Art of Giving & Receiving ~ Yoga Retreat for Women on Maui Oct 2021

Art of Giving & Receiving ~ Yoga Retreat for Women on Maui Oct 2021

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Through dynamic daily asana, and inquiry-based workshops women will unearth stories of giving and receiving born within a Market Economy Culture (MEC) and re-narrate new ways of giving and receiving as a community for 6 nights/7 days – which they can weave into their psychophysiology through ritual, breathwork, and dance/movement ceremony.

Without alternative ways of supporting, collaborating, and thinking about the divine and embodied feminine – we are destined to play out scenarios, relationships, and patterns born from patriarchal disempowerment and trauma. This retreat is built to HOLD WOMEN, as they emerge and remember their wholeness, creative power, and gifting/mothering consciousness. 

Guided by delicate, precise, and loving facilitation women will be able to open their channels to recieve confromation of their innate gifts, value, and dignity. The result is intuitive clarity.

The retreat will cycle between challenging, yet restorative physical practice and reflection (journaling, walking meditations, nature-based inquiry). Vinyasa with deep attention to the organ body and Nervous System as an origin of the muscular-skeletal system is sprinkled throughout.

Students can help guide the retreat by asking questions about the areas of body-mind that they are most intrigued about.

In place of the open circle technique, there will be a facilitated practice called Synergic Inquiry that assists all participants in transcending horizons through the intimacy of collaboration. Communication tendencies can be healed through the practice, and it trains participants to appreciate and seek differences.

It is specifically hosted in a nature-based, low-impact setting without the waste and substance use that often accompanies hotels/tourism. Our focus is simplicity, prayerful conduct, and resilient JOY!

Each Class/Workshop is 2 hrs 15 Minutes on Schedule – depending on the energy of the group we may go 2.5 hours some classes. Classes that are not Asana include bio breaks.

Example Schedules:

Morning Sadhana

7:30-9:45 am (No Breakfast Recommended)  

 or 8:30 -10:45 am (Small Breakfast Recommended)

Evening Sadhana

4-6:15 pm (Brunch and Light afternoon snack/meal recommended – Dinner after)

or 6:30-8:45 pm (Large Late Lunch/evening fruits/chia puddings provided)


  • Accommodations on upcountry Land with pool and well-built yoga studio

  • Two Master Classes per day in the morning and evening including; Asana, Breathwork, Dance, Chanting, Meditation, and Inquiry.

  • Transportation to and from retreat from Airport

  • Ability to live like a local, and immerse in the yoga community, and study.

  • 2 optional Ayurvedic Meal Prep classes with Jenna

  • Support in getting to hikes, beaches, etc.

  • Non-substance property and retreat

*Flights are purchased separately and can be found for under $500 if you are timely. Food Costs are separate but very economical when we work together as a community.

About Instructor: Join Yoga Teacher Trainer/Studio Owner and Transformative Leadership Scholar Jenna McDonald on an in-depth experience into the immersive triad of Nature, Yoga, and Women as Wisdom Keepers. Prior to the birth of her first child, Jenna taught globally for 10 years. Her work is now being featured at the International Leadership Association Global Conference: Imagining New Futures Oct 21-26th, 2021. Jenna blends cutting-edge research on non-duality, shared awakening, and trauma, with breathwork and yoga-inspired movement for full-spectrum support of the postmodern body-mind.

Jenna Mcdonald

October 11, 2021 5:30 pm GMT-10 (Hawaii)

October 17, 2021 11:00 am GMT-10 (Hawaii)

Banyan Tree Retreat Center, Makawao - Upcountry Maui (15 Min from both Ho'okipa and Pa'ia)


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