Yoga Scholarship Giveaway

***UPDATE, January 5, 2018***

Thank you ALL so much for participating and sharing your yoga and wellness trades around the world.

We have picked the winner at random today and the lucky human is…..

Chantal Ashley


Congratulations Chantal!!!

You have won a $1,200 Scholarship to continue your education at Yandara Yoga Institute!

Keep shining everyone. Be inspired, yearn to learn, dream big, and share your gift that is YOU! Much love from the Yoga Trade fam!


Yoga Trade is excited to announce our $1,200 Yoga Scholarship Giveaway!

One lucky member will receive a $1,200 Scholarship to put toward furthering yoga education at Yandara Yoga Institute (based out of Baja, Mexico).

This Scholarship can be applied to any of Yandara’s Teacher Trainings at any of their locations (they offer Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour trainings and 300 hour trainings). The Scholarship may also go toward any of their Continuing Education weeks which currently include; Life Coach Training, Meditation & Kundalini, Yin/Restorative & Bhakti, and Vision Quest. It is part of our mission to inspire yoga teachers and wellness professionals to continue to learn and become masters within their trade. We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to this community and for all the support from around the world.




(Please read directions carefully, it’s a 3 step process)

1. You must be a Yoga Trade member. (If you are not currently a member, you can sign up at

2. To enter, log into your Yoga Trade account and LEAVE A REPLY (post comment) below at the end of this blog post. In the comment, state how you feel being part of the Yoga Trade community is beneficial, or how the Scholarship will benefit you as well as other people. Within your comment, feel free to also link to one of your favorite Yoga Trade StoriesPhotos, or your own articles or videos about Yoga Trade Experiences.

3. Give us a like on our Facebook page (, and share about this GIVEAWAY on at least one social media platform of your choice (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

That’s it. You’re Entered!

We are SUPER GRATEFUL for all of you. Thank you for contributing to this flourishing community. We also want to send a big HEART HUG and THANK YOU to the Yandara Family for sharing their wisdom and teachings through the years. Yandara is one of the seeds that grew to spark the creation of Yoga Trade!

The WINNER will be chosen at random ( and will be announced on January 5th, 2018.

*Only ONE entry allowed per person. You must be a real human to enter. The giveaway is only valid for persons age 18 and above. The Scholarship must be used within 2 years from when it is received. The Scholarship is transferable to another person if winner is unable to use. Scholarship is not redeemable for cash. 


480 replies
  1. Hannah Kreamer
    Hannah Kreamer says:

    WOW! This is so amazing! This would be so incredible to win so I can continue my yoga education in the hopes of teaching and sharing the wonderful and life changing impact Yoga has had in my life. Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

    • nathalie Ho-Kang-You
      nathalie Ho-Kang-You says:

      In June right after my yoga journey from Dharamsala with my 200 hour teacher training in the pocket, my other journey continued finding! This community is necessary to stay connected and to find places where I can share the same love for yoga and teaching! I started my own yoga practice at And I wish to grow and deepen my studies in yoga. A scholarship would help me to continue my dreams developing a strong and happy yogic path! I feel blessed to have found you, I wish you will find me!

    • Rebecca Lofsnes
      Rebecca Lofsnes says:

      What an incredible opportunity! I love being part of yoga trade for the sense of community and all of the amazing travel yoga positions open to us. Life is such an adventure and yoga trade is making it possible to find out about what is out there in the world of yoga, meditation and karma.

      If I were to win this scholarship, I’d definitely add to my current training by taking something completely new to me. Thanks yoga trade for the chance to win!

    • Sara Ghahremani
      Sara Ghahremani says:

      This is amazing. I just thought how much I want to go back to yandara as soon as possible. The place is amazing, the teachings are amazing. There I found real beauty. It was there when my life coach Jenna told me to look at the yogatrade – page and I was so very excited about it that I became a member. My journey here just started but it’s the best way I could choose!
      If I’d win the money, I would go back to this beautiful place and do a 300h Training. 🌞🌙

  2. Chantal Houde
    Chantal Houde says:

    I have been thinking about doing a continuing education week at Yandara for the past couple of years, and have even referred a friend-of-a-friend who is registered for her 300-hr training there! This scholarship would allow me to learn not only from the teachers at Yandara, but also to tap into the lessons that travelling never fails to provide: increased acceptance of others and their cultures and ideas, openness, flexibility, love of the planet and many more which translate into greater love for those in my world and for mother nature. I would also complete my level 3 and Master Reiki levels with Allison Eaton at the same time- something I’ve been wanting to do since I took my first two levels with her in Bali years ago! Thank you for the opportunity to enter! Have shared on Facebook.

  3. Marlee Naylor
    Marlee Naylor says:

    Aww wow this would be such an incredible opportunity to practice and learn more yoga with Yandara Yoga. I have only heard really good things about this institute. This would help further my knowledge in yoga asana and philosophy, which I feel would benefit my whole being at this point in time.. I would also gain more confidence doing this scholarship, in order to share my knowledge with other aspiring yogis. Yay!!!

  4. Alyssa Buttarazzi
    Alyssa Buttarazzi says:

    I would be super excited if I won a scholarship for a training at Yandara. I am an extremely new YT that completed my training in May. I want to continue my education, so I can spread the sacred, ancient teachings of yoga to everyone. It would be my dream to do such an amazing training with such a great school!!! Thank you very much for this opportunity ! 🙂



  5. Julie Kathrine Joen
    Julie Kathrine Joen says:

    Wauw, what an amazing opportunity!
    I would be very grateful for a yoga scholarship! I am a new yoga teacher and do not feel I learned enough at the program I was at, and I would love to learn more, so I can help others find their inner calmness. One of my “heart projects” is unbalanced kids, meaning kids who have a high energy level, in “danger” of being diagnosed and put in a box in school, by doctors etc. I would love to help them (both kids and adults) finding their own balance and helping them to learn, how to find inner peace in a busy world before they are diagnosed.
    Right now my economy is not for a course, so to win this would mean the world to me! I would also gain a lot more confidence in teaching doing this scholarship, by getting new and deeper knowledge, practice and insight that I can share with others.
    Namaste, Julie Kathrine.

  6. Sandra Kirkpatrick
    Sandra Kirkpatrick says:

    I totally love Yandara , I went there last year for my 200 hr ytt and I want to go back for my 300 hr , , this place is amazing, changed my life in a very good way , the people , teachers and community are the best experience i have lived
    I recently got married and moved to Escondido ca , im planning to teach here that’s why I want to get my 500 hr certificate , love to see all of you soon specially Allison Eaton 🙏💕

  7. Sarah Cox
    Sarah Cox says:

    Hello Yoga Trade! Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway!

    I am beginning on my journey to becoming a traveling yoga teacher and movement artist. Reading about fellow yogis that live out their lives by traveling the world has me so excited and passionate to live my truth! I am following the Hell Yes in my life by becoming a certified yoga teacher. This is the step of action to take. After reading the article about Pat Bailey: “Live the Life you Love”, it has confirmed my interest for this lifestyle. By living my truth and love, I can spread it to others, and be an example to reach for the stars when creating your life.

    I really enjoyed this article 😊

    Thank you YogaTrade for opening up possibilities and living your Truth. 🙏🏼

  8. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    I would love to build more on my yoga education. I`m an vinyasa Y.T. 200 hrs and Y.T. for toodlers to young adults and for the time beeing studying Master Reiki for the time beiing. It would be an amazing oportunity to learn more and to travel to another contry and meet new yogis. I live in Norway and have been teaching yoga with people who have anxiety and drug problems so this would a wonderful journey for me. I have never been to other Places then India according to yoga education, I have been at a couple of Vipassana meditation (10 days of silence in Sweden) This is so exciting Shared on facebook
    <3 Peace & love <3

  9. Caroline LaFauci
    Caroline LaFauci says:

    Thank you yoga trade and Yandara for this wonderful opportunity.

    I am an aspiring yogi, and have been looking at Yandara for my 200ytt this winter. A scholarship would mean to me a more accessible way to follow my dreams of becoming a yoga teacher. Yoga has healed me both mentally, physically and spiritually. Yoga has changed me from the once extremely self- conscious girl to a self loving woman. I want to teach others to love themselves through yoga. Everyone deserves to love themselves, and yoga creates a safe place to do that.

    I have received amazing corespondance from Yandara, showing me how amazing of a school it is. I am Reki 1 certified and would be so grateful to continue my Reki education and yoga education together. Yandara feels like it could become my home, and I would be so grateful to learn from the Alison amazing staff at Yandara.

  10. Raul Purge
    Raul Purge says:

    Such a good opportunity to grow my yoga path more stable and stronger. Just few months ago i finished my 200 hour ytt in India and it would be perfect chance to see yoga and all these spiritual people in mexico. Namaste!

  11. Iris Trompetter
    Iris Trompetter says:

    When I saw this post a few minutes ago I felt myself getting so excited and felt I needed to reply immediatly. So here I am 🙂 This is such a amazing oppurtunity as it’s been a dream of mine for a very long time!

    I went to India two years ago for a yoga teacher training and while I was there it got cancelled. As I had a thight scedule I didnt have enough time to wait for the next date to attend so here I am 3 years later and still dreaming about following the course. I am currently volunteering in Vietnam as a English teacher and practice in my free time yoga and try to teach the kids some yoga as I believe you can never start young enough💕 If I only would know by then what it has done to me by know!!

    Yoga has saved me in many different ways. It brought peace back in my life and has changed my mindset in a way I could never dreamed of. I became the most positive motivated person and I want to become a yoga teacher to pass this on to other people on this spiritual journey.

    Thanks for your time to read my message and this amazing chance 💕
    I hope I will be the lucky one this time!


  12. Judit Pilisi
    Judit Pilisi says:


    When I saw this oppurtunity I was like, this can’t be true… but maybe it is, maybe it’s my chance 🙂
    I’m so glad I found Yoga Trade because before that I sufferd finding a yoga related job which includes travelling too. I’m only a member for half a year, but I’ve already been in Asia for work. 🙂
    Now I’m back at home and I would ove to learn more to teach more in the future.

  13. Melissa Aiello
    Melissa Aiello says:

    This is an amazing opportunity. I started practicing yoga 8 years ago as a way to help me cope with my mom’s cancer diagnosis. It helped me through the tough times, but I kind of fell away from it for a few years until my son was born 2 years ago. I have now been practicing every day for 2 years. I would love to share my passion with others and become a yoga teacher. My dream is to teach yoga to first responders. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I also shared on my facebook page.

  14. Amelia O'connor
    Amelia O'connor says:

    I have been blessed to have been introduced to yoga at the age of 17 (12 years ago). At this time of my life I was beginning to deal with anxiety/depression and the general feeling of not loving myself for where I was at, ever. Yoga began to relieve my anxiety and give me an ounce of hope for a better life. I have pursued a yoga community everywhere that I have lived, and it has been a dream of mine to complete my 200 hr yoga teacher training. I am a lover of the outdoors, art, music and environmental science. This opportunity would mean that I could actually start my journey in the holistic path of healing and to share my passion for yoga and mediation for people that currently do not find it accessible. I currently am working with people suffering with addiction and have been teaching meditation on a weekly basis. The positive response is overwhelming! I would love to bring the healing practice of yoga with music and meditation to more people suffering with mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and addiction. This work can and will change lives.
    Yoga Trade is such a wonderful way to communicate ideas like this one to others around the world. To be working more in this network of people is a dream of mine that I believe is achievable for me. My sister received her 200 hr through Yandara in 2013 and her classes, community awareness and personal growth impress me on a daily basis.
    I wouldn’t be who I am today without my teachers, peers and practice in yoga and meditation. We cannot have what we want unless we pass it along. Becoming a teacher is a dream of mine because I want to show people in pain a way of relief and happiness through holistic health and community. Thank you for this opportunity and warm wishes with everything! See you all on Yoga Trade!

