Orange & Chocolate Temptation

The cycle of life is like baking.

First of all, you have to know what you want. What do you want?

Then, see what you need to get what you want. What do you need for the cake?

Then, bit by bit gradually add these bits together to work towards your goal. Take courses, experience, think and re-think your choices. Take a turn to the left, to the right…Make sure to follow the instructions carefully but don’t ever ignore your instinct. When you’re lost or confused, your guts know best. They tell you everything…keep on going, blending all ingredients well together.

Everything you learned is now coming together forming you, your character and your personality. Now the most important part of life comes. The oven. Don’t hang in there too long, they will shape you, they will want to change you, improve you. Improvement is good, it’s part of life. So go with it, let them teach and change you. The only constant thing in life, is change. But know, when to get out. Otherwise the cake will burn, you will burn. IMG_3030You don’t want to burn. You want to get out and share yourself with the rest of the world. Share your knowledge. Share what you’ve become until one day, yes you will be gone. We will all, but the best memories are kept in the head, right?

Enjoy your day and maybe baby, bake a cake?


Danae Borsani a German/ Italian yogi, lives on Mallorca and is a passionate blogger about what she does best; The Art of Food, Fashion, Travel, and Health. She inspires her readers towards a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.