International Yoga Instructor-Rachel Brathen

Swedish native, Rachel Brathen is an inspiring world traveler and a successful international yoga teacher.  She was kind enough to answer some of our questions and share some beautiful insights.

How has travel inspired you and your yoga?

I absolutely love traveling… I live for it. My family traveled a lot so growing up I was fortunate to see all corners of the world and ever since I was little I knew I was not meant to live in just one place. I love experiencing different cultures and seeing new places, and every country I go to brings something new to my practice. Through my travels I am never stagnant, always flowing… And now yoga takes me all over the world, I am so lucky!

rachel2Have you ever taught yoga as a “volunteer” or for trade? 

Oh yes, many times. I’ve traded yoga for massage, for acupuncture, for kite surf lessons… My regular classes are not about money. I charged $6 per class my first year of teaching in Aruba -I just wanted people to come to class! We are actually planning a very special kind of retreat right now that is absolutely free to make the beautiful community we create during our retreats available to all. More info coming up in a bit so stay tuned!

What is the best piece of advice you tell new yoga teachers?

Find your own voice. What makes you unique as a person? Use that in your teaching. Don’t try to be as your teachers, don’t imitate. Be who you are. When your role as a teacher merges completely with who you are outside the classroom, your classes will blossom. And – don’t be nervous! Remember that people ultimately aren’t there for you – they are there for themselves. Be genuine and it will reflect in your teachings.

Thank you Rachel, for sharing your words with Yoga Trade!

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