  15. gabe metzger
    gabe metzger says:

    Wow this would be an amazing opportunity! I am a physical therapist, recently completing the Wanderlust 200hr training here in the Tahoe area! Inspired is an understatement! I’d love to continue this education and develop my practice and teaching style even more deeply.

  16. Heather Russell
    Heather Russell says:

    Yoga and meditation really helped me through a difficult time in my life. As a former software developer, yoga helped me with stress and the chaos of that world. Sadly, few computer people will ever go to a yoga/meditation class. My goal is to bring the teachings to them. Your scholarship would help me help others. I’ve always organized (volunteered) at meditation retreats for my teacher. It has been a dream to teach, but now I am committed to that path. Learning from your community will help me bring these teachings to my part of the corporate world. Thank you for providing such wonderful resources, and the opportunity to learn, grow and share.

  17. vicki luedtke
    vicki luedtke says:

    What an amazing and generous opportunity!

    I was introduced to yoga 25 years ago and completed my 200 training 4 years ago. I recently began researching options for my 300 YTT! What timing! Yoga has been and continues to be a gift I treasure. I would love the opportunity to go deeper into this practice. There is so much to learn, explore and growth to be had! And to be blessed to share this knowledge with others is something I never tire of.

    I’ve been a member of yoga trade for 3 years and am always inspired by the articles and job postings. I have made some great connections around the world. The recent post about being the writer of your own life truly resonated with me. What a great reminder that we are here to live our soul’s purpose! Dream Big!

    With much gratitude for the work you do!

  18. Andy Leblanc
    Andy Leblanc says:

    I just LOVE this wonderful giveaway! I think it is amazing to be part of a beautiful community such as Yoga Trade, because it brings people with a passion for yoga closer together, wherever in the world they are! I think that yoga is all about sharing and creating meaningful connections, and Yoga Trade is such a great tool for that. I would use the scholarship to deepen my yoga knowledge and experience in a 300 hours course at Yandara. I am positive that this would bring me closer to my yoga teaching goal, which is to make my students feel happy, content and present, so that they can be a better version of themselves, just as yoga did for me. Moreover, Yandara is such a magical-loving-beautiful place 🙂
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity, yoga trade family!

  19. Brytta Byers
    Brytta Byers says:

    As soon as I saw this opportunity I jumped on it, because what an awesome opportunity to learn and share!! I’m a world traveling yoga instructor and I teach yoga teachers how to make a living while abroad. One of my goals as a traveling yogi is to educate myself in the Yin practice. I take Yin classes once a week, but actually diving in and learning about each pose from the restorative perspective is something that blows my mind just thinking about. If I won this scholarship, I would bring this practice and this work into refugee camps. I worked in one this past summer for a few weeks and what they NEED is trauma based and restorative yoga. Sometimes diving into a Vinyasa or hot practice can be too much to handle on the body all at once coming from traumatic situations and events such as the ones they fled from. My dream is to continue working with refugees to give them a restorative and safe outlet to heal from traumatic events. I know this scholarship would influence my teaching, education and practice in which I can share what I learn with the refugees. If there is one thing I have learned as a traveling yoga teacher, it’s that we all walk the same Earth. No one is better than anyone else. With that being said, I know this Yin practice heals. I have seen within myself and others what it does for the body, mind, and soul. There are days when it feels so good and our minds are at ease. Then there are days when we can barely bend over in a seated forward fold and our mind races trying to dive deeper. The Yin practice is the balance and the calm and the ease. That’s what I want to teach to the refugees. That there is balance and calm and ease in the world. We as yoga teachers just need to help them find it. So that is what I would do with my scholarship opportunity. Educate myself in the training and then share it with those who need it most.
    I found YogaTrade about 1.5 years ago and LOVE it. As much as I love the job opportunities, the blog has been a tremendous help in my teaching journey. One of my favorite blog posts is here:
    I enjoyed the realness of this particular article. I’ve reread it a few times actually. There are so many “stereotypes/opinions” of how we should travel the world as yoga teachers. This article basically sums up that there aren’t actual rules for this crazy traveling life. It challenges us to live how we want, how to serve ourselves and the world around us. I quite enjoyed it!

  20. Rachael Berman
    Rachael Berman says:

    I have recently completed a 200hr Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training in Glasgow, Scotland after practicing various styles of yoga for over a decade. Yoga has changed my life, as it does for many people. I have not been able to set up classes or teach since I graduated due to the possibility of relocation and travel. I am seeking further development and training to support my goal of teaching, sharing, and volunteering; regardless of location or circumstance. My passion is within the non-profit sector of the wellness industry and I hope to build on the experience I have so far in startup, development, and outreach to continue to find ways to work with yoga, meditation and wellness and to find practical solutions to integrate these tools into the institutions and systems in our varied international societies and communities…Yoga and wellness for EVERYONE! Yoga Trade us the first platform I have found that really begins to connect professional, passionate people and organisations to instigate collaboration and growth in the industry, on multiple levels…there is something for everyone and I am grateful to have found YT and look forward to seeing how it evolves snd grows into the future. Gratitude!

  21. Aneesha Kozikova
    Aneesha Kozikova says:

    Thank you Yoga Trade for such a wonderful opportunity and for your giveaways. I am so inspired by your website, when i sit at work in a rainy Vancouver and dream about my Yoga adventures i open up Yoga trade and look at all these amazing human beings that already do what i am still a bit scared to do it makes me smile and believe that everything is possible, it brightens my day and give me energy to continue to grow and learn more about yoga and spirituality. I would love to do my 300 hours teacher training in a near future and Mexico seems like a perfect place for it. I already work with my local community of women mostly and teach yoga, women’s circles and workshops, I think that my continuous education will bring more knowledge to my community and give me more tools and skills to explain yoga and and holistic lifestyle to more people. Love and light, Aneehsa

  22. Bex Traynier
    Bex Traynier says:

    Yoga Trade is such an awesome community to be a part of; a safe space to learn and share.
    I have recently come to the pretty big realisation that I’m walking the wrong path in life. Yoga has helped me reconnect with myself and refocus my mind. I would love nothing more than to deepen my knowledge and practice, in the hope that I can help others reconnect with themselves and the other lovely humans that exist all around us! Thanks to the universe for giving me a slap round the face when I needed it the most, and thanks to you guys for offering up such incredible opportunities like this one!
    Bex x

  23. Shara Maso
    Shara Maso says:

    Such a beautiful opportunity! I am a Woman, a Mother, a teacher at a private school. I serve as an E-RYT with YA and I am looking to further my training. Currently, I work with teens in a one to one environment from all backgrounds. I am always looking to grow, learn, and expand while at the same time share my learnings with my students. The younger generations need us more than ever and I am grateful to have a front row seat to their everyday growth as it powers me through my growth process, too. As a single mother of twins and private school teacher living on Long Island I find the struggle to be affordability when it comes to continuing education. While the yoga alliance requires certain hours to maintain membership the true calling for me is a deeper training, possibly 300hr. There is a forward pushing movement happening in my life, a greater calling to serve. This is more than ever and when I saw this opportunity it felt natural. Namaste. In Peace ~Shara

  24. Eli McBride
    Eli McBride says:

    Yoga has given me so much. It has revealed to me my confidence and strength and restored my freedom. This journey of yoga continues to teach me and open doors and challenge me. I am planning to attend teacher training at Yandara this spring. My soul is hungry for the experience. It is my desire to use my life in ways that both bring me joy and also leave light for others. Sharing yoga does just that. I can’t see exactly what the future holds but I can take each step and trust that the path will become clear as I walk. This scholarship would be such a huge benefit on my journey, I can’t even explain. I am currently saving my waitressing tips to help with my trip to Yandara, hoping that it will all come together. Thank you Yoga Trade for this opportunity.

  25. Melissa Hawkins
    Melissa Hawkins says:

    This is amazing and Yoga trade is such an amazing global community builder! I have yet to travel abroad but have recently set up my life so that I can! I am open and excited to travel and experience teaching yoga in other countries. I am so grateful for this new chapter in my life. Sharing yoga with others brings me so much joy, I feel so blessed to be able to do this work. I am looking forward to getting my 300hr YTT so that I can continue to grow and learn as I give my best and serve my students. Thank you for the possibilities, yoga trade has helped to fuel my dreams.

  26. Marcia Collado
    Marcia Collado says:

    Amazing opportunity, Yoga Trade!
    This scholarship means I can go further into my yoga and meditation education at an excellent institute like Yandara. This is the perfect experience for my growth, so I can keep sharing the love! Yoga has completely transformed my life in such a beautiful and miraculous way, that I just want everybody else to fall in love with this amazing lifestyle, too. This opportunity does not only benefits me, but also all the people with whom I’ll share everything I know!
    I am new to YogaTrade, but so excited to be a part of this great community. Thank you for making this opportunities around the world so accesible for everyone else.

  27. Jennifer Gridley
    Jennifer Gridley says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Erica and Yandara! I have been feeling the pull of teacher training for a while now, so this would be a sweet sign from the universe that this is meant to be my path. Yoga brings me such joy and peace, I would love to be someone who shares that with others. ❤️

  28. Lucía Sánchez
    Lucía Sánchez says:

    For me it is a great pleasure to be part of this yoga community around the world. Allows sharing this art of conscience in all the places one goes to. I am especially interested in this scholarship because it would expand my internal experiences and I could share them with humanity.
    Heartfelt thanks for giving this opportunity.

  29. Thomas Bentil
    Thomas Bentil says:

    Yoga trade is fantastic, but the only experience I’ve had with applying for a listed job opportunity was strange. A retreat center in Jamaica advertised that they were looking for two certified yoga instructors (preferably a couple) to manage a yoga retreat center in Jamaica. My girlfriend and I applied. We waited nearly 2 months for a response. When we finally got one, the retreat center instead asked us if we were interested in investing a huge amount of cash into the center. How it went from we need someone to manage the retreat center to investment an opportunity, we found strange.

  30. Michelle Melancon
    Michelle Melancon says:

    I would be thrilled and honored to win the scholarship, I am a domestic violence survivor w/C-PTSD and yoga has played a large part in changing my life and I’d like to get certified and work with other domestic violence survivors. I am also a disaster housing inspector and I recommend yoga to people that are affected by disasters and would eventually like to work on the volunteer side and help the disaster victims thru my yoga training. I love traveling and and would also put my training to use by applying for jobs all around the world teaching yoga and volunteer my time as well.
    Thank you for your time and this opportunity
    Michelle Melancon

  31. Savanna Gude
    Savanna Gude says:

    Hello 🙂
    First of all I want to say thank you for bringing this amazing community to me via my finger tips amazing that new opportunitys are only a tap away 🙂
    I’ve finally done it I’ve taken the step and I’m now a yoga teacher this has been somthing I’ve wanted to do since I started practicing 8 years ago
    I was pretty nervous…. at first because I didn’t know where to look to jobs etc but after a yoga class the other day I asked the teacher how she finds jobs and she showed me you guys!!!!!! And my life has changed I’m feeling very potive about the future and what’s to come and this scholarship well I don’t even know I can’t even begin to explain how much it would mean to me!!! But it would mean so much it would change my life 🙂

    Thank you yoga trade

    Light and love savanna xxxxx

  32. Maria Lauridsen Jensen
    Maria Lauridsen Jensen says:

    The 200 hours at Yandara truly transformed my life, and I would love to continue the beautiful Yandara journey <3 I have been part of the Yoga Trade community since spring, and it inspires me to read about the many communities around the world and the many possible experiences with yoga. The scholarship will benefit my personal Growth, and my intention is to find confidence to build my own yoga community. I have been struggling between being a "unemployed academic" and a "part time yoga teacher"; I know where my Heart is, I just need to trust that I can make a living out of it.


