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4 responses to “Teach Yoga/Farm Work Exchange in Mexico”

  1. I am very interested in a yoga program with you. I have taken part in volunteer work in Africa in the past and I have participated in events such as the London Marathon to raise money for charity. I have an MSc in International Tourism and I am interested in sustainable and eco tourism. I love to cook. I am a vegetarian and I want to learn more about cooking vegetarian meals and growing vegetables/being more self sustainable. I have practiced yoga for about 18 months and I am also looking to develop my understanding of yoga. I am seeking personal growth but I want to give back and contribute to the world. I am also learning Spanish so I would like the opportunity to practice in a Spanish Speaking Country. I think Mexico is a fascinating and beautiful country. I am also very interested in the Mayans, so it would be a great opportunity to visit some Mayan sites. I would very much appreciate you sending some more information on what work I could do for you. Thank you!

  2. Becky Macy says:


    I will be in Mexico the end of November to mid-December and am interested in volunteering as a yoga teacher and/or with farming. Please send me more information about this opportunity if you are interested in working together.

    Thanks and be well,

  3. cheryl says:

    I am bilingual in Spanish and a fantastic yoga teacher–15 years. Can do it all.

    send email

  4. Terra says:


    My name is Terra. Is there opportunity with your program? I will be in Oaxaca Sept 22-, 2014? Would love to give my love to the land that gives so much heart and joy. Peace.

    Terra Volz
    US Cell 512 665 1108

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