Trust the Universe and Go for it!

If you are entertaining the idea of traveling and teaching yoga, let me be the first to say,

“Go! Do it! Trust the universe and go for it!” 

For some it seems to not be a question of concern as to whether or not they should embark on a journey of teaching yoga around the world, and for others it takes a bit of prodding and pushing out of their comfort zone. Take a wild guess which mind frame I was in. Yes, you guessed it! I was extremely comfortable in a job that I didn’t truly enjoy, yet I had just completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and felt a bit stuck in my comfort zone. Gratefully, the universe was working in my favor to manifest my desires to explore the world while teaching yoga.


Fast forward two an a half years later. Here I am in Guatemala at The Yoga Forest, a beautiful sustainable living resort on Lake Atitlan in San Marcos as the resident yoga teacher, happy to be teaching yoga in a beautiful space with amazing visitors at every turn. Getting out of your comfort zone is not always easy but it is worth taking the leap.


Follow your heart and the road will truly rise to meet you!



Shamika believes practice is the key to improvement and transformation. Shamika’s optimistic attitude, adventurous spirit, and nurturing qualities assist her as a teacher that can relate to her students on a soul level.

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  1. Anita Bak
    Anita Bak says:

    Dear Mika,
    Thank you for this post, I am feeling exactly the same every day, somehow stuck in my comfort zone in my job , and I hope my life can be much more different. What I am interested in, what happened with you in that two and a half year? And how could you cope with your questions on going/not going and how did you make a decision finally, and how did you find a job?

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