April 9-14, 2019, Punta Mona, Costa Rica

Yay! Thank yourself for your commitment to wellness! The journey to Punta Mona is part of the adventure:) Below are some transportation & lodging tips and other important details. Excited to see you in the jungle!


The event starts the evening of Tuesday, April 9th and concludes on the morning of Sunday, April 14th. You can arrive to Punta Mona anytime in the afternoon on the 9th and must leave Punta Mona on the 14th.


There is a lot to explore in Costa Rica! We highly recommend that you schedule in extra days before or after the event to delve into other parts of Costa Rica. If you are coming only for the event, we recommend that you fly into San Jose International Airport (SJO) no later than April 8th and leave no sooner than April 15th. Your transportation route will be:

SJO—> Puerto Viejo —> Manzanillo —> Punta Mona

We highly recommend you get to the Puerto Viejo area by April 8th and definitely no later than noon on April 9th.

*The most economical option is the public bus.

Bus schedule here:

Make sure you leave from the MEPE TERMINAL

*There are many daily shuttles from San Jose to Puerto Viejo that run about $50 and take about 5.5. hours. Most of the shuttles leave San Jose at 6am and 2pm daily. We recommend Caribe Shuttle:

*Once in the Puerto Viejo area you will need to get to Manzanillo at the very end of the road (about 13km from Puerto Viejo). You can get here easily by public bus or taxi.

*From Manzanillo the best way to get to Punta Mona is by boat. Boat taxi time is CONFIRMED for Tuesday, April 9th at 3pm to shuttle event participants from Manzanillo to Punta Mona. (Please try to show up by 2:30pm) You can use MAXI’S restaurant in Manzanillo as the reference/meeting point and will board the small panga boats very near there. The boat ride is about 20-30 minutes and costs $10USD or colones equivalend per person. The $10 must be paid in cash to the boat captain.  

*There is also the option to hike into Punta Mona from Manzanillo. It takes about 3 hours. This trail is super rugged, dense jungle, and can be very muddy. We recommend if you’d like to take this option to have a guide to lead the way, which costs about $20-$25 per person.  

***If you’d like to connect with other participants before the event, you can do so by posting in the ‘discussion’ of the Facebook event here:


Connect with other travelers in the ‘who’s going’ section of the WeTravel page:


There are many options of places to stay depending on what you would like to do before and after the event. If you are strictly coming for the event and looking to be time efficient but need to stay a night in San Jose we recommend staying in the district ALAJUELA (a local district very close to the airport). There are many humble places to stay in Alajuela and it is easy and quick to get to and from the airport from here. It can be a trek to get to downtown San Jose from the airport.

Here are a few places that Punta Mona recommends for lodging, but definitely don’t limit yourself to these:) Have fun researching your options!

San Jose:

Marriott: High End

Adventure Inn: Mid Price

Selina Hostel: Economical

Aranjuez Hotel: Economical and great breakfast

Puerto Viejo:

Le Camelion: High End

Cariblue Hotel: Mid Price

Blue Conga: Economical

While at Punta Mona:

The accommodations at the event will be shared rustic cabinas and shared glamping tents (unless you chose to bring your own tent). There are 2-3 beds in each space and you will be given your room assignment upon arrival.


-Punta Mona is a remote farm off the grid and has solar-powered internet, charging, and a limited network. Please expect very limited wifi or possibly none at all. And limited charging with the sun.

-You will be using composting toilets! The warm water for showers is sun dependent:)  

– Punta Mona is gorgeous, primary rainforest. Health is #1 and prevention is key. If you are sensitive to mosquitoes, please consider covering up with long, loose pants in the evening (long socks are also great), and all-natural bug spray. We are here to help you through the experience, but it is your responsibility to be in charge of your own health and wellbeing.

Be warned that the tropical jungle is not the kindest environment for material possessions. It is not recommended to bring anything you are really attached to (clothing, books, computers, etc.) as things might get wet / moldy. Leather will especially be damaged.

– “Pack in pack out” all garbage, recyclables, and other unwanted items. Please take out what you bring in. This is a zero waste event!


Less is More…

This is the tropics. You will most likely not be cold but it will be humid and may be wet.

Essential Items:

-Yoga mat

-Headlamp or flashlight

-Water bottle

-Notebook and pen

-Biodegradable toiletries

-Sarong or quick dry towel

-Clothing for movement in the tropics (think clothes that dry fast when wet)

-Bathing suit

-Flip flops/sandals

-Sun protection (hat, sunscreen, etc.)

-Personal medical supplies if needed

-If you chose the ‘Bring Your Own Tent’ Lodging option: your own tent, sleeping pad, and sheets. It’s too hot for sleeping bags.

A good attitude, enthusiasm, and an open heart!


-If you play an instrument and would like to bring one, please do!



-Semana Santa/Easter! This year Easter falls on Sunday, April 21, 2019. This holiday is celebrated as Semana Santa in Costa Rica and is one of the busiest times of the year in the country. If you plan to stay after the event and are going to be traveling during April 17-21 be sure to plan ahead as lodging and transportation will book up!

– Banks, Credit Cards and Cash: Make sure to let your bank and credit card company know that you are traveling outside of the country. The closest ATM to Punta Mona is in Puerto Viejo, so make sure to stop there as you will need some cash for the boat rides, taxi, miscellaneous items, etc. If you are bringing cash from the States do not change it at the airport, you will get ripped off. The best exchange rate is simply to get money out of the ATM or to use U.S. dollars and get your change back in Colones. If you are coming from Europe or another country, make sure to change your money to US dollars to get the best rate.

– Packing: Don’t burden yourself. Remember we will be in the jungle, it is hot and humid, sunny and rainy. You may want to have something cute for a dress up night party at the farm or a night out in Puerto Viejo, but otherwise think comfort. The best clothes are long lightweight pants, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, etc. You will want to bring a sarong or beach towel. For shoes, flip flops, hiking sandal or Crocs do well. Don’t bring hiking boots, it is not the climate for them. You may want a light rain jacket.

– Body Care: Only bring BIODEGRADABLE body care items (shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shaving cream, toothpaste – everything goes into the soil or water system).

– Laundry:  Laundry is hand washed and line dried at Punta Mona. You must provide your own soap.

-Food Etiquette & Allergies: There will be 3 jungle gourmet organic vegetarian meals per day at Punta Mona. The food at Punta Mona is prepared from scratch, from the field to the plate and often over fire, it is the epitome of the Slow Food ethos. If your diet is complicated, please make sure to provide yourself with enough snacks to make it through your time on the farm. We do not allow students to cook personal food and we do not sell food on the farm. We cannot cater to fully raw diets, most of the food is vegan and gluten free, though we do serve eggs at breakfast, cheeses are always on the side, and we may offer one organic local chicken or fish meal during the event for those who want to partake.

– Contacts: Please make sure to let your family, friends and loved ones know that you will be OFF THE GRID, connecting with nature and her rhythms, so you will not be that available. Please let them know they can email us directly at direct for any emergencies.

You can also refer to the Punta Mona website for more details: