The Flow of Travel

This article is being graciously shared with us by Living Yoga Ambassador, Lauren Lee. You can find more inspiration at the community project she founded, ‘Raise Your Beat’.


The reoccurring theme in anyone’s story is the ever present adventure and mystery of life: the constant changing states of our relationship to our environments and ourselves which is the necessary flow of life.



Nothing is permanent. And even in times when you think you have mastered your rules and feel as if nothing can take you out of your center, the mystery will present itself. Every single second of every day is different. It always has been, and always will be.


Throughout travel, this ever-changing flow is amplified when you find yourself in a new environment. No longer with the safety net of our comforts, familiar faces and routines, unknown places present us with magical mysteries – often times challenges, but more often are the sensations of excitement and exploration, inner strength and courage, inspiration and connection.

Our minds and hearts are blown open by new cultures, languages, rituals and rhythms.

We take in each experience as new and as if it were the first time we ever sat for a sunset, laid in the grass or exchanged a heartfelt conversation with another human.


That is the beauty of travel



In a new city, country or continent, our senses are heightened and untouched territories, untold stories, exotic experiences provide the wanderlust high of venturing into the unknown.


Travel teaches us to surrender and soften when things don’t go as planned.

Travel offers us simple pleasures in a whole new light and encourages awareness and gratitude.

Travel gifts us the comfort and support from another human or community, in the most unexpected times.

Travel restores our independence and activates our internal wisdom. Travel represents reality…that while world is a big and beautiful place, we are all seeking the same universal truths and qualities of connection, love, happiness and health.


This is the true ebb and flow of travel



So jump in feet first and ride the waves of mystery. All you need is an open mind and to trust your intuition. The rest will fall into place sweetly, as it always does, time and time again.




LAUREN LEE is passionate about holistic health, exploring the world and empowering others to live vibrant and happy lives. Founder of Raise Your Beat, dedicated yogini and sun seeker, she lives for creating connection and enjoying simple pleasures.

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