  33. Sarah Bear Kadel
    Sarah Bear Kadel says:

    The opportunities that the Yoga Trade family has opened up to me are by far the greatest soul and heart healing and expanding gifts I’ve ever received on my path as a student, teacher, and human. I’m eternally grateful for the community you’ve all built and will continue to support, participate, and cheer on all of these projects! ❤️

  34. Ione Shakur
    Ione Shakur says:

    What an amazing opportunity! Thank you to Yoga Trade for offering such a generous scholarship. I love being apart of the yoga trade community because it shows us yogis that it is absolutely possible to put our unique set of skills to work in so many locations around the world. I’m sure many of us when deciding to pursue teaching yoga as a career or side job can feel a bit daunted at the idea of finding a job that is the perfect fit. Yoga Trade makes that incredibly simple. I would be honored to receive this scholarship, as it would allow me to begin my path towards becoming a certified yoga teacher and start my career helping children through the practice of yoga and meditation. Thank you for your consideration and best of luck to everyone! Namaste <3

  35. Pernille Villumsen
    Pernille Villumsen says:

    What a lovely giveaway – and what a great timing! I’ve been looking at the Life Coaching course at Yandara for a while and I would love to go and the scholarship would make this possible. I’m drawn to the depths in yoga philosophy and I want to empower and uplift people. I will keep my fingers crossed for this opportunity <3. Namasté Pernille

  36. Elisa Gaiser
    Elisa Gaiser says:

    See this kind of “give away”, give me some hope about the yoga community and the path i chose. Thank you for this, even if the opportunity is not for me this time, see humble people who wants others to grow is really inspiring!

  37. Anzahata Yoga
    Anzahata Yoga says:

    I absolutely love this initiative. It is so so Important to continue learning as a yoga teacher as ultimately you will also always be a student. There’s a lot to learn about yourself through teaching which is magical, but you can change so many people’s lives by pushing yourself out of your own comfort zone and striving to progress further with teaching . By pushing yourself, you open the doors for others to do the same. I want to continue to grow and flourish, I want to be able to unlock hidden beauty within every student that comes to me and help them find undiscovered meanings in their lives. Yoga is a powerful tool for changing the world into a better place and I want to continue my teaching education so I can give back as much love as is physically and mentally possible in each class I teach.

  38. Linda Suave
    Linda Suave says:

    Thank you for giving us this opportunity at this magical time of the year. <3
    I believe yoga is one of the most powerful tools to use as a healing modality. It is a way to enrich, empower and upgrade oneself to a more joyful and exciting life.
    Being part of YogaTrade community is a wonderful way to reach people around the world to share this gift of yoga to. I believe that we all need to be more in touch with our body as to ground ourselves and commit to this time we live here on this Earth plane. To travel, share yoga wisdom to as many people as possible is an amazing way to be part of this global collective change we are here to be a part of. This kind of communities are building a new way of connecting to people. It is a way to bring more awareness and love into our realities.
    I want to reach as many people as possible to give them an opportunity to see what kind of benefits yoga lifestyle has on ones everyday life.
    Excited to part of this!!!
    Much Love to All <3 <3 <3


  39. Natalie Moses
    Natalie Moses says:

    How fabulous for Yoga Trade and Yandara to partner up for this amazing scholarship! Yoga Trade is a wonderful place to connect with other yogis, search/find a job and be a part of the community. Yandara offers the community and educational aspects, and you can’t beat the surroundings it’s offered in either!

  40. Gloria Menchacatorre
    Gloria Menchacatorre says:

    This is such a wonderful initiative. So first of all thank you Yandara and Yoga Trade for this opportunity. Yoga is “sharing” and it is so nice to see this kind of sharing. A sharing that means someone will be able to be a better teacher or start being one. Lovely!! I really want to become a better teacher and every day you wake up you have that opportunity but then you go to a training or retreat the inversion is magical. I would love to have the chance to learn with Yandara. I’m a Hatha 200RYS and I would love to start preparing myself as a better yin yoga teacher I have a lot of students already that enjoy this practice in the studio so I would love to be able to give them more and more. I didn’t know about Yandara beforer but for sure I will be now in touch with them and with what they do and I hope I would have the chance to be part of their community.

  41. Maija Klamer
    Maija Klamer says:

    What a wonderful price to win! I’m sure that whoever get’s so lucky, will pass on the love and positive energy of yoga into the world.
    I have just decided to leave my home country to commit to a full year of traveling, teaching yoga and studying to connect deeper to myself and the world around me. Yandara sounds like an amazing place to stay and learn. I am so looking forward to 2018🙏🏼❤️🦋
    Have a lovely december everybody. Love this community.

  42. Janet Keogh
    Janet Keogh says:

    Excited to plant this seed, it has been 2 years since my 200 hour training and I am craving more knowledge to share with my student in classrooms and at retreats. Yoga Trade has been an amazing network for me to tap into and collaborate with people, if I could finance the additional training I so desire that would make for an even more amazing 2018!

  43. Melissa Rische
    Melissa Rische says:

    If I was chosen for this scholarship it would then help me to able to have more access to either to a yoga retreat or to continue my studies in some kind of way. Being a brand new yoga instructor to this field and broke, to begin with, is hard to afford a lot of the continuing education courses let alone to attend a yoga retreat to further deepen my studies. This scholarship would then help me financially to achieve more goals, yoga trade helps networking with many teachers and to seek new opportunities.

  44. Hiral Vyas
    Hiral Vyas says:

    This is wonderful. Im excited and happy to spread a word. Being a yoga teacher is an on-going journey of learning, and more learning 😀
    I have heard many great things about Yandara so may the most deserving lucky yogi win this… The best thing about YogaTrade is its authenticity compared to so many other platforms offering similar growth opportunities. I have been on this site for almost 2 years and though I have not been lucky to bag any big projects (except 1), I feel really comfortable chatting, connecting and sharing my information on this site. It gives me a great community feeling too. Im happy to be a part of this Sangha and would love to get lucky sometime :p
    Wishing a blessed year to all.
    Love & Light

  45. Danielle Tellez
    Danielle Tellez says:

    Hi yoga trade team!

    I first was introduced to Yoga Trade through my boyfriend who i met at a yoga retreat 🙂 We have applied through Yoga Trade for couples trades around the world and plan to continue this through our holistic life together. Yoga Trade has given us a platform to connect to a like-minded community around the world. I received my 200 HR teacher training at Yandara and my Reiki master training, this place and the teachers are now apart of my family. I would love this opportunity to return to Yandara to train for 300 HR in order to further my yoga repertoire and bring more knowledge in different areas of yoga to take care of my current students as well as spread the knowledge to future students and with my travels. I also travel to third world countries and would love to bring all of my yoga teachings to the people to increase peace in their minds and hearts.

    Thank you Yoga Trade team!

  46. Michelle Le Hegarate
    Michelle Le Hegarate says:


    I am so fortunate to have joined this Yoga Trade community. I am currently working at my first ever Yoga Trade in Hawaii, and it has been nothing short of life changing. While teaching here in Hawaii I have been able to see 2 of Yandara’s teacher trainings come though, and both times every student I’ve asked said how much they LOVED Yandaras trainings and the staff/facilitators. Winning this scholarship would mean that I could continue my trainings and deepen my knowledge, helping to make me a better teacher and reconnect to my teaching passion. New teachings always keep things fresh! 🙂

    Mahalo, Yoga Trade. I’m stoked to share this opportunity!

  47. Joanna Daley
    Joanna Daley says:

    I love being a part of the Yoga Trade community. It has been an amazIng tool for me. I work as a self-employed yoga teacher and feel blessed by the opportunities Yoga Trade has brought into my life. Not only does Yoga Trade allow me to grow as a yoga teacher, but it also allows me to grow as a student. Yoga Trade introduced me to Golden Waves Surf Lodge in Portugal and I will be serving as a yoga teacher there this upcoming September and October.

    Yoga is my passion. I absolutely love working with clients through yoga therapy and asana practice. There is so much healing and joy inspired through the art of yoga. Scholarship will benefit you as well as other people. I would love the opportunity to win this scholarship so that I can deepen my knowledge and abilities as a tuba teacher, and in turn bring more value and light into the lives of the clients I work with.

    Thank you for your consideration!


    Instagram: flogayoga

  48. Chelsey Bertelson
    Chelsey Bertelson says:

    💕 what a generous gift. Thank you for the opportunity, Yoga Trade. As a new yoga teacher (finished my ytt this past summer in Costa Rica), I am yearning to further my education, broaden my teaching experiences, and grow within numerous yoga communities around the world.
    Coming from the Midwest, I grew up with out yoga. More so, the concept was “shunned” by some family members due to our conservative background. A few years ago, I took an interest in yoga. Finally, while perusing an Art degree, I realized the path I was on was not where I was supposed to be. Due to severe anxiety and personal family problems, I dropped out of college. I was at a place of total helplessness and genuinely felt like I had no purpose. I took on a few mundane jobs to feel out where I was supposed to be, but the best move I made was to join a yoga studio. In yoga I found my sense of calm, authenticity, and confidence I lacked before. Shortly after delving into my practice, yearning to learn more, I took on my YTT in the jungle of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. . I went for the education, community, and adventure, but soon learned that I actually love teaching yoga. It’s the first “right turn” I’ve taken in my life and I will be forever grateful for the practice. Since beginning my journey as a teacher, I feel as though I’m living out my dharma. For me yoga is healing, communal, grounding, and adventure. I would love the opportunity to continue my education, expand my tribe, step out of my comfort zone, and continue to teach as well as always remain a student.

    Thank you and namaste 🙏🏻

  49. Michelle Dimillo
    Michelle Dimillo says:

    Yandara yoga in Baja California is where I received my first 200 hour YTT, 6 years ago. This month changed the course of my life and awakened me to yogic principles and lifestyle. Since Yandara, I have been working as a yoga instructor in Toronto and have also had a few teaching opportunities in Costa Rica through Yoga Trade. I have expanded into other modalities of healing and received a Thai-massage training at The Yoga Forest in Guatemala and am a certified Reiki Master. I am so grateful to Yandara for opening me to this beautiful path. I cannot imagine my life without yoga and the community it has brought me. I am forever grateful. I would love to continue growing as an instructor and learn Kundalini through Yandara. Sending energy out to the Universe to win this! With love, Michelle DiMillo xo

  50. Petra Eng
    Petra Eng says:

    I have been traveling and teaching yoga for the past two years and YogaTrade has been a great resource to connect yoga teachers to opportunities all around the world! I would be so thankful for this scholarship to brush up on my skills and advance my personal yoga practice so that I will have even more to share with my students. Crossing my fingers 🙂

  51. Yaya Samudra
    Yaya Samudra says:

    Hi Yoga Trade community! My name is Nailah Wright, I am a 21yr old certified AntiGravity Aerial Yogi from Baltimore, MD. Being apart of this community keeps me grounded in my daily yoga and meditation practices in hopes of one day I can share my very own yoga travel adventures. This community is full of inspiring and brave souls who embody the true Yogi spirit. I am grateful to be apart of this community and to have access to life changing opportunities only a click away! As a practicing Hindu, I have come to value yoga as an essential aspect of my spirituality. Yoga is the bridge that connects me to spiritual world. Yoga brings awareness to our bodies, minds and souls. A daily practice is much like prayer. It has the ability to ground oneself in the Soul of the Universe where there is only love. Yogi’s have the ability to share this gift with others. This gift is the key to enlightenment and with it, we can unlock the doors to reveal our divine true selves. We are all powerful and peaceful souls that need to find balance between this material world and the spiritual world. With this scholarship, I vow to take care of myself, the divine that lives in me. With this scholarship, I vow to take care of all souls that I encounter in this lifetime. I vow to share nothing but love and light as I help them cultivate a lifelong yoga and meditation practice. I seek to embody verites sans peur, truth without fear. And love, love love!

