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About Deep Ecology of Wellness LIVE

Join Yoga Trade every Wednesday for a Deep Ecology of Wellness LIVE event. Different inspiring facilitators and classes each week!

Deep Ecology of Wellness was an in person retreat at Punta Mona, Costa Rica in 2019. Yoga Trade Ambassadors from different walks of life came together to share their unique skills around regenerative wellness ranging from Social Permaculture, Herbalism, Community Resilience, Sustainable Yoga Travel, Transformational Breathwork, and more. This live online event series will revisit those topics and more every Wednesday through April and May, 2020.

Upcoming Classes

Past Classes

Tara Ruttenberg // June 17th – 9am PDT

Privilege, Empathy + Solidarity: Writing New Stories for a Changing World

As the modern world confronts this pivotal moment in our collective history, conversations on privilege and solidarity are front-and-center in the struggle for systems change, social justice and climate action. As global movements speak truth to power, now is the time to confront the ways we are showing up in the world and renew our commitment to solidarity in these wildly uncertain times. We are literally writing new stories into being with every word and every action.

The practice of empathy allows us to expand our sense of self to include the needs of others, collapsing the illusion of separation and honoring our inherent interdependence as humans on Earth. Approaching privilege with empathy is a powerful way to transform shame into meaningful expressions of solidarity aligned with the change we wish to see in the world. This conversation and journaling practice offer a window of hope into the important connections among privilege, empathy and solidarity as we learn to leverage our personal influence toward a more just and sustainable horizon for collective planetary wellbeing.

Please bring a notebook and pen for guided journal prompts as we write new stories for a changing world.

Tara Ruttenberg 

Tara is a writer and empathic life coach by trade, surfer by passion, yogini by maternal ancestry and scholar-activist / PhD candidate by dharma. She created Tarantula Surf as a platform for authentic story-sharing and engaging with new social paradigms for a more beautiful world. Tara’s work has been featured in print and online publications such as; Lessons from the EcoLaboratory: Environmental Governance and Economic Development in Costa Rica, Critical Surf Studies Reader, and The Routledge Handbook for Latin American Development. She has taught at numerous gatherings including Envision Festival, ECHO, Surf + Social Good, Yoga Trade’s Sustainable Living Retreat + Deep Ecology of Wellness, and the Institute for Women Surfers. A nomad by nature, Tara hosts surf, yoga and writing retreats, and lives most of the time in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Watch the recorded version of the class HERE.

Reggie Hubbard // June 10th – 9am PDT

Where Do We Go From Here?: A Live Conversation with Reggie Hubbard and the Founders of Yoga Trade.

In this LIVE discussion, we are grateful to share time with committed yogi, Reggie Hubbard. We met Reggie last year at the Yoga Farm in Costa Rica and his openness and willingness to be a resource, bridge, and leader for all of us navigating during these challenging times is refreshing and beautiful! During this conversation we will discuss yoga and adversity, social justice, and how we can confront the current global situation with grace. How can we step outside ourselves and deepen our practice for the collective and common humanity? Now is the time to listen, learn, evolve, be vulnerable, and lead with our hearts. All are welcome, and we hope to create a safe space for active group participation. Now is the time to ask uncomfortable questions!

Reggie Hubbard:

Reggie is a lover, fighter, and speaker/seeker of truth and justice for all. He has devoted much of his life to political activism including working with Move On.  He also has an undying love for Prince and leaves a wake of positive energy everywhere he roams.

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Watch the recorded version of the class HERE.

Rima Danielle Jomaa, MFT // May 27th – 9am PDT

Learn How to Easily Create Unique Positive Affirmations & Why Our Words & Thoughts Matter.

Rima is a licensed psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, vegan lifestyle advocate & yoga teacher from Los Angeles, now living in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. From her home where the jungle meets the ocean, Rima has a virtual Psychotherapy practice, she hosts the “The Rima the Jungle Girl Podcast” and she leads plant medicine and couples retreats. Learn more at

Watch the recorded version of the class HERE.

Megan Kenson & Souzie Boerema // May 20th – 9am PDT

Rewilding Through Elemental Connection: A Conversation.

This inspiring discussion will investigate:
-Humanity’s disconnection from our wild ways of living.
-How this came to be, and the effects of domestication and separation from Mother Nature.
-How we can strengthen our connection with the elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) in order to return to our natural ways of existence.
-How each of these elements impact health, happiness, and consciousness.

