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Yoga Trade is a diverse community with a keen interest in yoga, wellness exploration, and culture. With an ever growing core of registered members and social media followers, your articles will reach thousands of yoga enthusiasts. The heart of any community is being able to create, share, and learn with one another.

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Yoga Trade gives you a great way to put your knowledge and experience to use for others. The yoga world continues to grow exponentially. For those just setting out on their yogic journey, well written articles that share your success and mistakes are indispensable.

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Well worded thoughts, observations, and stories bring clarity to the topic of yoga. By contributing your insights, you can stand out in an age of endless social media quips. Published stories on Yoga Trade can help you make great connections, build credibility, and grow your career. There are lots of potential clients, students, and customers browsing Yoga Trade everyday.

Article Writing Guidelines

Yoga Trade is a resource for the yoga community focused primarily on content related to jobs, travel trade, and volunteering. We are also interested in content about regenerative living, adventure, cross-over sports, personal and planetary wellbeing, meditation, and happiness. All contributions should aim to address such topics and offer useful insight.

What We Will Publish
  • Yoga Travel Writing
  • Stories from Yoga Trade experiences
  • Expert knowledge sharing and opinion pieces
  • Experiences with Yoga cross-over sports like surfing, climbing, etc.
  • Food articles as they relate to healthy yogic living
  • News, current happenings, viral stuff
  • Occasionally objective product reviews
What We Won’t Publish
  • Articles that have been or will be published on other websites
  • Overly self-centered personal blog-style articles
  • Promotional articles, self-marketing or biased product reviews
  • Anything that has the purpose to optimize for search engines
Content & Structure
  • All articles should be 600-1500 words
  • Have clear and engaging titles
  • Use paragraph form
  • Offer some observation, inference, solution or insight into the the subject being addressed
  • Subheadings and numbered lists can be very helpful in organizing your work
  • Make sure you have the rights to any included images or add a link to your source

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