    Nailah Wright

    Here is a link to an article I have printed and posted above my meditation cushion here at home:

  52. Roli Jain
    Roli Jain says:

    I am just so grateful for being a part of the wonderful way of living that is Yoga, and so fortunate to have learnt from my Masters, who enriched me with the knowledge of this great life tradition. For the first time, life is making some real sense!! 🙂 Congratulations Yoga Trade for building a community platform based on this auspicious technique, I surely am interested in the Scholarship, for my eagerness towards more insights and knowledge. Josy’s story on Yoga Trade is my favorite, for two reasons – one it resonates with mine as she also found meaning in life after she found Yoga by chance and second, she is working into Yoga therapy which is my specific work area too – because Yoga is a wonderful way for human upliftment, beyond personal; and so I would like to share it too, as much as peacefully possible. Here is the link to Josy’s story –

  53. Elsa Orfeuvre
    Elsa Orfeuvre says:

    What a great opportunity !
    I will be taking the 200 h YTT course in march and I am very excited to be able to share the magic of Yoga.
    Being part of the Yoga Trade Community helps me to keep dreaming about what would be possible for me 🙂 Thank you !
    I would love to be able to deepen my knowledge thank to the scolarship.

  54. Kayla Tyska
    Kayla Tyska says:

    I would like to express my genuine and very passionate interest in being honored the scholarship at Yandara. I desire to use this as an opportunity to delve deeper into my practice and becoming the student again to support my philosophies as a teacher. Recently returning from a solo trip to Jamaica, I came home highly motivated and inspired to build a career that allows me to integrate the two things I truly love: teaching/ learning yoga and travelling the world.
    My bright personality and high spirits make me an encouraging leader and very personable instructor. I have taught over 200 hours, on average four classes per week, since obtaining my 200-hour teaching certification last December. With my psychology background and experience in teaching vinyasa based methods fitting to all levels, ages, and bodies, my goal is to help individuals devise a path to wellness and happiness through yoga. I desire to take a more specialized training to offer my students a wider variety of class styles, and I genuinely believe the location of this center will make the teacher training even more enriching for my mind, body and soul.
    I am captivated by the location of the retreat center and think this opportunity would help me grow as a teacher, and even more so as the life-long student I am. The most enriching experiences I have had were travelling abroad, and I believe this opportunity will encourage me to inwardly explore my being in a beautiful yet humbling environment like Yandara. I want to inspire my students to chase their dreams and fantasies, and for me, this is that fantasy I am chasing, determined this is next step I want to take in my life.Thank you so much for considering me for this opportunity.

    NAMASTE, Kayla Tyska

  55. David Goddard
    David Goddard says:

    Thanks for this great offer. Yoga Trade never ceases to inspire and put forward opportunities that make me think of new possibilities I wouldn’t have considered before. Studying in Mexico would be a dream come true and a wonderful opportunity to brush up on some new teaching skills. Thanks for providing such a rich and well executed vision for sharing the possibilities in the yoga teaching world. Peace.

  56. Laura McGinty
    Laura McGinty says:

    This is an amazing opportunity! This opportunity would advance my yoga journey and help further my spirituality which would I pass on to other people causing yoga to spread. It would greatly improved the connection to self and breath/unity. Fingers crossed. We all appreciate the chance.

  57. Melissa Telford
    Melissa Telford says:

    What a beautiful way to share with your community! I would be absolutely thrilled to receive this scholarship. I did my 200h yoga training last year in Mexico and it enriched my life so much. I followed this with a 50h yin training in Canada this past September and now I have been craving to learn and practice more! Where I am currently living, and with my current situation here in Catalonia, I have had a difficult time finding a yoga community and have been having a hard time keeping my self practice. I would really seize this opportunity to connect with fellow yogis, be surrounded by Bhakti and use this training to help further my teaching career. I am a music therapist by trade and my goal is to combine music therapy and yoga therapy to treat the whole individual and help to bring joy and growth to each life. Yoga helps me to cope with my bipolar disorder and I want to be able to share my knowledge and my practice with the world! Right now I feel like I am not quite “there” but with more training, encouragement and support from my community, I know this dream isn’t too far away. (I will be sharing from my Facebook page, which is listed as Mel Tel. Not sure if you see via email or what not, so I thought I would add that in! Haha!) Good luck to everyone! Om shanti shanti!

  58. Nancy Dundatscheck
    Nancy Dundatscheck says:

    Hello Yogis!
    I met Aaron Starr at Blue Osa through Yoga Trade. I was volunteering in Ireland and was blown off by a lover just before Valentine’s day, and saw a Spa Therapist listing in Yoga Trade for a placement in Costa Rica. Within weeks I was on a plane to San Jose. I spent two months in paradise doing healing work and teaching yoga a short walk from the beach. My lover was replaced by a chocolate lab named Pete! He became my best buddy. Long live Blue Osa.

  59. Jackie Robert Lew
    Jackie Robert Lew says:

    So strange, I put my deposit down this week for my 300 hour training At Yandara this coming March. On the same day I saw this exact giveaway. The universe really does work in mysterious and unknown ways. I have been picking up shifts and teaching more classes so I can afford to put aside money for this experience. Even if I am not chosen for a scholarship, I feel blessed for being a part of the yoga community and involved with Yoga Trade as it has opened up so many new pathways and possibilities for the future. Namaste

  60. Brittany Feihle
    Brittany Feihle says:

    This is amazing!! Being a part of the Yoga Trade community is incredible because this fits my belief of sharing and supporting through offering your skills as a trade to receive other people’s skills, creating a community of support and gartitude for everyone in it. Winning this scholarship would greatly impact my yoga practice as I am still striving to gain more knowledge to help further my education so I can reach more students. Money has been tight since leaving my corporate career to fully immerse myself in yoga teaching and hand making yoga products (meditation cushions, yoga mat nags, teacher Totes, eye pillows etc.). Being able to increase my knowledge would allow me to help a more diverse group of individuals and allow and increase in awareness of the Yogi way and path to more individuals, creating a larger more mindful community across the world.

    I currently have no stories yet from yoga trade but my partner and I have started a Yogatoks community which offers free events to the public to increase awareness of alternative, traditional and modern practices to the public by supporting and showcasing local practitioners and teachers.


  61. Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for this lovely opportunity. Yoga Trade has been a worthy investment and a great opportunity to teach, learn, and grow around the world. I am so blessed to have been a part of this growing evolution in body, mind, and spirit. I cannot pinpoint a favorite article, but I am full of gratitude for each one I have read. Thanks again.

    – Alex Rodriguez

  62. Deirdre Madden
    Deirdre Madden says:

    As a Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist, I have a strong interest in the integration of mind and body. As a yoga practitioner, I feel that yoga can be used in the treatment of trauma and PTSD and would adore this opportunity to enhance my practice. As they say, “the issues are in our tissues”, and I feel I could weave yoga into my work as a Psychotherapist. Thank you x

  63. Oliver Carter
    Oliver Carter says:

    What an oppurtunity!!! Yandara, Mexico is where my best friend became a yoga teacher and began my yoga journey for me. I would love to be able to train where she trained and take my teaching to the next level. Yoga trade your truely a gift to yoga teachers around the world, the stories I’ve read and the opportunities you’ve offered me and others from wherever they come. Whoever is lucky enough to receive this money doesn’t matter…we are all one and who knows maybe one day they’ll teach me something too ✌️

  64. Abigail Brown
    Abigail Brown says:

    I recently joined the Yoga Trade community as a passionate yoga teacher and “yogipreneur” as well as holistic health practitioner wanting to share and connect with other like minded beautiful beings. I also was in search of following not only my heart but my path and putting out in to the universe that my dream career opportunity would potentially be posted. Through your website, I was introduce to not only an amazing yoga teacher but an incredibly empowering and inspirational woman, Alenka with Alenka Dharma Yoga. I reached out to her hoping to have just even the chance to connect with her regarding a position she posted. We ended up connecting and there is an opportunity of a lifetime.
    This scholarship opportunity comes to me not only at a point in my life where I am following my path whole-heartedly but also am in need of some financial assistance to continue on my yoga path and journey.
    My personal struggle right now is irrelevant and I would prefer to stay positive so I will spare the details, however this scholarship to obtain my 300 hours to get my 500 certification would support me in continuing to follow my dreams and inspire others to follow and fight for theirs no matter what.
    Thank you for your consideration as well as letting me be a part of the Yoga Trade community.
    Much love to all,

  65. Annie Kiel
    Annie Kiel says:

    In 2013 I co-founded a nonprofit that uses yoga as a complementary public health intervention for survivors of trauma. Since then, my life has been dedicated to working with survivors and training yoga teachers across the United States. Though it’s been an amazing experinece, it has become more difficult for me to be able to attend trainings myself due to the financial constraints of having left a salaried job to pursue nonprofit startup work. An opportunity like this would benefit me, but also those that I work with and train through the nonprofit. Thanks so much for the opportunity to be considered – what a generous gesture by Yoga Trade!

  66. Rose Barkley
    Rose Barkley says:

    Hey! I can’t believe this is something Yoga Trade does, how thoughtful and considerate as it’s hard as a someone living in the Bay Area working in the industry to find resources and time to keep my education growing as a Yoga Teacher and Wellness advocate. We are all in need of this kind of love and care.

    I have been struggling to get myself in to more trainings, workshops, and continued education due to lack of resources of time, this would be the perfect chance for me to take a moment to recalibrate. I’ve been so focused on others this year I haven’t had a moment to work through some of my own internal struggles with the recent split of my family and dealing with a father who has recently come to surface with hiding his gay lifestyle for over 40 years. As supportive as I have been, it’s time to spend some time with myself! I love my family, but it’s hard being the mediator all the time.

    I have been working with thousands of people here in the Bay Area to promote wellness and yoga lifestyle at Namaste Yoga and Wellness this year alone. I teach as well teen yoga, family yoga to individuals who don’t have the funds to seek these classes out. I’m interested in the at risk communities and how to make yoga more affordable to those who are seeking out options. I lead a beautiful group of Plus Size women at YogaLove in a specialize class created to accept all body types. I’m a advocate for finding the populations of people and want yoga to be for everybody. I’m concerned about how glamorize yoga has become on instagram and in the media, I want to bring it back to the basics and allow people a chance to experience full self-love and acceptance. We all have our battles, I want to help lead individuals to face those battles with integrity and confidence.

    As well, I have never had a chance to travel to Mexico. I have roots there as my mother’s side of the family was born and raised there. It would be nice to reconnect to my heritage for the first time in my life. Yoga, heritage, and community are some of own personal values that deeply care to integrate in to my life.

    I hope whoever deserve this award reaps great rewards and continue to carry some wonderful karmic energy back to US. We all could use a little love here.

