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There is a still place within, a source of infinite joy, love and bliss. When we are in touch with this still place within, life ceases to be merely about us and we feel deeply connected to the well being of our body/mind, our personal relationships, our community and nature. Blissology is about deepening our awareness of this place so we can be a positive force in the world. 

Blissology was founded by yogi, surfer and blissologist Eoin Finn in 1999. It is a yoga system exploring strategies for bringing more joy, awe, love and bliss into our lives. Blissology is about mining for the source of love inside of all of us that is especially evident when we are quiet and present in Nature. A Blissology Yoga class strikes the perfect balance between our ego drive and the infinitely kind and wise side of ourselves so that we treat our bodies, our communities and nature more sustainably and with more reverence.

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Retreat and Training Booking Platform


WeTravel is the wellness industry’s leading payment and registration platform for retreats and trainings. Its easy-to-use tools offer your clients a customizable, mobile-friendly booking experience directly from your website or a standalone, WeTravel-hosted page. They also allow you to manage financial records, registration information, client communication, fund transfers, and other administration all in one place. 
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Goddess artwork


KimMichelle is a fine artist, yogini and an empowered single-mama. She is formally trained in the arts and has been painting intuitive portraits for many years. She fell in love with yoga at the age of 20 and has been dedicated to deepening her practice ever since, accruing over 1000hrs in teacher training and studying from some of the most prominent teachers in the world. KM currently lives in Florida with her jungle baby, Clarasita who was born in Costa Rica in 2016.  

Kim is now offering unique Highest Self Portraits. 

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Continuing Education

Survival Apnea

Survival Apnea uses breathing and breath holding (apnea) exercises as tools to develop self awareness, self control, mental strength and to show you how to tap into your full physical potential. Yogis, surfers, and ocean enthusiasts can all benefit and find joy through these practices. 

You will learn more about ocean resiliency, ocean fitness + confidence, the breath hold journey, free diving, and more!

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Teacher Trainings

Vira Bhava Yoga School

Vira Bhava Yoga Teacher Trainings are built on the foundation of Sri Vidya Tantric philosophy. Our trainings emphasize the power and capacity that comes from each student developing their own path and voice to share yoga, rather than the perfection of asana (postures). We provide students with the tools and skills to explore the practice of Yoga, teach asana safely, and help them cultivate the wisdom of direct experience so that they can apply these tools in Yoga and in life.

Whether you choose to do a teacher training because you have discovered that there is more to Yoga than what you are getting in classes, or because you want to share the depth of your practice with others, Vira Bhava Yoga Teacher Trainings will support you on your journey. What makes VBY unique is our commitment to exploration beyond the physical practice of yoga. Through our time tested methods and our exceptional faculty, we learn how to use asana as path to Self Discovery, and how to share and inspire others to broaden their scope of understanding about Yoga and its benefits.

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yoga teacher insurance


Get support with inspiration and top-rated yoga insurance that covers you in-person and online for live-streaming and pre-recorded video. beYogi is your premier online yoga source, offering information and inspiration to support you at every step of your journey. We offer yoga teachers and students access to affordable, all-inclusive yoga liability insurance. Drawing on our experience and knowledge of the yoga world, we designed a yoga insurance program that covers whatever style you’re teaching, wherever you are, whenever you need it. beYogi is more than just your go-to source for all things yoga related, it’s a tribe of conscious individuals who collectively contribute to the growth and protection of the yoga community.

If you are looking for yoga teacher insurance, beYogi is offering an exclusive $20 off a 1-year professional policy for all U.S. based yoga teachers. Their insurance covers you both for in-person and online teaching. Plus, get access to over 30+ member benefits which includes affordable group rates for dental and vision insurance, as well as access to telemedicine.

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Online Teaching Space


Rediscover teaching online! Vstudio provides a space to teach online, manage bookings, accept payments, all with one-click video conferencing. It makes teaching online simple and seamless. The only thing you need to worry about is running your session!

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