For All Those Wilting Sun Babies

This morning I temporarily forgot that this time of year can have a pretty dramatic effect on the general state of mind. I 1missed that a key reason I’m feeling extra tired, blurry eyed and demotivated is because it’s JANUARY. It’s cold, it’s wet, we’re all back to work and Spring – let’s face it – is a long way off.

I also went a step further and added a splash of self condemnation and judgement that “I should be happy… in the grand scheme of things nothing is wrong and I’m extremely lucky – what is wrong with me?”… (Cue self-perpetuating cycle)

Then… I did my yoga practice. Almost as soon as I’d started I felt lighter and more open in body and mind. The practice of mindful observation of my breath and body movement took my attention away from my repetitive and futile thinking (and the ‘problems’ it insisted I had) and brought me back into the room, and the moment I was in. And it wasn’t just the distraction of thought, but the quality of feeling I had when really being in my own skin, being more somatically aware and Intune, grounding and exploring gravity.

I left the house feeling positive, grateful and enthusiastic – a stark contrast to the heavy mood I woke up in. I thought such a dramatic change in mood was worth sharing, as if I can do it, you can too.

Let’s get things straight; I don’t think a quick downward dog will always change your day. However, the practice of yoga takes you out of your head and into your body, putting you in touch with inner lightness and ease, creating space in the 3body for energy to flow.

By giving yourself space to ‘just be’ a mood can turn from negative to positive in a matter of minutes. Whether you do your full set of sun salutations or just sit silently for ten minutes, simply bring yourself back to yourself as often as you can. The beating of your heart, the tide of your breath, the contact your body has with the air and the floor, and give the present moment a chance to dissolve your drama, and connect you back to reality. Feel the love from the inside out.
When stepping outside, though cold, wet and almost dark at 3.30PM….. I couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful day it was.




YogaFlame seeks adventure and believes there is more to discover on the journey than at the destination – is a Scaravelli inspired newbie yoga teacher – has an articulate soul with a dyslexic brain – who’s heart is open and sleeve is full. xx


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