    With Love and Light,

    Rose Barkley

  67. Fernanda Barrantes
    Fernanda Barrantes says:

    This is something that I have been waiting for. I’ve been a yoga teacher for a year. It’s been super hard for me to grow as a person and as a teacher. I teach in a small town in Costa Rica, money is terrible and I’ve been trying to get a job for this whole year and the universe just doesn’t let me do anything besides yoga. My dream is to be a great teacher, and to have a place where I can teach and share the practice with those who can’t afford good yoga lessons (which use to be my case). When I got my first and only certification I knew that was only the first and smallest step in my career. But as I already said, economically speaking has been imposible to keep growing as a teacher and as student. I have no experience with Yoga Trade besides the emails I get. I love reading these emails and dreaming about teaching around the world and having my own school in Costa Rica. 🙏 Thanks for this opportunity. Namasté!

  68. Anita Perry
    Anita Perry says:

    There are so many wonderful stories here. My own include a year of lows (job losses, deaths of loved ones) as well as highs (my daughter getting married, my son engaged, my yoga client). Throughout it all, I relied on my yoga practice and yoga family to sustain me. I would truly love this opportunity to expand my practice and share the fruits of this opportunity with my yoga students.

  69. Sara Buck
    Sara Buck says:

    I am quite excited to hear of this possible opportunity. I have been teaching for 7 years and a member of Yoga Trade for a couple. I have been wanting to continue my education for some time, and have been interested in Yandara’s 300 hour module. My ultimate goal is to work with people suffering from PTSD, complex trauma , and addiction recovery. Though i have my own life experience to contribute to this, I feel that continued education can only solidify my grounding and confidence, and also provide more tools. I enjoy that Yoga Trade keeps me linked with other yogis around the world and keeps my mind and heart open to all sorts of exciting opportunities.

    With Gratitude-
    Sara Buck

  70. Kylie M
    Kylie M says:

    Woohoo! I was actually considering Yanadara for my first 200hr training but ended up going with another training and honestly regretted it. It would be awesome to win a scholarship towards their beautiful program, I am still super interested in continuing my education with them. Yoga Trade is AMAZING and I tell everyone about it. It offers people a tangible resource to find amazing opportunities to connect with likeminded people, work abroad and live a purposeful life. What more can you ask for!! Thank you Yoga Trade and all the yogis here, sending you all the love this holiday season and beyond.

  71. Erica Balint
    Erica Balint says: is such a good resource for yogis of all backgrounds! Love that it provides so many oppprtunities for the light that yoga brings! Completed my 200-HR at Yandara, and it was the most amazing experience beyond what I ever thought could be possible! So very grateful for all my yoga experiences and look forward to the journey as Iook to completing additional education in body work in 2018.

  72. MaryAnn Bunag
    MaryAnn Bunag says:

    I enjoy being part of the Yoga Trade community and seeing a lot options all over the world to teach yoga. Winning the scholarship would further my education and deepen my practice so I can be a better teacher and be able to share this knowledge with other people.

  73. Morgan Herum
    Morgan Herum says:

    How wonderful it is to be a part of a global community of yogis-we trully are one. I am humbled to be able to serve my yoga family internationally when the right opportunity arises! I have been teaching full time for 3 years and 9 months; I have found that continuing to learn and train is a luminous fuel for my Dharma, my service to the One. The scholarship would enable me to refuel my teaching. My partner and I had the opportunity to teach meditation and yoga for a month at a silent retreat last winter and it was just a lovely time meeting people from all over the world that all had this commonality of yoga.

  74. Anna Sirotin
    Anna Sirotin says:

    3 years ago, I remember sitting on the floor of my house miserable because I was unhappy with where my life was at the moment. And then I thought “What do I want to do with my life, what do I like?” and 2 answers were obvious…yoga and travel. So I googled something along those terms and it led me to Yoga Trade, I couldn’t believe there was something like it out there! So I took a breath, applied anywhere that sounded interesting and fit my style and left the rest up to the universe. Since that day, I have traveled the world to teach yoga through opportunities I have found on Yoga Trade and to say it was life changing would be an understatement. I have had the pure pleasure and honor of teaching students from across the world and either helping them start or continue their yogic path. I feel this scholarship would help me continue to better myself so that I can show up for those I cross paths with to be more present, more prepared, more equipped, and even more readier to pass on what I learn so that we can all benefit together! Because isn’t that what yoga is about, a union? I want to be in a cycle of teaching and learning as much as possible to better myself so I can help better others!

  75. Estelle Lafaye
    Estelle Lafaye says:

    Wooooooow that is amazing!
    As a pretty new Yoga Teacher (graduated in May), I have been looking for many offers on Yoga Trade, and always thinking internally that so many other teachers would apply, that I was always giving up… until 3 weeks ago, when I’ve seen this offer for Peru. It’s been a dream since such a long time to go to this country, and at the same time I was filling ready to move forward in my teachings, so I applied… and I’ve been hired!
    Everything is always possible, and I’ve learnt that things are coming when we are ready for them to come. Because of Yoga Trade I’ve build a little bit more of self confidence, and my journey in yoga is filling my heart up everyday.
    So winning this scholarship would allow me to depen my knowledges, and dive a little bit deeper in the Magical Yoga World 😀
    Thank you so much for maintaining this beautiful community that Yoga Trade is!


  76. Sheelah R
    Sheelah R says:

    Hello 🙂
    At the moment I work with individuals with various special needs, including Autism, Down Syndrome, developmental disabilities and many more. I have combined that work with my personal yoga amd meditation practice, along with my 3 day Rainbow Kids Training, to bring some concepts of meditation and yoga to children and youth with special needs. What I dream of doing is building a yoga business to further my work and bring the teachings of yoga and mindfulness to support the children and youth with disabilities. I see how impactful it can be for them and their families and it being me joy to teach them. With a minimum of a 200hour, I can support them further and build a credible business. I hope for help in this journey and maybe this is where I’m being called to grow.
    Thank you for the opportunity to apply.
    So much love,

  77. Anja Sheriden
    Anja Sheriden says:

    I would love to practice and learn more yoga with Yandara Yoga ever since you (Erica) spoke so highly of the training. It would be an honour! Thank you so much for all you do for the yoga community on yoga trade! Warmly Anja

  78. isaebelle berthier
    isaebelle berthier says:


    Yogatrade is a great platform to be in touch with yoga community worldwide & find some magic. The scholarship would be great to benefit a new opportunity to expend my knowledge in a place I would have been otherwise. thanks for the opportunity…


  79. Hannah Bailey
    Hannah Bailey says:

    Yogatrade is an amazing collection of opportunities for instructors on this amazing journey that is yoga and life. Having endured a great amount of loss this year I have been looking into 309 hour programs to further my yoga knowledge. As an instructor and facilitator to yoga teacher trainings I believe that continuing my learning is extremely important and this scholarship would greatly help in this next chapter of my yoga journey!

  80. Amanda Strutt
    Amanda Strutt says:

    Well I’m just arriving home from an incredible time at Yandara and I’m homesick for it already!!!
    It would be amazing to return, to deepen more in body mind and connection~♡
    Being able to share with the world is what we need more of!!!
    Being there a fellow friend had shared yoga trade with me and here I am now!! Let the yoga advenures continue!!! Blessings ☆☆☆🌵💚

  81. bethany terry
    bethany terry says:

    I found the Yoga Trade community when searching for a teacher training, after feeling the calling I found a 200hr teacher training with School Yoga in Guatemala at the mystical yoga farm next November and am so excited to really immerse myself into this healing path. The Yoga Trade is allowing me to plan for after this, seeing where i can go, how else I can train to be a better guide for other yogis after I qualify and this would be the most incredible experience! The courses from Yandara yoga institute look so inspirational and I would feel extremely blessed to be able to learn from that experience so that I can share that knowledge to anyone in the future I may teach. <3

  82. Jade
    Jade says:

    I would love to apply for this incredible scholarship. I have trained as a hatha yoga teacher in India and since then have used yoga trade all around the world to be able to share my knowledge with others. My most memorable Yoga Trade experience was being able to teach yoga and meditation, with the beautiful Bay of Kotor in the background every day for a few weeks. I was so lucky to get to experience this and look forward to using Yoga Trade for the rest of my travels around the world. I would love nothing more than to spend 2018 progressing in my passion for health, yoga and wellbeing and would love to do some more training in this field using this scholarship. Please pick me 😀😀

  83. Jay Nel-McIntosh
    Jay Nel-McIntosh says:

    Yoga Trade is a source of inspiration for me. I love to see what other teachers are up to and explore the opportunities around the world. Knowing that next month I could be living and teaching on the other side of the world gives me a great sense of freedom, and the the fact the a lot of the opportunities on Yoga Trade are mutually beneficial are fantastic. I would love love love to win the scholarship to Yandara Yoga for continuing education. I did my first ever yoga teacher training at Yandara 5 years ago and it was a life changing experience that I still hold the fondest memories of. After having to take a break from teaching this past year due to injury I am finally getting back in the studio, and the timing of doing some continuing education couldn’t be better to reinvoke inspiration and knowledge.

  84. Ashley Sylvester
    Ashley Sylvester says:

    As an artist I’ve always wanted to travel. Growing up in Chicago, I came from a family that never traveled and it left me in full wanderlust. I have never touched the ocean, I have never been out of the country, and I have always thrived on hoping to have a job where I don’t feel stuck in one place.Yoga Trade has offered me the ability to travel as an artist, which is the greatest gift that there is. Due to YogaTrade I am able to work/train in Bali for three months next year- my FIRST trip to another country. I believe as a teacher you should never stop learning. The second you stop learning and create ego is the second you fail your students. I want to grow, learn, create, absorb my surroundings so when I come back to my home studios my classes are radiating with love, understanding and knowledge. I am receiving my 200 hour YTT this year and would love nothing more then to extend my practice with a 300 YTT in Mexico. Thank you for creating something very special for all walks of life in this community. I can only dream that I will be chosen for something this magical. Namaste <3

  85. Shannon Somogyi
    Shannon Somogyi says:

    Today, I am entering this on my 42nd birthday! I am a C-IAYT (yoga therapist) who is always looking to dig a little deeper into new ways of healing and transformation. Not only for myself, but my clients too! My family is a HUGE fan of the Baja. We’ve been going there for the past 10 years or so but I have never been to one of these trainings. What a dream to return on this occasion! I’ve never been able to utilize Yoga Trade and this would be a great way to get started! Happy New Year Yall!

  86. Nid Seymour
    Nid Seymour says:

    Yoga trade has been a key part of my life transformation. Even though my own network has provided me with all my work when I look at yoga trade it makes me remember the abundance of choices in our paths that we can take. It let me see the freedom that I could create in my life & I have done all this. It will continue to be a platform of resources for my future & I will keep telling others of how it can help them make the change for their life. Infinite possibilities are there for us to grab & enjoy!

  87. Kelly Berry
    Kelly Berry says:

    I’ve been a yoga trade member since 2015 and think it’s a wonderful resource to connect other teachers and yoga communities around the world with each other. One of my favorite connections through yoga trade was to owners of Aspen Shakti studio is Aspen, CO. Without yoga trade, we would not have connected from across the country and been able to share and discuss ideas on ways we could work together on business growth and development to support each other’s yoga goals and aspirations. Sometimes the connection alone can help you see a different path and a fresh perspective. This is the type of opportunities that yoga trade provides, connection at a targeted level, that I am grateful for. It would be my honor to receive a scholarship that would make an additional yoga training in yin/restorative Bhakti at Yandara possible. It is a goal of mine to continue my training and include yin/restorative in what I offer to my students, while also working towards my 500-hr. What a gift to be able to learn from seasoned teachers at a gorgeous setting and be immersed within a strong and tight-knit yoga community.

