The space between effort & ease

My yoga practice has evolved into lifestyle for me both on & off the mat. It brings me a sense of solace inward, reflecting outward. My mission is to help others differentiate the space between effort & ease both in asana practice & applied to every day life, especially during this pandemic in uncertain times & transitions.

Our mats are already a vulnerable place to explore mind, body, breath & space. Most of us are now adjusting to home practice & virtual offerings. Sometimes we need an extra push – that spark & other times we must truly listen & trust our inner voices and body. As we transition through these times collectively & on the mat for now, here are some helpful tips to create a sense of solace in your home practice & to utilize these tools off the mat as well.

1. Notice the environment you’re practicing in. Create a space that is clear of clutter & that makes you feel comfortable. I personally love to cleanse my space with incense (i love nag champa, palo santo, sage, palma dulce) and/or light up some candles, clean your mat, maybe use some essential oils, have herbal tea nearby, crystals, mala beads, your favorite music, whatever works best for you!
2. Allow yourself to feel the feels, to think the thoughts. Resisting will only result in build up & possible burnout. Acknowledge, explore and be curious about whatever it is that comes to surface whether it be through physical sensations, thoughts & feelings.
3. Connect and tune inward to notice if your practice & routine/actions are coming from a place of abundance and love, or if it is feeling forced & coming from a place of pressure for productivity or to prove something.
4. The space between effort, presence and ease, surrender, letting go. To be here in this moment, this moment here and now where life is existing. To be aware that you are enough as you are & you are supported and loved. Some days will be easier than others, and that’s okay.
5. Enter practice with no expectations. Just as we would have no expectations off the mat. Life is ever changing as are we. Uncertainty can feel doubtful, scary, daunting – cultivate compassion here, curiosity, patience. The art of not knowing, yet feeling at ease with the certainty of your practice supporting you. The certainty that you showed up in authenticity. Gratitude, that despite the circumstances – you are resilient and brave as ever.

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