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A big thanks to our friends at WomensMovement.com who gave us permission to re-blog and share this piece.  You can find the original posting here: http://www.womensmovement.com/travel-volunteer-travel-in-nepal-with-edge-of-seven/

Did you know that more than 600 million girls in developing countries do not attend school? How can we help? One way is to support or travel with Edge of Seven, an inspired nonprofit organization that fuses adventure travel with service, helping girls in need in the Everest region of Nepal where this group has built numerous schools and hostels. Here, Executive Director Sarah Andrews shares her thoughts on the beauty, adventure, and rewards of traveling to Nepal with Edge of Seven.

It’s now been five years to the day that I first packed up my backpack bound for Nepal. Off to experience the physical adventure and scenic beauty of a trek through the country’s Annapurna Mountains, I expected to go, enjoy a nice vacation, and come back. Little did I know that the trip would forever change my life and that I would go on to return to Nepal in the coming years for an even deeper involvement with the wonderful people of this magical country.

As the home of Mount Everest and the birthplace of the Buddha, Nepal is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes and cultural richness. It’s a haven for mountaineers, climbers, and spiritual-seekers from across the world. Yet, few travelers get off the beaten tourist trails to discover the true beauty of Nepal, which for me lies within the country’s small villages.

Through my involvement with Edge of Seven, a Denver-based organization that works to educate and empower girls and women in the developing world, I’ve had the good fortune to live and work in some of these communities, helping to build up educational infrastructure in areas where girls lack access to school.



My top three favorite things about traveling to Nepal are:

  1. Chia – Nepali Chia, or tea, is simply delicious. Spicy and sweet, chia also plays an important role in developing social relationships. It is custom to have a cup of chia with those you meet – new friends and old. Many bonds are formed over these piping hot mugs of tea.
  2. Getting Physical – Most of Edge of Seven’s project sites are located deep within the Himalayas, reached after several hours of trekking. Once at the site, days are spent working to build better educational resources in the communities. As someone who spends much of her time behind a computer, I find that few things rival the satisfaction of a day spent working with your hands.
  3. Nepali Women – Women in Nepal are truly the backbones of their communities, working tirelessly from dawn until dusk to cook, collect water, and tend to crops. Younger girls are also expected to do these tasks in between studying and attending school. Seeing the vigor with which young girls in Nepal approach their schoolwork, despite their immense family responsibilities, always brings things sharply into focus for me. If given the opportunities, these girls and women undoubtedly have the power to improve their communities and change our world.

When to Go: Nepal is best experienced in the fall and spring. To learn more about Edge of Seven’s trips to Nepal, including one coming up in March 2014, visit:


For more inspiring ideas be sure to check out WomensMovement.com founded by Erinn Morgan. Their award winning editors and writers offer great articles on travel, YOGA, adventure, health, and eco projects.  Hooray for people following their passions!!!


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