  88. Nicole Roerick
    Nicole Roerick says:

    This is so wonderful! I joined Yoga Trade about a year ago and I love the community it brings together. I haven’t personally volunteered or gotten a job through it yet but it’s interesting to stay up to date on things. I also loved reading the response from others about the scholarship. For me as a teacher, I’m still always learning and love any opportunities that I can take to continue to study and improve myself. I also like doing trainings and connecting with others. Yoga is such an amazing gift and I’d be honored to receive a scholarship but I’d also be excited for anyone that does 🙂 We can all help and inspire each other! Thank for for this opportunity and for creating this community.

  89. Tjasa Jamnikar
    Tjasa Jamnikar says:

    I’ ve just joined yoga trade community about a month ago. I think is an amazing connection all over the world sharing stories, opportunitise. For me it has changed my life soo much! In couple of weeks imagine:) I am on my way to follow my heart and dreams…meeting my soul family and friends all over the place.I wouldnt be miles away from my birth home starting this journey. Yes and moreplease, thankful, blessings of lifeee❤🐍🌴🐒🌞🌺

  90. Celia
    Celia says:

    “Dive. Trek. Om.” became my 2017 mantra. If I didn’t redirect my energy into these things then I’d probably be meditating ::cough::winetating:: on a beach by myself somewhere. I wish wine could take me to samadhi, but since it can’t, I need to keep these idle hands in namaste. Oy, pratyahara!

    Someone recently told me to make a difference in the lives within an arm’s reach. I know I can’t change the world, but I can make an impact on those within my reach and that being my community. There’s also a big financial need for the scholarship. I’m not working and currently doing karma yoga at a yoga center for a few months in California. The scholarship would help me toward my 300-hour since I have no current income.

    Yoga Trade is my go-to source for seeking new opportunities that also brought me to where I am today. Simple as that! I don’t need to go anywhere else when I’m looking for yoga jobs. “Live the Life You Love”, resonated with me because she’s living the entrepreneurial dream I set out for myself two years ago.

  91. Megan Pechin Bergseth
    Megan Pechin Bergseth says:

    This is such a great opportunity! I just recently completed my 200 hr YTT and joined Yoga Trade. I’ve been eyeballing extended training opportunities including the Life Coach training happening next year. As a new yoga teacher, I just want to soak it all in and learn as much as I can so that I can bring it all to North Dakota. I also can’t wait to jump on opportunities to teach around the world!

  92. Teresa Clapp
    Teresa Clapp says:

    The Yoga Trade community has benefited me enormously because it’s given me inspiration and hope. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis, that kept me handcuffed in my own body. With the support of my family and my innate stubbornness to conformity I turned to food for healing. Against every western doctors advice I found clinical remission through food and yoga. Never has something given me the courage to look deeper into myself for answers then yoga. I am about to set off on my first yoga trade February of 2018 in Morocco for 3 months. Thank you for providing me the path back to normalcy, or at least normalcy for the nomadic yogi. I can’t wait to continue my yogic travels using your platform. My hope is that maybe I can inspire a fellow yogi who is dealing with autoimmune disease to change their diet and take back control over their life. Food is medicine, so is yoga. This scholarship would afford me the opportunity to take my 300 hour training and continue to spread yoga to anyone and everyone who’s ever given it a thought.

  93. Beth Goren
    Beth Goren says:

    What a beautifully generous offer from Yoga Trade! There were so many world things and family research to take care of after mom passed on that a journey like this one would mean something tremendously nurturing and spirited. I would gladly and eagerly participate. When I was about 9 years old and starting my dance career, my mom showed me a yoga pose in our Brooklyn, NY newspaper, and said “You can do this!” I immediately got down on the floor, crossed bent leg over bent leg, supported by full-length arms, and swung my torso forward and backward above the floor. Now that was a lesson I loved! Since that early time, I stayed with dance/performance and found and trained with a heart-drawn mentor in all aspects of the Body-Mind Centering work (which includes a full course in yogic practices and underlying anatomy/physiology). I have continued to learn and share throughout the years. This retreat would be a blessing poured from the skies, enhancing inner glow and shared in other circles beyond. Thank you for allowing me to imagine this journey! It’s such a healing picture. :))

  94. Kathryn Fitzgerald
    Kathryn Fitzgerald says:

    This would be an efficient way to become certified to teach. I have been practicing yoga for 13 years and it has been extremely beneficial for my health. I love to incorporate yoga into some of the other classes I have taught and I’d love to be able to do trauma sensitive yoga for special populations.

  95. Kelsey Roderick
    Kelsey Roderick says:

    WOW what an amazing opportunity this would be! I would be so grateful to receive one of these incredible scholarships! Yoga Trade is quite simply a fabulous place to connect with the yogi community and enjoy all its benefits. Thanking you always.

  96. Shelly Hess
    Shelly Hess says:

    I found my experience with Yoga Trade to be valuable, it gives people all over the world a way to connect, give back and travel. Thanks to Yoga Trade I had the opportunity to live & teach in a Spanish castle. Seriously!! Last summer I lived in a castle north of Barcelona, Spain! Through Yoga Trade, I found Anima Mundi Retreat Center, where I volunteered, taught (yoga, meditation, mindfulness, 8 limbs of yoga), learn vegan cooking and so much about myself. I learned that yoga isn’t what happens on a mat (if you are lucky enough to have one), yoga is a way of life. While talking to other volunteers, who were different countries, I found that practically everyone was there because of Yoga Trade too. Pretty cool. I value the experience I had because of Yoga Trade and am grateful that it opened doors of opportunity, learning, friendship & travel.

    I would like to expand my learning with the scholarship at Yandara Yoga Institute. Winning the scholarship will better equip me in assisting others in their journey to healing. After traveling last year through Yoga Trade, I started working in a Rehab/Treatment Center. Clients are there from many reasons ranging from Drug/Alcohol Addiction, depression, bipolar, eating disorders and suicidal watch. Many don’t want to be there or have never taken a yoga class. Although I never considered myself an ambassador, I am- in a way. I learned that no matter what someone is going through, yoga can connect us, as we walk our own path. It’s all about connection/union. I teach yoga there on Sundays and do the best I can to incorporate yin/restorative yoga to aid in recovery. I want to complete an official training to better equip me as I help others to become Intune with their bodies and cultivate selflove. I don’t want the scholarship at Yandara Yoga Institute for me, I want it for what can be do through me. Please consider my application as an opportunity to spread the benefits of yoga and self-love.
    Shelly Hess …ps I have pics to submit but unable to attach to this comment:(

  97. Vaiva Vystartaite
    Vaiva Vystartaite says:

    In YogaTrade I see the beauty of union. A union on many levels… We are lucky to live in times that allow us to experience the connection between the ancient world (Yoga) and the achievements of the new age technology (Trade). Many things had to happen and even more thing i guess had not to happen for us all to be a part of this magical kula – thank you.

  98. Vision jackson
    Vision jackson says:

    Hello beautiful people, What an awesome opportunity! My name is Vision in 2013 I lost one hundred and ten pounds through yoga and mindful eating; I have maintained this weight and lifestyle. Last year understanding the importance of yoga for overall health me and my husband both became YTT 200, I currently teach at the best yoga studio in Colorado ( biased only a tad) and my husband assists my classes. God placed this love and passion for 12 step recovery work inside me and last year I also received my certification to become a Y12SR leader. I am in the process of opening a Y12SR meeting here in Denver and this scholarship would benefit me and hopefully many others. I love yoga trade because me and my husband will be ready to retire and travel teaching yoga full time within the next 3 years and we get so excited looking through all our future destinations and reading about other peoples journey’s.
    Thank you and have a blessed day, Vision Jackson

  99. Rebecca Streicker-Calle
    Rebecca Streicker-Calle says:

    Hi Yoga Trade, thank you very much for offering this exciting and unique opportunity. My own journey as a full-fledged yogi started when I began suffering from insomnia a few years back. It was then that I was determined to become reacquainted with the powerfully positive practice of yoga (previously I had practiced on and off for years). I was drawn to the fact that yoga has so many positive outcomes on a physical, stamina and strength/flexibility-building level, but also on a mental and even spiritual level. It has helped me tremendously when handling stressful situations and allowed me to live more in the present. Thanks

  100. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Thank you Yoga Trade!
    What a wonderful opportunity this could be to continue my yoga education.
    Ive been a grateful member of Yoga Trade for a couple years and I have found and shared yoga with so many like-minded communities around the world because of this platform. Ive been teaching for about 8 years but only in the past couple years have I discovered how many incredible teaching experiences there are out there! After a challenging concussion earlier this year and a recent death in my family, Im really praying for an opportunity to soak up some time for self healing and renewed purpose moving forward. Gaining depth and understanding to my journey and how I can harness the challenges to rise and be of greater service in the communties I serve both locally and internationally.

    Thank you for your consideration and a very happy and safe holidays to all of you and your families!

  101. Matías Cárdenas
    Matías Cárdenas says:

    Om from Argentina, I am a Yoga teacher and I work independently. I like to travel and teach.
    A scholarship like this is ideal to exchange knowledge and continue learning about the great and infinite universe of Yoga.

    It would help me grow as a teacher and take new tools for my students.


  102. Bridget Meghan Chase
    Bridget Meghan Chase says:

    I joined Yoga Trade once I graduated Phase 1 Teacher Training in May 2016 and so far this site has only served as inspirational for me because I haven’t gone on assignment anywhere yet. The ones that have been super tempting for me are ones that last 3 months – 2 years that take you away to live with like-minded yogis doing what you love. I haven’t applied to any of those positions however because I have a state engineering job and a high house mortgage to pay at home as well as a boyfriend and dog that I would want to take with me for that long of a time. That being said, I hate engineering and I am looking to follow my passions of yoga, photography, travel and vegan cooking to find a career that is right for me and seeing these posts makes me feel like this is possible. The article about Co Living ( also got me excited for the possibility of working from my home computer and being able to travel.

  103. Vivi Kadarusman
    Vivi Kadarusman says:

    I never thought that I will fell in love in yoga or even become a yoga teacher. I was unintentionally joined a yoga class a the gym and boom, I fell in love. And since that on seems like the universe lead my path to deepen my journey through many amazing way, one of the greatest gift was when I got scholarships for 200 and 500 hours. I got a knee injuries when I was 16 because of basketball, but yoga helps me to deal with past injuries, teacher me how to works with limitations and also honoring them.
    Now, I’ve been teaching yoga for more than 10 years and also traveling around cities in my country for teacher training and workshops. And for me, yoga trade really helps me to broaden my experience, me knowledge, my connection to other yogis all around the world.
    But still, I love to learn more, know more, dig more knowledge from this spiritual path.

    May with this scholarship opportunity bring me to deepen my, to a great school with an amazing place to go to. Thank you yoga trade

  104. Kathrin Burtscher
    Kathrin Burtscher says:

    Hi There! I discovered YOGA TRADE while searching for other working opportunities as a Yoga teacher. I have studied and practiced Yoga for ten years now and I have most of the time studied on my own. Four years ago I started teaching Business Yoga at the local University, since then, I have made my living as a Yoga teacher (I have tried to get other jobs, however it always turned out to be Yoga. I have lived off little money for years nows, however I decided that this would be my way. Then I joined a Hatha Yoga education for free to have a little certificate. It was a great possibility and I am thankful to Rathesh and Caroline of “Yogamakesadifference” to learn with them for free. I have taught Hatha Yoga (with Iyengar Didactics), Vinyasa Krama and Meditation, Yoga in Prison, Yoga for students, Yoga for parents with babies, Yoga in the park and YAAM YOGA (Berlin). Last year I managed to further educate myself as a Kundalini teacher. What I do need and want now is another Hatha yoga teacher training to deepen my knowledge and to further practice with concentration and focus. I am going to further develop my Yoga to be a better teacher and to further teach in practice and theory PATANJALI s paths. Feel free to check out my instagram lion_yoga!

