Men’s Adventure + Yoga Week with Yogi Aaron + Colby Smith

Men’s Adventure + Yoga Week with Yogi Aaron + Colby Smith

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What are we men craving?

Brotherhood + community.

Adventure in the outdoors.

Spiritual Connection.

These men’s weeks at Blue Osa are an opportunity to forge new relationships and connections in an environment that embraces all people. We are offering these weeks for men who enjoy practicing yoga and spending time with other men.

Yogi Aaron, has been leading men’s yoga retreats, workshops, and classes since the inception of his men’s yoga class in NYC in 2001. Since then. Yogi Aaron, the author of “Autobiography Of A Naked Yogi” and creator of HNY, has traveled the world teaching all male yoga classes and leading retreats.

Come and spend a week in paradise with your brothers, bonding, deepening your inner spiritual connection, and discovering with Aaron what it truly means to be alive.

Yogi Aaron

February 6, 2021 12:00 pm CST

February 13, 2021 12:00 pm CST

Blue Osa



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