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Volunteer at a Yoga Community in Baja, Mexico

We have a local studio, educational center, organic farm, hostel and community. Our volunteers get full access to all our clases and offerings. We receive volunteers through an application process. Accepted volunteers receive access to all classes and offerings, food from the farm and all sorts of educational, fun, and growth opportunities. This is in exchange of presence, good work, and collaboration. Contact for more details and to apply as a volunteer.

7 responses to “Volunteer at a Yoga Community in Baja, Mexico”

  1. rael says:

    hi , i would like more info. about where your farm is located in baja. i have been a farmer for over 30 years adn i am interested in volunteering at your farm and community.
    please send more details about your requirements and how i can apply as a volunteer

  2. Carolyn says:

    Om! I am writing to you as a very interested potential volunteer from the states. I am a certified yoga teacher and a certified permaculture designer. I just finished a months work of karma yoga in New York working on the ashram’s permaculture garden with a group of great people. I have lots of experience gardening (and a degree in landscape design). I am very interested in learning Spanish and would like to possibly stay for awhile. Please get in touch with more information. I look forward to hearing from you! Om namah narayana!

  3. LIzzi Oh says:

    I would love to live and learn in your community for the month of February 2014 and possibly March or longer. I have just completed a Bodhi Yoga 200RYT course in Spain, which taught mindfulness based hatha yoga and buddhist meditation. I am very keen to begin my teaching journey by way of travel, and seek to experience new communties and retreat scenarios. Although I would love opportunites to teach formal or extra informal classes, I am also happy to volunteer diligently in any capacity eg. in the garden or hostel.
    Please contact me if you are interested and I can provide more relevant information.

  4. Emily says:

    I am very excited to discover the opportunities available through this site and am feeling called to explore your community! I have been living and working close to the earth for a handful of years now–permaculture, medicinal herbs, living in prayerful community etc. I have a fire for acro yoga in particular and am heading south to Oaxaca from southern Oregon the 17th of December. I would love to hear back from you!

  5. Carly Gaffey says:

    I am very interested in you listing. I am an RYT200 and Reiki Practitioner who will be in Baja (Todos Santos) for the month of April and am looking for somewhere to offer my energy and hardwork from there. I would love to know more about your community!

  6. irys felidae says:

    Hello! I am also interested in more details about this opportunity such as when you need help, how long the stay is, and more about the application process. Thanks so much!

  7. Hey 🙂 I am very interested in volunteering at your yoga community. Can I get some more details and how do I apply?

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