  105. Lauren Irick
    Lauren Irick says:

    What a wonderful opportunity!! Thank you for the possibility and sharing such a wonderful place to train at. Bookmarked for reference!! I would absolutely love to continue my education in any of the areas that Yandara offers training in!

  106. Andrea Albini
    Andrea Albini says:

    This scholarship would provide me with the opportunity to be inspired (after childbirth) to serve the community again. To expand and remember all the knowledge I have already gained and share it share it share it!. I feel blessed and in gratitude for this community. Much love and many blessings!

  107. Katie Waters
    Katie Waters says:

    YogaTrade you continuously surprise and amaze me with all of the wonderful, new, and exciting opportunities you offer for expanding and uniting the global yoga community! All of the stories shared through YogaTrade inspire me to continue living an alternative, healthy, and ecological lifestyle. I have had an inconsistent yoga practice over the past 10 years but I am seeking to deepen my personal practice through a yoga teacher training in order to share the practice of yoga and meditation with others. A scholarship to Yandara would allow me to share more love and light with the world ❤️✨🙏

    Here is one recent fave article…

  108. Nicole Wickenhauser
    Nicole Wickenhauser says:

    This is a wonderful giveaway 🙏🏼 Being able to get some further education as a yoga teacher, would mean I could give much more to people that are new to this practice. It’s an opportunity for me to learn more about how students and myself can experience our selves through yoga even better. I think it’s already a success if only one person goes from my class with this great feeling that yoga can bring to the surface in us. The better we get to teach the more people we can reach.
    Thanks for the opportunity 🌺

  109. Anaya Noelia
    Anaya Noelia says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful opportunity. Being part of Yoga Trade allow us to grow as a community doing what we love the most: YOGA.
    And this scolarship is one of those unique opportunities that can transform lifes.


  110. Ashley Michaelis
    Ashley Michaelis says:

    Receiving an email from Yoga Trade makes my day every time . I finally found a community I feel so full and connected to, and where I know I can fully serve, heart soul and mind.
    Continuing education would allow me the confidence to get out there more and go for the dream of yoga in all its aspects.

    What a blessing this opportunity is! I am honoured to apply.


  111. Sanya Ormiston
    Sanya Ormiston says:

    WOW how incredible! I was literally just researching Yandara the other day as I’m currently in Mexico, looking for somewhere to do more training and someone recommended it to me! I had decided that I don’t have enough funds at the moment (due to some recent events) so this prize would be a dream come true 🙂
    I absolutely love being a member of Yogatrade – such a fantastic community for travelling yogis.
    Namaste all!

  112. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    I am so thrilled to be a part of this community. Seeing how others along with myself are seizing opportunities all around the world. This opportunity is amazing and will help inspire and grow the community as a whole. I have had the opportunity to dive into my practice and learn so much about myself and start teaching and learning even more about my capabilities and connections to others. I have fought a long hard battle with PTSD and yoga has been my saving grace. This for me would be an opportunity for growth and dive a little deeper into self learning to help others find the strength to do that for themselves also.
    So thank you for all that you do

  113. Lydia Missal
    Lydia Missal says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to be entered into this scholarship! I’m new to yoga trade but enjoying perusing the regularly received emails about yoga teaching opportunities/experiences. I’m a mental health professional and yoga teacher and if I were to receive this scholarship it would assist me in working towards my dream of discovering a professional path that is different from the 9-5 work week. I would be grateful to focus on restoration and “care of myself” so that I can be more effective with others.

  114. Norah-Lynn McIntyre
    Norah-Lynn McIntyre says:

    I recently had the chance to participate in a yoga trade opportunity in Indonesia for which I am extraordinarily grateful. It has been a long-held dream of mine to visit Bali and this offer, received at the conclusion of a visit to Italy, quite randomly….or not….was to help,for just shy of a month at the yoga centre, H20 on Gili Air Island. I met such splendid people from around the World; attended yoga classes led by inspiring yogi peers, and was inspired to commence the writing of a book that has been percolating in me for years.

    Travelling, meeting and sharing life experiences contributes to our wisdom. It is an immensely satisfying experience. My favourite writer, Miquel Ruiz, helped me begin my journey. It would be fitting, I think, to meet you all in Mexico and to yet again be blessed with exposures that will enhance my yoga journey which ultimately benefits those whose paths will cross mine. Yoga is indeed a pay it forward experience.

    Thank you for your generous offer.


  115. Alyssa Grant
    Alyssa Grant says:

    Thank you, Yoga Trade, for creating the space to connect yoga teachers and communities around the world!

    I just had a wonderful experience in Medellin, Colombia in a bilingual yoga internship where I was able to further dive into taking and teaching Spanish yoga clases in a supportive environment. I discovered this opportunity on Yoga Trade and ended up staying longer to further support the community and continue teaching at the studio in exchange for a place to live. I grew as both a student and a teacher and am forever grateful for the group of interns and teachers who felt like family during our month-long immersion together.

    Looking forward to future Yoga Trade experiences, thank you!

    With gratitude,

  116. Anjulie
    Anjulie says:

    Where do I begin? I have been following Yoga Trade for the last couple years, it lead to me finding my Rishikesh Yog Peeth school in India where I received my 200 hr certification, and now I am considering getting my 300 hr certification ~ I WOULD LOVE TO DO SO AT YANDARA ~ the school looks life-changing! Yoga has been primarily a personal study for the past decade in bettering my overall health & wellbeing. And I truly want to push myself to get out of the box and start sharing the yoga passion with others in the new year! I believe yoga is for all bodies, people, beings!!! Although I have been trying to find work in the Seattle yoga community for some time now, I haven’t quite found the studio to call home yet. Bringing a new light & focus on my practice, traveling to further study yoga, and gaining hands on training experience would be a phenomenal gift! This is the change I need from my day to day hustle to move forward towards becoming the yoga teacher I dream to be! May there be many more opportunities like this for all of those, like me, who can’t afford such a valuable career advance, to get out there into the yoga world to help one another <3 <3 <3 Support yoga! Support fearless self-expression! Support health! Go out & Be <3 Om

  117. Lexi Bosman
    Lexi Bosman says:

    Hello beautiful Yoga Trade Community!

    Thank you for sharing this opportunity with myself and the other members, it is absolutely amazing & so generous!

    The Yoga Trade Community has been such a big part of my life. It has made following my passion so easy and accessible! Yoga Trade has been a brilliant medium- connecting opportunities and practitioners! It serves as an amazing platform for yogis & holistic practitioners to come together to share, connect and unify and in this day and age where we tend to be quite segregated, Yoga Trade connects people all over the world and that is really special 🙂

    This scholarship is such a lovely opportunity for the lucky winner to experience something completely new and continue his/her/my learning and spiritual education which can then be passed on to others to continue sharing the luurveee 🙂 yay! Again it is a beautiful way to bring people together through learning, travel and well-being and this is so beneficial for everyone 🙂

    I pop onto Yoga Trade every single day. Even though I may not be looking for a job in particular, it fills me with so much joy & bliss knowing that all these beautiful experiences and opportunities are out there, helping people reach their dreams <3

    So much love for the Yoga Trade Community!

  118. Elín Kristjánsdóttir
    Elín Kristjánsdóttir says:

    I got the opportunity to go to a yoga teacher training in India after not receiving an ongoing contract with my previous employer. My friend who is opening a yoga studio in Thailand invited me to come and teach at her studio in 2018. My life is taking a gentle shift towards the dreams I have had for a long time and I have decided that I will never again take another job which doesn’t enhance my spirit ❣️ Getting a scholarship with YogaTrade would mean the world to me!

    SARA BORRERO says:

    Hello beautiful Yoga Trade Tribe,

    Even tho I became a member of your community just a few months ago, I absolutely love to stay tuned for all the amazing opportunities that Yoga Trade offer everyone involved in the spiritual development path. I am grateful for this platform, and looking forward for more opportunities coming my way. I am happy to know that beause of this beautiful community, so many people are benefited with amazing opportunities. Its a win win for all!

    I did my first 200HR yoga training in January last year, and I loved it, but still realized 200 hour training is just the beginning for so many more. I want to keep deepening my practice and knowledge in the area, become more masterful at it so I can teach and share this with more people. So would love to keep my studies and this second teacher training would be an amazing way to keep going deep!

    Mucho amor Yoga Trade!. xx

  120. Aliza Podwol
    Aliza Podwol says:

    This sounds amazing! I love the the concept of Yoga Trade because it gives people the opportunity to travel more affordably and gift the gift of yoga all over the world. I have not been able to take any opportunities yet due to finances. I have a lot of bills and debt. However, I am saving up to be able to take on an opportunity while still paying my bills at home.

    This scholarship opportunity would be amazing because I have been dying to do a new training but have not been able to afford it (I live in LA, and I’m a yoga teacher). Also, I lead a teacher training here in Los Angeles and increasing my knowledge would make me a better teacher for my TT students as well as for my yoga class students.

    I feel like winning this scholarship would be exactly what I need to boost my yoga teaching skills to the next level.

    I love that you are offering this!

  121. Alisha Smith
    Alisha Smith says:

    Ohh, this is an incredible opportunity!

    Yoga Trade is my go-to place not just for jobs, but to connect with a community of amazing yogis from around the world.

    Yoga Trade has helped me to travel and teach around the world from Indonesia to Las Vegas. I think one of my most memorable Yoga Trade moments was when I was teaching in the Gili Islands and a goat casually walked into my class! Haha.

    Thank you for creating such a beautiful platform, and good luck to everyone who enters x

  122. Lucy Spalding
    Lucy Spalding says:

    I have been following Yoga Trade since before I became a yoga teacher. What an amazing network of like-minded people eager to facilitate and participate in some truly transformational experiences! I just yesterday applied for my first job through Yoga Trade and I’m so excited to see what happens. While I love looking through all the job posts, I also enjoy reading the articles, which I find informative and insightful. I have recently been looking into advanced 300 hr teacher trainings and this scholarship would be an amazing way to help make that happen. Thank you Yoga Trade for the opportunity!! Love and light.

  123. Cass Hay
    Cass Hay says:

    Erica, a million thanks for creating Yoga Trade. Not only is it an incredible resource for connecting those who wish to share their gifts, knowledge, service to the global community, but it provides daily inspiration and hope that it is possible to do so. Being part of the Yoga Trade community allows me to daydream every single day of all the possibilities, yet be filled with gratitude for my daily life choices and yoga practice, and feel part of something awe-inspiring. Opportunities such as this scholarship with the life-changing Yandara Institute are beyond what one could imagine as the benefits of being part of the Yoga Trade family; thanks for the reminder to reflect and appreciate 🙂

  124. Marie Berg
    Marie Berg says:

    I’m currently working one night a week as a hatha instructor for a small group of people, and having the oppportunity to teach has really improved my sense of worth, belonging and meaning in life. In my professional life I work as a research assistent within the field of pschiatry and am hoping to some day do a ph.d. in which I want to do studies of yoga as treatment for mentally vulnearble or ill. Everything I do now is centred around this quest to look deeper in to how yoga can benefit society on a larger scale. Getting the opportunity to dive deeper in to my training and eductaion in yoga, will with out a doubt broaden my understanding of yoga and improve my teaching, bringing me closer to my aim of helping more people benefit from the joys and effects of yoga. Thank you for this great platform which allows so many to follow their dreams and help spread the benefits of yoga all over the world. Bless.

