The Process and the Path

When a master hones his craft, there is a process. After having learned the vocabulary of a given art form, it is then that the artist must metabolize what he has learned, and make it his own. Once he owns his art, the singer finds her voice, and the master hones his craft, they can go to the sky and beyond…What is your process? That is my favorite question? I ask it of those who inspire me. I ask that of myself. What is your process? What is the path? We must start by putting in the time to learn that vocabulary, or in our case, the asanas. Getting the alignments correct. Then putting the breath with the asanas. Getting the “creaks” out of the body as it as moves through the sequence. Maybe at first, not so gracefully, then finding the flow. Once the flow is smooth and seamless, only then will that special alchemy happen. Everything around us seems to blur around the edges, until there are no edges and our bodies flow into what is around us. Only breath and movement. Something else takes us. We leave for a moment, then a few moments more, until we are free for a time. Free from our minds, free from our bodies, free from pain and overthinking. Just free. It feels so good to be free. Maybe we choose to incorporate music, letting the movements weave into the tapestry of the music. Breath. Movement. Music. Breath…movement…music…

If it feels so good, why aren’t we doing it all the time? Why do we take days off? Are we not deserving of that freedom? Is even 10 minutes too much to give to oneself?

Do we stop and start so we can have the experience of coming back to it? Almost like falling in love again? In love with ourselves, our bodies, our ability to breath. Or maybe physical illness or mental discontent has taken us away.

If you are just coming back, after a day, a week, a month or a year…welcome back! Welcome back to you, and whatever beautiful facet you will discover within yourself today. Let it shine bright for all the world to see.



Ginamaria Trello, or EnerGina, in Yoginiland, is a RYT 500. She attended the Hari-Om Yoga School. She is a teacher, artist, singer, dancer and clown. She spends her life moving her body to the beat of her own drum.

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