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Volunteer Hawaii Eco Retreat Center

Kalani is Hawaii’s largest retreat center. We are a soulful place of refuge and transformation for international guests.

Kalani’s volunteer program is much more than a volunteer experience. Volunteers become part of a dynamic community based on service, mutual respect, open communication, and the aloha spirit.

We are a thriving community of 120 volunteers and staff. As a volunteer with us, you will serve in one of our four main departments: Kitchen, Housekeeping, Horticulture or Maintenance. Volunteers contribute 4 shifts per week in their assigned department.


The majority of Kalani’s volunteers camp. Tents are set up on raised 8×8 wooden platforms that keep you up off the ground, and 16×16 tarps above each platform protects tents from the elements. Bathrooms and outdoor showers are nearby. Tent and air bed must be supplied by the volunteer.

We also offer shared rustic dorm rooms with 2-3 roommates per room. Shared bathrooms are located nearby.

Tuition rates:
Camping 2 months: $1400
Camping 3 months: $1650
Lodging 2 months: $1800
Lodging 3 months: $1950

Our volunteer program books up several months in advance so it’s never too early to submit your application! Volunteers are continuously coming and going, as there are no fixed program start and finish dates.

To learn more please check out the blog, videos and volunteer information on Kalani’s website:

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  1. swens877
    swens877 says:

    Love it! Hopefully I can save up the money! Does the $1400 cover all of the expenses besides a plane ticket? How will we eat? Please reply to I am currently at the University of Minnesota studying horticulture. I am volunteering under a “master gardener” from a native american community with techniques passed down for thousands of years. I would be happy to offer what services I can at your retreat.

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  2. eric
    eric says:

    I did my teacher training level 1 with Baron Baptiste in Kalani in 2013. I loooooved every minute of my stay in Kalani – it’s magical place!
    Of course I can’t speek as a volunteer but as a guest. I couln’t help myself and needed to share…take it easy

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  3. yogini2016
    yogini2016 says:

    The place is a con, I signed up and paid $2000 for 2 months ‘volunteering’ , I left after 2 weeks – no refund …

    The work is menial and boring you don’t learn anything, you don’t get an experience, education or a course, it’s just washing up / cleaning rooms in a run down remote nude gay resort. For this money you can stay at a hostel or airbnb for two months, not do any work and have a great Hawaiian experience….

    You sleep in a shared room from the 70s with 2 others, the rooms are run down and noisy you clean them yourself – even the day you arrive ! Some people sleep in the illegal tent city – smelling of damp the whole time, being disturbed by wild pigs (which also roam the outside eating area ?!), getting sick and watching their possessions die in mould.

    The classes are largely very gentle yoga & once a week lei classes and hula – all taught by white divorcees from the mainland, there’s a weekly ‘party’ night where all the long termers get wrecked at a local tourist market in order to get through another week ! Gets boring ….

    There is no Hawaiian presence at all it’s just a selection of Trumps children from mainland America (some are middle aged saddos that have never grown up and are running away from their responsibilities, others young stoners that have worked out it’s easier to be here collecting their unemployment and food stamps and sleeping with guests /each other rather than working at Denny’s and paying taxes ).

    The leadership team is chaotic and there is no direction or purpose (apart from trying to keep afloat and avoid being closed down by the Hawaiian health department) there is a Monday morning meeting where the ‘Executive Director of Shambles / third portions at dinner’ up dates everyone on how great his house is and what his husband Bunny ( freeloader who dresses as a bunny most days ?!) is up to and then a guy that thinks he’s deadpan and a dyke that thinks she’s Ellen attempt to be funny while passing on ‘notices’…. yawn welcome to another week in paradise … not – oh and a bit of casual cultural appropriation where all the whites sing Hawaiian songs… new volunteers have to announce which personal pronoun they prefer to be addressed by ( he/she/it etc) – very progressive but not exactly promoting societal change if they just do it in a jungle echo chamber.

    A quarter of our intake left before they were due to (you don’t get a refund so it’s a nice little earner for them – useful when you’re in the red) those that stayed were largely people who didn’t have anywhere better to go / options in life / got too comfortable.

    There are great workaway options in Hawaii and the big island, places that don’t charge to volunteer and don’t hold people to ransom as people actually enjoy being there, look into those places give this one a very very wide berth….it’s a con.

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