March 14-21, 2020, The Yoga Farm, Costa Rica

Woo hoo!!! Thank YOURSELF for your commitment to your wellness and your interest in nutrient dense living.

We look forward to GROWING TOGETHER and stoked to connect!

Below is some info that may be helpful in preparing for your journey to the Yoga Farm. The trek to Punta Banco is all part of the adventure:)

The ¡Buena Vibra! week will begin the evening (at dinner) on Saturday, March 14th, 2020. You can arrive to the Yoga Farm anytime midday to evening on the 14th. The programming will conclude the evening of Friday, March 20th, and you will need to check out by 11am-ish on Saturday the 21st. You are welcome to join for breakfast on the 21st and/or morning yoga. If you would like to book extra days at the Yoga Farm before or after the retreat week, you need to check in with Yoga Farm online reservations or by emailing them directly at: theyogafarm@gmail.com


Here is the link to directions and how to get to the Yoga Farm:


There is a lot to explore in Costa Rica! We highly recommend that you schedule in extra days before or after the event to delve into other parts of Costa Rica. If you are coming just for the event, we recommend that you fly into San Jose International Airport (SJO) no later than March 13th and leave no sooner than March 22nd. There are many ways to make your way to the Yoga Farm, the most popular and direct transportation route will be:

SJO (San Jose Airport)—> Golfito —> Pavones —> The Yoga Farm (Punta Banco)


Every day there will be 1-2 yoga/movement classes, 3 meal times, and at least 1 workshop or scheduled activity. Our aim is to create a nice balance of structured activities and free time to explore and rejuvenate. We wake up early with the sunrise at the Yoga Farm and are usually in bed by 9pm aka Costa Rica midnight;). 



-Headlamp or flashlight

-Water bottle

-Notebook and pen

-Biodegradable toiletries

-Sarong or quick dry towel

-Clothing for activity in the tropics (think clothes that dry fast)


-Flip flops/sandals and some kind of good footwear for walking 

-SUN PROTECTION (hat, sunscreen, rashguard, etc.)

-Personal medical/health supplies if needed

-Yoga mat (we do have some extra mats at the Yoga Farm, but it’s nice to have your own)

-A good attitude, enthusiasm, and an open heart!


If you are a teacher registered with Yoga Alliance, this week counts for 30 hours (15 contact hours and 15 non contact hours) of Continuing Education under the YA categories. 

You will be engaged more than 30 hours within the week; connecting to nature, on the permaculture farm, with community, and in the kitchen. Unfortunately, Yoga Alliance does not count all of these alternative hours as official CEU’s yet;) but we believe this will be a super inspirational and impactful experience!


The accommodations at the Yoga Farm are rustic & basic, yet comfortable. Be prepared to use composting toilets, take cold water showers, and connect with the rhythms of nature. 

-The Yoga Farm is a 10 minute walk up a steep dirt road hill from the beach. Keep this in mind when packing and choosing footwear.  

-Remember there are no banks or ATMs in Punta Banco or Pavones. The closest one is 1.5 hours away in Golfito. Best to bring enough cash for all your needs. US dollars and colones (the local currency) are widely accepted in Costa Rica.

-There is NO wifi or cell service at the Yoga Farm. There is usually decent cell service in town, Punta Banco (10 minute walk from the Yoga Farm). There is good service and wifi in Pavones (about 5km from the Yoga Farm). This is a time to cherish being off the grid. 

-Less is more. Remember we will be in the jungle, it is hot and humid and sunny. March is the dry season, but it is the rainforest so you never know:) Think comfort. The best clothes are super lightweight pants, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, etc. You will want to bring a sarong or quick dry beach towel. For shoes, flip flops or hiking sandals do well. 

-Body Care. Please bring BIODEGRADABLE body care items (shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothpaste – everything goes into the soil or water system).

-Laundry is hand washed and line dried at the Yoga Farm. 

-Food & Allergies. There will be 3 jungle gourmet vegetarian meals made with love per day. Most food is prepared from scratch, from the field to the plate and and is the epitome of the slow food ethos. It is difficult to cater to fully raw diets. Most of the food is vegan and gluten free.

-Check out the Yoga Farm FAQ:


See you in Costa Rica, MARCH 2020! Looking forward to it! 

¡Buena Vibra & Pura Vida!

~ Erica, Alex, and the Yoga Trade / Yoga Farm Family

If you have other specific questions you can email Erica at erica@yogatrade.com