Megan Kenson is a true lover of life. She has dedicated her energy to exploring and sharing her passions for the conscious arts, all things movement, holistic health and wellness. She offers herself in service to her global community by leading retreats, workshops and classes. Her offerings blend mindful movement, organic plant powered nourishment, and returning to ourselves as natural Earth beings. She feels innately inclined to help others live life with more awareness, freedom, and fun! She has a huge smile, heart, and open mind. Her values are deep rooted in connection and respect for Self, nature, community, and now. She aims for integrated optimization, longevity, and balance. Mother Nature is her greatest teacher and love affair. By bridging people back to nature, she hopes to help propel humanity forward with grace, goodness, and optimism. @themakdaddy

Souzie Boerema is a ‘kiwi’ from New Zealand, currently living in Costa Rica. She is a Nurse, Herbalist, and Permaculturist in the pursuit of understanding and providing true holistic healthcare. She studies Herbal Alchemy, Astro Herbalism, and Western Herbal Medicine, to understand interwoven forces of the natural world and how our healing journey is a part of it. She has a true love for the great outdoors, regenerative living, and the craft of fermentation. She believes that to follow curiosities is one of the most wholesome practices we can do, and will eventually lead us all home. @souziemay

Watch the recorded version of the class HERE.

Get Woke Yoga // May 13th – 9am PDT

Up-Cycle Your Life: A Conversation with Shelley Williams & Suzy Nece of Get Woke Yoga.

Get Woke Yoga. Enjoy a lively, guided conversation with reflection and journal writing for Up-cycling Your Life. Hosted by Yoga Trade: Deep Ecology of Wellness. Identify the ingredients of your own wellness ecology…Guess what: You already have ’em! Diversity is the key to sustainability in all of life, especially within ourselves. In this conversation, we will explore:

  • Daily questions for attitude adjustment, and turning challenge to compost to fuel
  • The 3 R’s become The 6 R’s…focus in to the immediacy of what is around us (at home and within) to revitalize and maximize wellness through intention based, connected living.
  • Pulling the weeds: directing focus
  • Healing with humor: awakening your true super power
  • Call to Action
A California based yogi, comedian, writer and activist. Suzy is a “force of brazen good nature!”
Suzy believes that many of life’s struggles can be nurtured with a light-hearted “yoga” approach and a belly laugh…after all, laughing is breathing!
Whether she is preparing professional athletes for the season, or teaching yoga to our troops in Afghanistan, she infuses her yoga classes with the same lack of self-seriousness that characterizes her stand-up comedy.

Shelley Williams, born and raised in California, has been an active student, practitioner, and teacher of mindful movement for over 19 years.
She was fortunate to find yoga and pilates as a healing addition to modern dance performance… and since then, has discovered yoga is in all things! Surfing, friendship, nature, life’s highs and lows… it has become a way of life, a pleasure to share, and the thing that keeps her smiling. Shelley is extremely grateful for the guidance of many inspiring teachers, such as Max Strom and Shiva Rea.

Adi Shakti // May 6th – 9am PDT

Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita: Fear, Illusion, and Purpose.

Adi Shakti is the founder of SoulWork™, lead educator of the SoulWork™ Academy Online, and has trained hundreds of yoga teachers in the 200 hour, 300 hour. Pre-Natal, and Trauma Informed professional focus areas. She is a co-creator of the SoulWork™ Jungle Ashram, a conscious living center + experimental permaculture project + ashram in the Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica. She is also the Executive Director of Shakti Seva Inc, a non-profit organization focusing on uplifting the local indigineous community near where she lives in Costa Rica. She has the blessing of her teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu to offer the teachings.

Watch the recorded version of the class HERE.

Kelly Golden // April 29th – 9am PDT

Yoga of Resilience: How the teachings of Tantra are essential for our times.

Kelly Golden is the Founder and Director of Vira Bhava Yoga, and a lifetime practitioner of Yoga. She began practicing Yoga in 1994 and teaching in 2002. She leads teacher trainings all over the United States that emphasizes the power and capacity of each individual student to develop their own voice, trust their own path, and share Yoga as a power, rather than the perfection of asana.

Watch the recorded version of the class HERE.

Aimee Joy Nitzberg // April 22nd – 9am PDT

Embracing Change: Creating spacious, open-hearted perspectives during rapidly changing times.

Aimee Joy Nitzberg has enjoyed leading daily classes, training teachers, leading retreats, as well as creating and directing 4 successful yoga studios over the past 20 years. Her primary influences are; Richard Freeman, the inimitable Dharma Mittra, and her true bhakti teacher, Ram Dass. The benefits of having a multi-faceted and eclectic yoga journey has opened her up to surprises, humility and wonders that she never could have imagined. We can use every experience on our path to grow, learn, and evolve when we are willing. Teachers show up all around us, every day in many forms as we pay closer attention. Simple techniques and the importance of consistency are the main objectives she tries to impart in developing dedication for daily yoga practice. Over time this stabilizes the open, clear channel of awareness inside oneself, and leads to a lifetime love and commitment for the practice of yoga. She looks forward to sharing yoga with you!

Watch the recorded version of the class HERE.

Andrew Sealy // April 15th – 9am PDT

Immunity Boosting Flow: Get your mind in a positive state so your mind and body are connected! A “dis ease” cannot thrive in a happy healthy body.

Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a Yoga artist, and a movement creator. His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love to his friends around the world.