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Help on Organic Farm and Teach Yoga in North Thailand

Welcome to Sanctuary Natural Farm!

We are an organic (not yet certified) permaculturefarm in the North of Thailand. We are looking for help.

Our farm is also our family home and we encourage you to come and stay with us.

Our basic philosophy on the farm is to try to live in connection with nature. We feel that most people living in the modern world have lost that connection. Our farm is a place to find peace, love and a natural life.

We are a natural farm and have many animals like goats, chickens, ducks,rabbits, frogs, worms and turkeys!
We have plans to aquire sheep and horses in the near future…
Originally our land was a longan orchard so we have many beautiful fruit trees like longan, mango, banana, guava, star apple and coconut.

The accomodations we can provide are totally in nature and you will be surrounded by trees and the sounds of the forest. We will supply you with a tent, sleeping bag and matress. We also have wifi, running water and electricity if that’s important to you. If you like living close to nature then I am sure you will have a great time with us.

We prefer to have long term help if possible, but if your only available for a week or so, then that’s ok too.

We have some long term plans and as we can find help we hope to be able to put those plans into action. So if anyone is interested in starting a new project with us, here are some of the things wewould like to do…

Martial Arts school, we would like to train some long term helpers about martial arts(Muay Thai) and then help teach the locals children if they are interested. I trained and taught martial arts for many years in Canada. But many children here do not have a proper trainer and this is also a great way for them to learn to speak english.

We would like to open a yoga center for meditation and yoga. Spirituality and energy are equally important to maintaining peace and balance with ourselves and the world we live in. So if there are any yoga teachers out there we would love to hear from you.

We plan to have horses as soon as possible! So any helpers that love horses and have experIence with them are most welcome.

Teachers are something we would like to have here on the farm as we would like to open a school for the local children(including our own) we feel that the current school system is very lacking and I’m sure we can do better with a little help…

Arts and music! I’m really hoping we can open an art center and give artists and musicians a place to create and explore.

Now if we can balance all of that with enough gardening and animal husbandry, I think we will be able to feed everyone delicious, healthy, organic food!

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently only accepting female help at this time.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Randy, Manee, Tyson and Nat

Here is some more info about our family on the farm…

Some of our family members include:

Randy, a Canadian born revolutionary. Discontent with life in North America, Randy decided to leave in search of a better way of life. After traveling the world(over 50 countries) he decided to settle in beautiful Northern Thailand.

Manee, a Thai native woman. After many years of working for a large insurance company as their PR director, Manee met an unusual character who managed to convince her to join him in his pursuit of a better life on the farm. She married Randy in South Africa in a traditional African wedding where we have extended family.

Tyson, an amazing little boy almost two years old. He was raised in a tent since birth on our farm. Tyson is full of energy and is already a hard worker!

Nat is our faithful Hilltribe worker. We met Nat at an organic farm school and after graduating, she joined our family and is such a great help. She doesn’t speak english, so we could use assistance teaching her.

We are interested in finding yoga teachers that would like to stay with us on the farm and combine yoga and organic farming.

11 responses to “Help on Organic Farm and Teach Yoga in North Thailand”

  1. Gina Rodondi says:

    Where in Northern Thailand are you located?

  2. oscar taran says:

    uuu every this was perfect till i read just female are accepted….

    if further any time your are open to have males at your farm. im a yoga intructor looking exactly for that kind of life…

    i would bee able to be a long term vollunteer.


    and lucky for the project


  3. Maegan says:

    I am very interested in this opportunity. I am experienced in teaching children in an academic setting as well as in yoga! I’m also interested in teaching adults. Please let me know if my qualifications meet your requirements.


  4. Hi – I’ll be in Chiang Mai in January and possibly February – I’d love to come and stay and help for a few weeks. Could you please send me your email address? Thank you.

  5. Lexi Dwyer says:

    Hello my name is Lexi I’m an Australian yoga teacher please let me know if there is still availability, my email is 🙂

  6. Natalie Howe says:

    I am currently travelling in Thailand
    I would be able to fill in as a yoga instructor as well as pass on some knowledge and experiance working with a sustainable farm!! I volunteered at on in Costa Rica last year 🙂 feel free to email me for more info.

  7. Hi Randy, Manee, Tyson and Nat
    I have stayed at a friend’s permaculture farm in Costa Rica and really loved being there…such a wonderfully balanced environment..! I am a yoga instructor traveling in India, but will be landing in Thailand in mid-May. If you are still looking for an instructor to help out around the beginning of June, I would love to come and help and give lessons on the farm. I also work as a free-lance writer and would be happy to write any features/brochure for the farm while I’m there.
    Email me if you’d like, I’d be happy to hear from you guys.

  8. Veva says:

    I am currently working on a Farm School, teaching children how to live closer to nature, understand where food comes from, and experience living together with friends Teaching then English as well as they are Spanish children.
    I am also a yoga instructor and thai yoga massage therapist.
    I am finding your offer pretty interesting as I am thinking on coming to Thailand for a long term visit, and if I did it on a project like this one makes more sense because to come long stayed I will be coming with my daughter.
    It looks like you have an educative project with children in which I will be pretty suited.
    Let me know if you still need people, and if coming with my daughter could be also a possibility.
    Thanks a lot

  9. Gabby says:

    My name is Gabby and I’m a 200-hr certified Kripalu yoga instructor. For the last eight months, I have been living at home as a caregiver for my mother who, up until a week ago, had cancer. My mother passed away on Saturday, and although this is very sad for me, I know my mother wished me a life of adventure and happiness. Previous to taking on the role as caregiver, I was living as a karma yogi at the Kripalu Center in Western Massachusetts. I was interested in organic farming across the world before coming home to care for her. Now, this opportunity sounds like a wonderful blend of yoga and the farm experience I was looking for.

    I would most likely be available for a month of service and would love to hear back from you. My email is


  10. Olaaa the opportunity sounds wonderful! I teach Yoga, weekly classes here in Canada Montreal, and train at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal studio. I live a Raw vegan Lifestyle and i wold be travelling to Thailand with my friend in December 2015 and January 2016, i am very interested in The Yoga and Organic Farm In Thailand.
    If possible send me email with information about it 😀

    Love and Light
    Darina (
    Darina Ivani Shanti facebook

  11. Hi there!

    I know this post is a bit older but if you are still looking for help at this time, please feel free to reach out. I am a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer and also have experience teaching children and beginner level martial arts. My plan is to further my Muay Thai training while in Thailand.


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