Solar Energy at Montezuma Costa Rica

Solar Energy at Montezuma Costa Rica

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Take some much needed time for yourself to reduce your stress levels, improve your emotional & mental health, and have some FUN!

And come Join Audrey for a beautiful week at Montezuma – Costa Rica

Half French-half Belgian, she lives in Marseille, South of France, but continues to teach her students in Paris online and in physical workshops. She travels the world, attending yoga retreats, constantly nourishing her soul with inspiration.

Let’s meet on the mat with Joy & Harmony! And Let’s get Wild!

 Her amazing smile and sweet energy is one of her best assets, you will feel at ease the minute you sit on your mat. Yoga was the most beautiful healer for Audrey after a burn out. She loves the discipline of yoga practice, but also the freedom it offers up along with a touch of magic, joy and grace. With Audrey, you will have the opportunity to venture deeper into mind & body reconnection. Taking time & space for yourself, without searching to impress. Providing adaptations to ensure every yoga practice is accessible and safe for everybody, every soul.

She will be very happy to share with you all the activities at Anamaya: beautiful meals and moments of freedom to surf, swim, dance…

After one week practicing yoga with Audrey in this tropical paradise, you should journey back home feeling full of joy, alive, confident and rejuvenated. Let the transformation begin!

audrey dardenne

August 5, 2023 12:00 am

August 12, 2023 12:00 am



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