Our Mission

Connect the yoga and wellness community with inspiring work experiences and unique
opportunities around the world.

Bringing Together a Global Wellness Community

Yoga Trade connects people with jobs, work trade, and positive action opportunities around the globe. We strive to provide a high quality, progressive space that members are excited to use to create and build relationships that nourish themselves, their communities, and the world as a whole.

Purposeful Work + Opportunity

Yoga Trade links the wellness community with jobs, work trade, unique travel opportunities, and entrepreneurial endeavours around the globe. Our platform has become an internationally respected tool for finding exciting and enriching experiences to help nourish and regenerate your flow. For businesses and organizations, we offer simple and effective ways to tap into a deep and growing pool of mindful professionals that can help bring more health and abundance to your businesses, wellness spaces and projects.

Community Building + Social Action

The Yoga Trade community acts as a bridge on the path of development and discovery for everyone involved. Beyond being a place to connect with job opportunities and work exchanges, we are devoted to fostering a global community with regenerative design, mindfulness, and connectedness at its core. For us, this is what it means to live yoga, day in and out, and we aim to bring that understanding into the lives of our members in every way possible as we continue to evolve together.

Continuing Education

We are all students in this life. Yoga Trade provides resources for yoga and wellness professionals by sharing inspiring stories and teachings for continuing education and expansion. Education leads the edge of our growth as we provide high quality ways for our members to continue to create, thrive, and transform.

Let's Grow Together!