Peru- REWIRE – In The Sacred Valley, at a luxury detox spa retreat-

Peru- REWIRE – In The Sacred Valley, at a luxury detox spa retreat-

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Get ready for a once in a life time experience in the Sacred Valley of Incas, Peru. Imagine that you are surround by open rolling mountains in a potent land. Our vision is to guide you through a dynamic 7 day – city life, heavy metals detox focusing on techniques to bio-hack the body,  an explorative Soul Retreat. Through yoga, meditation, sound journeying, bio-hacking and trekking, this Soul School retreat will help you to rewire your mind and body to align more with your spirit.

After detoxing the mind, body and spirt for 7 days, you’ll have the option to sit with the medicine ‘Ayahuasca’ & our highly trusted Peruvian Shaman. This particular medicine man has been holding ceremony for 45+ years. Soul School’s guides have personally sat with him in ceremony and only have the best reviews. This ceremony must be requested and is a small additional monetary exchange.


What’s Included?

7 days all inclusive packages in the luxurious and transformational Peruvian retreat center, Munay Sonquo. Airport transfer, day trek to Machu Picchu, daily yoga & meditation, sound journeys & workshops, infrared/vapour/ dry sauna, temazcal,salt cave, ice bath, pool, fire pit, private chef team, state of the art yoga shala

February 6, 2022 1:00 pm GMT-5

February 12, 2022 1:00 pm GMT-5

The Sacred Valley, Munay Sonqo

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