Yoga at Encanta La Vida

Are you a yoga teacher looking for a special place to bring your next yoga retreat? Or a yogi looking for a place to vacation that offers incredible yoga and nature? Then you will definitely want to read about Encanta La Vida. This is a unique beach jungle lodge located on the wild and pristine Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. The ocean front yoga deck is AMAZING! We caught up with lodge manager, Terry Huisman, who tells us in her own words about the resort. Check out the official site as well:
What brought you to Costa Rica?
I moved to Costa Rica in 1999 after meeting my husband Andy Pruter in the rainforest. He was my guide (Andy and Terry also own and operate Everyday Adventures, an adventure tour guiding service). Let me preface this with saying that I grew up an expat most of my life living in Saudi Arabia on an ARAMCO compound. Having lived abroad and traveled much I had decided this lifestyle appealed to me more than mainstream US living. Before meeting Andy I was moving my production services business to Hawaii as a stepping stone to live in Thailand (using Singapore as my office base) BUT in the end we decided on Costa Rica. I’ve got strong roots here now after 15 years and two children born here.  We live on a beautiful surf break, in an open air home and among a caring community.
What is Encanta La Vida all about?
Encanta La Vida is a boutique jungle surf lodge. Cabo Matapalo attracts active and outdoor people who love adventure and being in nature. Encanta La Vida embraces them with comfort, great food, and a refreshing swimming pool.
encanta2Why is Encanta La Vida a great place to bring yoga retreats?
It’s an ideal location here at Encanta La Vida for yoga retreats for so many reasons. The yoga deck is breath-taking, surrounded in rainforest overlooking Pan Dulce. The lodge is within walking distance to three world-class surf breaks, two waterfalls, and there’s so much wildlife to see that you can even enjoy it right from your hammock! There’s something for all ages, single travelers, families, honeymooners, student groups…yoga groups fit in especially well celebrating the elements and connecting with nature, the tides and moon cycles. It’s a special and memorable experience.
In the busy season Encanta La Vida hires a “work trade” yoga teacher.  What does this position entail?
We hire a yoga “work trade” each season for December thru April to teach yoga to our guests on our deck per their schedule and/or privates offered. Our yoga work trade also helps at the lodge each evening helping and chatting with guests, assisting in the bar or restaurant, or helping to cover reception (giving a hand wherever needed to make the guests feel at home). It’s FUN. Room and board are provided. The instructor earns a percentage of the yoga, receives a monthly stipend, and tips.
How does living in the jungle influence your personal yoga practice? 
Life is yoga here. I live, love, and practice yoga on and off the mat, everyday.
Encanta La Vida is a lodge that seasonally offers work exchange gigs on Yoga Trade. Work exchange for yoga teachers at resorts/hotels worldwide is becoming more and more popular because it is a win-win situation, benefiting both the resort and the yoga teacher.  Participate and get creative with Yoga Trade!  

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