Celebrate Shakti

What is Shakti? Shakti is being alive, the feeling of vibrancy, experiencing meaning. Shakti empowers us to seek positive change, to forever be a student, and to find purpose in every moment. Shakti is the foundation for conscious living. Every May since 2011, there has been a special community gathering…

What To Do When You’re Teaching In 15 Minutes & You’ve Got Nothing To Give

Teachers, does this sound familiar? You’re drained, running on empty, burning the candle at both ends. You’ve taught 12 classes already this week, and with four to go, you wonder what you have left to give anyone. You haven’t gotten much sleep. You’ve not eaten all day and you’re super…

Sustain the Flow: Doug Swenson

  I had the pleasure of meeting Doug Swenson in South Lake Tahoe, California where he holds annual yoga teacher training courses. As the years pass by, I am becoming more and more inspired and intrigued by people like Doug who have dedicated their life to the path of yoga….

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