks, or in the water. Here she shares her story and gives us the down-low on her project, Summit to Sea.

meg_edit-63 (1)My philosophy of yoga is that yoga is everything. I connect my practice very much with nature and movement-especially off of my mat in rock climbing and surfing. While living as a yogi in the western world, I’ve noticed that most of us need to find balance within yin/yang principles, so that we can continue to give and receive equally. This is why travel (adventure), nature, and all elements of yoga have all become a huge part of my every day life and the vision of what I share with others. This is how my project, Summit to Sea Yoga and Retreats, came into fruition!

Summit to Sea Yoga and Retreats embodies total well being through the connection of yoga with nature-from the mountains to the ocean. “Summit to Sea” (Yoga and Retreats) is the platform for unique yogic retreat experiences and adventures-for recreational, spiritual, and sustainable journeys. The real definition of yoga is found beyond the mat. It is the experiential aspect of uncovering a balanced life through living the practice of yoga. This definition of yoga therefore embodies: connection with nature, mindfulness in movement, balance, compassion, well being, community, and sustainability.

Each adventure, whether a weekend retreat, across the seas, or a local day-experience, integrates a focus on asana practice, meditation, pranayama, yoga philosophy, movement, and the opportunity for making a deep connection with the natural world. Each individual will not only be challenged physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, encouraging the total practice of living your yoga. 

I think Yoga Trade exemplifies a similar vision as Summit to Sea Yoga-allowing yoga to be accessible for all yogis across the world! And what better way to practice your yoga while you’re living your yoga, in any place you that choose? Summit to Sea offers yoga adventures for all levels based out of Southern California and abroad.

meg2I think a yoga work exchange and travel trade is one of the best things you can do to share your gift, your services, and the continued share of ‘yoga as a lifestyle’ around the world. Because Summit to Sea Yoga loves to travel, we always welcome the traveling yogi as well!

I didn’t plan to be a yoga instructor before taking teacher training seven years ago. I really just wanted to get into my personal practice in more depth. It was after some travels throughout South East Asia where I came home wanting to share this gift of yoga and why it felt so good to me! Travel and yoga were such a compliment with each other, because I was able to experience yoga in unknown beautiful places. From there, the reward of giving and receiving yoga has become a huge part of an unexplainable feeling, hard to give up. And my continued drive to learn all of what yoga means to me while sharing it with others, has been never ending.


Thanks for inspiring Meg!  Hope to catch up with you on one of your adventures:)


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