Therapeutic Thai Massage Training

Therapeutic Thai Massage Training

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with Christopher Ray & Kate Lewandowski



It’s our annual Costa Rica intensive! We have created a training which provides a balance between the focused discipline of studying Thai Massage and the rejuvenating spirit of an exotic vacation. This intensive is for all bodyworkers who would like to deepen their practice, further their understanding of the body, learn how to maintain the health of their own bodies while giving massage, receive good bodywork, and fire up new inspiration for their massage practice.

This is a 45-hour NCBTMB and THAI certified training packed full of refined, therapeutic massage techniques, self-bodywork techniques, yoga, Chi Kung, amazing food, river dipping, forest hiking, relaxing in a hammock, and more…


Body Assessment

Where is congested energy being held?
In what order must areas be opened?
What type of bodywork is appropriate for this individual?
Sensing energy & following sen lines

Feel revolting muscles vs surrendering muscles.
Determine how deeply you can work and how to direct the energy.
Using the breath

Learn to evaluate breath patterns and how to coach an optimal breath.
Working deeply

Remove surface tension in preparation for deep work.
Approach multiple layers of tension; How much can be worked in each session?
Use subtle adjustments that create dramatic effects.
Practice slowing down. Letting go of a prescribed, timed sequence and replacing it with feeling and following the energy.
“Clean-up”. How to finish up a session after working deeply.
Using props, straps, various body parts, and appropriate body mechanics to maximize effect and minimize physical effort.

Recognize how each body may need to be supported differently.
Support your body with a simple strap system so you can easily use your feet, knees, elbows, sitz bones and body weight.
Minimize muscular effort so you can feel nurtured by your massage career for a lifetime. Practice getting out of your own way and working less.
Specific and unique therapeutic techniques

We will cater the week around the ailments and interests of the students. We want to make it as useful as possible for you. Chris has endless tricks, techniques, and info to share so we take your requests and then practice several different ways to approach that area so each student can find the approach that works best for them.

Lynn Alexander

2020-03-30 08:00:00 UTC+0

2020-04-07 17:00:00 UTC+0

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