Welcoming our Ancestors: ​Healing Hidden Family Trauma with Systemic Constellations

5 Day Transformational Retreat in Asia!

Do you ever feel that you have problems that don’t belong to you? For all of us, at one time or another, we confront a problem that just won’t go away. It’s got a special tenaciousness, whether it’s depression or relationship issues or a chronic illness. There is a growing body of evidence that it’s possible to inherit ancestral trauma. Whether we know our family’s history or not, it can still show up in our lives. We can inherit family depression, grief, guilt, and even the intense impacts of violence, often from events many generations back. If these events were too overwhelming for the family, or they were cloaked in secrecy or social taboos, it may not have been able to be integrated and honored at the time. As a result, the unresolved feelings float around the family system. Systemic (or Family) Constellations are an elegant approach to releasing our entanglements with larger family patterns and replacing them with deep ancestral support and love.

The program will be a variety of constellation practices, group process, sharing, and group reflection: Together, we’ll launch into understanding our emotional ancestral inheritances, and understand how they are honored and cleared. In group process, we’ll work on connecting with our ancestors, bowing to ancient losses and suffering, and finding unexpected strength. We’ll share and reflect together, becoming a group of resilience, tenderness, and support. We’ll also take some time off to rest, practice self-care, play, and enjoy our beautiful venue. 

What’s included in the cost?​

  • 4 nights comfortable accommodation at Museflower Retreat & Spa
  • 3 delicious Thai/Asian fresh vegetarian meals per day 
  • arrival and departure transport to/from Chiang Rai International Airport or Chiang Rai town to Museflower Retreat
  • saltwater swimming pool and gym
  • herbal steam bath
  • morning movement classes: gentle yoga, QiGong, walking meditation
  • free bicycle rental
  • free drinking water and herbal tea
  • “Open Space” evening program, an opportunity for participants to “skill share”. TRE/tension-trauma release exercises will be a featured session.
  • outstanding spa treatments and healing sessions at an additional cost
  • opportunity to visit The White Temple and night market (extra cost applies)
  • a variety of approaches and processes, ie. nature constellations, mini personal constellations, , group exercises, lecture, pair work. 

This transformational workshop is organized by Hanuman Yoga Retreat and international constellations facilitator/presenter/trainer Leslie Nipps will lead the program. Gentle Hatha yoga, QiGong, and TRE/stress-trauma release exercises will be offered as mindful movement to support the constellation work.