Yoga Trade Travel Teacher Spotlight

Martyna Tetera is a passionate yoga teacher and world traveler. She loves life and discovering the world and she believes there is beauty and magic in every simple thing. Martyna loves to teach her students to be more conscious, compassionate and encourages them to develop their full potential. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga classes and she loves to combine them with mindfulness meditation techniques, especially her favorite loving kindness meditation. Yoga for her is so much more than physical exercises performed on a mat.

For Martyna, yoga is a journey of falling in love with life and with ourselves, a journey of awakening and connecting with our true self. It is an ability to understand and let go. It is about knowing what we want and what we don’t want in our life. It is enjoying life fully, here and now. Two years ago, as Martyna was taking her first Yoga Teacher Training in Munich, Germany, she didn’t even think where it would take her. At first, she didn’t want to become a yoga teacher, she just wanted to deepen her more than 10 years practice. Yoga was a way to balance out her stressful lifestyle divided between work, studies and her many passions – professional horse riding, ballet and salsa dance, playing the piano, cooking and traveling.

During the training, her passion completely took over. Starting as a “part time” yoga teacher and still having her full time job as an architect, she decided to steer her life in a new direction by quitting her job to travel and teach yoga around the world. It was a life changing decision. Since she is following her heart, she opens herself to amazing experiences and opportunities. It feels like a dream, but so right at the same time.

She started her journey in Medellin, Colombia, at the Flying Tree Yoga Studio. From there her passion for yoga and travel took her to the other end of the world, to teach at the Hariharalaya Retreat Center in Cambodia. She has just finished teaching yoga and meditation classes at the Bali Silent Retreat and is looking forward to an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand and a Thai Massage course in Greece. In autumn this year, she will be traveling again to Indonesia, to teach Yoga at Nihiwatu Resort on Sumba and to take a Yoga Therapy Teacher Training in Bali. Next year she will be working as yoga teacher and guest supervisor at the Ayurveda Retreat Center in Sri Lanka.



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