Faith Connections

There is a saying about India that goes around between travelers: “India, you love it or you hate it”. There is no road in between!

India, the Holy Land of Mysticism, where pilgrims take a bath in the Ganges with women doing the laundry a few meters further away. The land of the Taj Mahal and magnificent temples or colorful women wrapped in saris and heavily bearded men wearing turbans. It´s a mix of everything: traditional, historic, festive, mythical, scientific, modern, exotic, beautiful, cultured, chaotic, superstitious, narrow-minded, bizarre, untidy, uncouth, in love with each other yet ready to erupt at the slightest of provocation, still a believer in tantric activities (black magic), yet a military force to reckon with.

It´s been a while since I have spent my time in India, but I love and do miss her. She is ruthless, intense, and hides nothing from you.

Now back in Amsterdam, I got this invitation to see this movie “Faith Connections”, same director from “Samsara!” Pan Nalin (director) once again proves his exceptional talent and its high time world wakes up to his kind of cinema: fresh, original, entertaining and inspiring!



“Faith isn’t faith until it’s all you’re holding onto.”

Chanti is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, artist, writer, adventurer and a true lover of life:

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