Teacher Tales: Eve In Motion

We met Eve at Veda Mela, downtown LA, last November. Her and one of our Living Yoga Ambassadors, Andrew Sealy were radiating their light through their graceful and intertwining movements of Acro Yoga. When we had a chance to talk to Eve, it turned out she had a very interesting story; she had moved to California from Russia to pursue her dreams of artistic movement, yoga, and travel. Here we catch up with Eve In Motion in one of many “Teacher Tales”.




How did you find the path of yoga?

Through an injury. I started on this journey as a dancer. Because of developed scoliosis at an early age it was very challenging to continue with training. Especially while constantly getting hurt from the moves that demanded a higher level of athleticism. Growing up, I often had lower back problems so I decided to start taking yoga as physical therapy and as a way of balancing out dance impact on the body. Little did I know, it would take me so much further than just being flexible and pain free.

What were your dreams when you were a child?

When I was a child I had plenty of dreams and ideas of what I wanted to do when I grew up; from working with animals as a veterinarian, to being a journalist, to becoming a professional circus performer. In Russia, people generally go to college by the age of 17. This forces you to decide on a future profession by the time you get out of high school. I went to study Public Relations and Journalism while still training and practicing performing arts.


How do you practice yoga off the mat?

Practicing kindness and understanding toward others as well as toward myself. I strive to connect with people in real life daily; being less on my phone, looking in the eyes of a person I’m having a conversation with, taking deep breaths in traffic (living in Los Angeles this is a big one :), connecting with nature, reminding myself that we’re here for a higher reason even if we don’t know what it is.

“connecting with nature”

What are you most passionate about?

Living this life to the fullest. Finding a way to enjoy every day while still paying my bills. Inspiring others to go out and see the world outside of their place of birth. Diving into something new, such as another language. Or maybe learning how to play music and sing, just for the joy of it. Not to mention different forms of movement that I’d like to explore. I’m definitely most passionate about the art of many forms.


What do you do when you feel out of balance?

Meditate. Drink more water. Be near the ocean. Talk to a friend that I can count on. Eat nourishing foods and get rest. Read and write – these are the things that help me the most.

Where do you think you will travel next and why?

At the end of this month I will be traveling to Costa Rica as a part of The Natural Leaders Foundation and will be offering Acro and Yoga workshops for local kids through out the weekend of Envision Festival.


Eve Modens is a movement artist widely known as Eve In Motion – professional athlete, versatile model, performer and yoga teacher. Born and raised in Russia, Eve started her journey as a dancer. Later on she discovered Yoga as transformational way of living. On the mission to share this passion Eve found home base in Los Angeles, California. After completing a 200-hr teacher training she discovered the practice of Acro Yoga. Combining various styles of training Eve is dedicated full time to movement arts. Her goal is to share this passion while traveling the world. You can often find her teaching at festivals and retreats. With significant following on Instagram @EveInMotion is able to connect with thousands of people worldwide daily.

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