What Yoga Means to Me Right Now

Yoga to me at this time… is personal and universal, an all-encompassing way of living. Something for everyone to benefit from no matter of age or ability.

It is non-competitive, non-glorifying and non-discriminative.

It is the unknown, my path unfolding, and feeling more equipped to explore this path more deeply.IMG_20141122_155750

It is made up of many elements, together creating a continuing thread that runs through all living things.

It is about the breath, which not only lies at the heart of the practice but at life itself, our life force.

In a mad thinking and confused society where the wrongs in the world seem so unchangeable to put right, leading by example is really important to me. Yoga encapsulates this, not only because it leads to living a more holistic led life and more conscious awareness but because it teaches you to love yourself and grow from a place of genuine loving kindness, this manifested into the world are positive seeds of change.

Though it worth noting, it’s not all sequins and suntans or a guaranteed fast track to the feel good factor.

It is the further hard work and discipline I know is yet to come, facing unwanted truths and those demons that are as much as part of me as anything.

But yoga for me at this time is slowly teaching me not to fight myself but instead invite these demons in to come in and have a seat at my table, and for me to say “Hello old friends how are you today, let me put the kettle on and let us talk some more”.

Yoga to me just makes sense, but at the same time confuses me entirely.




YogaFlame seeks adventure and believes there is more to discover on the journey than at the destination – is a Scaravelli inspired newbie yoga teacher – has an articulate soul with a dyslexic brain – who’s heart is open and sleeve is full. xx



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