  125. Choi Yan Yau
    Choi Yan Yau says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I have been on the Yogatrade vine for a while now and its always great to visit the site and see all the good and inspiring work people are doing to spread the joy of yoga around the world.

    I believe wholly in making yoga accessible to anyone who is curious enough to give it a try which is why for the past year and a half I have been offering donation based yoga services where ever I have traveled… and this scholarship is a wonderful opportunity to visit another like minded community and take part in new areas of Yoga that I’m keen to deepen in, such as Kundalini and Reiki and the more subtle forms of practice.


  126. Caitlin Holland
    Caitlin Holland says:

    Wow, what a great opportunity! I love the yoga trade community as I enjoy reading the articles about people’s experiences such as this one which is about letting go and listening to our inner voice. I also enjoy browsing through the jobs section and imagining where I would go if I was to take off around the world on a teaching adventure! In my current role I am able to provide yoga classes to disadvantaged groups in mental health settings which I absolutely adore. I feel like people are usually able to get some benefit from it, even if all they find they are able to do that day is sit and listen to their breathing. I would love to do more training towards this, perhaps advancing my current training or leaning more towards yin/restorative which I feel would really benefit these groups.

    Thanks! Xx

  127. Elizabeth Scattergood
    Elizabeth Scattergood says:

    What a wonderful gift for the New Year! Yoga Trade is a fabulous way to find other like minded people, jobs, opportunities and to truly be in Union with other spiritually awake folks. My intention when I’m trained is to provide yoga classes to people with depression, recovering addicts and special needs as it’s very needed around here. Suicide is one of the highest per capita in mynpart of the world and drug abuse is rife and although there are rehabs, there aren’t many way to help once that person is back in the ‘real’ world again so a spiritual practise, meditation, yoga, massage (I’m a Clinical Aromatherapist too) will be a great way to help these people having trouble with life. Thank you for this opportunity 💕

  128. sanja dol
    sanja dol says:

    Wow, this would be really great 🙂 A unique opportunity to further deepen my yoga journey, with more knowledge, experience, love and so much more…… Yoga brings me what is needed to be myself, and I feel that I need to be fed more and show it as far as I am concerned! A great gift to do in 2018….not just for me, but also for the students I teach and for my family. My 2 lovely little boys and hubby. The beauty of teaching is to see your students grow physically, physically and mentally….and yourself …. There is something beautiful for everyone and I want to transfer my knowledge with love…… Namaste, Sanja

  129. silvia ricci
    silvia ricci says:

    It sounds great!!! I’m a young yoga student and teacher, and this would be a huge opportunity both for me to expand and deepen my knowledge in yoga field and for people who follow my classes to have a more experienced person to listen to.
    I love travelling, and i think Yoga Trade is a very usefull tool for many people around the world; i am still based in my city because i’ mmlink link to the place and people of my sorrounding and my community, but i look forward to travel and this would be a good way to do that.
    I whis a new year full of love to all 🙂

  130. flow
    flow says:

    Yoga Trade is my bridge to yoga-health-life and a good opportunity to make the dream of the traveling yogasoul come true. I’m a 200h certified yogateacher always curious to deepen my knowlegde. A 300h scholarship would be an highly appreciated, extraordinary gift. Thank you for giving this chance!

  131. Xela
    Xela says:

    This would be amazing. I like that yoga trade jeeps me connected to what’s happening in the yoga teaching world. I am planningg my career change from teaching to teaching yoga at the moment (I am qualified in Kundalini) and this keeps me informed and inspired. Looking forward to a new adventure in…Mexico?! 😉

  132. Brigitte Gouwy
    Brigitte Gouwy says:

    What a unique opportunity :). Myself have not made much use of YogaTrade, why?

    1) At the moment, my primarily focus is to finalize my degree as a high schoolteacher (I am training myself to become a better student so I can be a better teacher ;)). Being a full time student means that I am unable to leave Belgium until I graduate at the end of June 2018.
    2) I try not to spend much time on social media, living in the present time, one pointed focus.
    3) With my high sensitivity I get influenced very fast.

    Why did I decide to become a schoolteacher, so I can pass on this wonderful ancient knowledge of Yoga, the Vedic philosophy, apply it secretly in my lessons. After my graduation I would love to study Vedic philosophy and mantra’s in dept, obtain my 300 hrs of teacher training, a meditation teacher certification. Than I will bring my focus back on my Yoga studies and use Yoga trade to share my experiences.

    For now I’ve only read amazing stories of fellow yogi’s around the globe this is one of the story’s I find very inspiring and deep >

    At last I send my prayers and blessings to your center and wish you a delighted new year full of new exciting experiences, wonderful passing souls and lots of bliss.

    Om Shantih
    Bless & Love <3
    Brigitte MG

  133. Gayle Olivier
    Gayle Olivier says:

    Yoga saves me in every way and being a member of Yoga Trade reminds me of where I want my life to go. Each email is like a guiding light and each story, inspiration to a global community which speaks to my heart. A few months ago reading the article of a surfin family in Costa Rica, gave me hope that I too can live a life that I dream of that’s filled with Love & health & happiness, where family bonds through time spent together and nature is enjoyed and respected. Oh and the beach, living on the beach!! I believe that Yoga can harness the qualities that one can use to create any life which is true to themselves and the universe. I believe that being a Yoga teacher has a great impact on quality of life and serves as a positive ripple effect through the community.

  134. Joke Pluijm
    Joke Pluijm says:

    Wow what a fine example of expanding awareness! Once again Yoga Trade inspires and shows that there is a new way of living (and giving).
    This platform helped me to see that I can travel (and work) with my family, to escape the matrix so to speak. To show my little boy that there is so much more to life than school. Letting him experience different cultures with all it’s riches.
    I have read stories on this platform on how families travel, surf and practise yoga together, pure bliss! It gave me the courage to also take steps in that direction, in 2018 we are going to travel from May till August!!
    We don’t know where (yet) because we don’t want to plan everything, but instead wait to see what life brings us. In 2018 we want to be human-beings and not so much human-doings, letting life unfold. This would be an awesome opportunity to dive even deeper, developing myself further so that I can share everywhere we go. Lead people away from fear and towards love by showing a good example on living life, not making it.

  135. Giorgia Bellingeri
    Giorgia Bellingeri says:

    Hi beautiful family of Yoga Trade and Yandara Yoga 🙏🏻☺️Thank you for your his great support and connections worldwide… This is an amazing opportunity!!!This opportunity would advance my yoga journey and help further my spirituality which would I pass on to other people causing yoga to spread. It would greatly improved the connection to self in a creative environment like Mexico. I am an artist and yoga teacher formed in India and the chance to deepen and broad up my knowledge and experience in such a magic place and community would be a dram come true!!!!.
    Let’s see if the universe will gift me worth this giant present 🙏🏻❤️Either wise I am sure it will go to whom most need it… Namaste, thank you again, keep up the great job, I love you! Giorgia

  136. Sarah Reid
    Sarah Reid says:

    It’s quite miraculous that I received the e-mail about this special opportunity.
    I am finding the courage to let my walls down and listen to my heart (something I didn’t even realize was an option in this world). I believe more and more everyday that how I think and feel determines my outcome in life, and the more I focus on what I’m grateful for and what I’m wanting in life, the more opportunities will come my way. I have been praying for an opportunity to help me travel somewhere beautiful, where I can open my self up to more Yoga and it’s mystical powers. The simple receiving of the e-mail of a scholarship to learn more about yoga in a new exciting area, reassures me even more that there is so much magic in this world! That we can bring forth all that we are wanting by choosing to be happy and trusting in the Universe (and ourselves).
    I am quite new to yoga trade, so I do not have a favorite article (yet). However, yoga trade itself has helped resurface my sense of hope and excitement for travel, meeting new people, and more yoga!

    Being apart of yoga trade makes me feel connected to the world of like minded people, to those who want to serve and help others become their fullest potential. It makes me feel like an innocent child, curious about what else is out there to be explored. I believe the scholarship will help me become a more authentic version of myself, in turn simply being an example of what finding happiness within yourself looks and feels like. I hope to inspire others on how to lift themselves up, so trip to Yandara with any course in mind sounds amazing.

    Thank you!
    Sat Nam.

    Sarah Lynne Reid.

    p.s. love that Dylan Werner is in your first picture.

  137. Susie Tagarro
    Susie Tagarro says:

    I would be so grateful for this opportunity! I’ve been wanting to further my education in yoga teaching since I did my first 200hr TTC in India last year. This scholarship would make that dream become a reality and would benefit all of my future students with the exceptional information and training I would gain.

    This is one of my favourite yoga trade stories: I am a minimalist at heart and I really believe in making conscious choices for the betterment of the environment, especially when it comes to the clothes/beautify products we buy. As yoga teachers we are advertising the clothes we wear each time we step onto our mat and I think it’s really important to advertise brands that are consciously helping the environment instead of harming it!

    Namaste <3 xxx

  138. Kim Konings
    Kim Konings says:

    Wow, this was certainly an exciting e-mail to receive. What an opportunity, thank you! To be honest, I’m relatively new to Yoga Trade and I don’t have a YT story and had not yet perused the articles when I first got the E-mail. This scholarship opportunity actually encouraged me to explore the site more and read some of the posts. I really have been quite blown away by what I’ve read. I truly resonated with so many of the articles that I couldn’t stop reading them. So if anything, I’m really glad that I found them in this process. Ones of particular note are and as well as these amazing tips: which are so so real and important to remember.

    I’ve been feeling a real pull towards changing my life and my priorities. I’ve been feeling really drawn to rewire my belief system about how life “should be”.I am happy in life, but have this small aching desire to change it up and pursue my real passions which include yoga and nature and connection. Reading the comments on this post as well as the articles I explored today have really made me realize that the people who make it happen for themselves are not any different to me. I can also be part of these experiences and live out my own dream. Originally I thought of this platform as a way to find difficult-to-get jobs and maybe I would get lucky someday in the far future, when things were easier, when I had more experience, when I was richer etc etc. But really it has shown me that the community is the most beneficial thing and we are all fundamentally the same. The stories of real people are the most inspiring for me to write my own destiny and sit in the knowledge that the right path will unfold. I feel like YT is now really relatable and exciting.

    I have always had an unhealthy relationship with money and believed that it’s really difficult to obtain. I’ve thought that it is almost impossible to do the things I love. I have done my 200hour teacher training and been wanting to further my yoga training since then, as I realized that 200hrs is just the tip of the iceberg. I have also been very interested in life coaching. To win this scholarship would be a massive shift for me in terms of giving me a direction and and pushing me to that side of the world (it has been in my heart for a while now). And of course to actually have the opportunity to learn and deepen my training. Through the growth I would encounter there, I know it would radiate from me into others as I went forth and shared. I wish to inspire and hold space for people so that we can all become better versions of ourselves!

    Thanks Yoga Trade and Yandara Yoga Institute!!!

  139. Leysan Valiullina
    Leysan Valiullina says:

    It is wonderful to be a part of yoga community. Yoga is great life style. You never stop to learn. And you share your knowledge with people. I have my 300 TTC and I travel as yoga teacher. With scholarships I would like to get new knowledge and share it. Namaste.

  140. Tanya Risnes
    Tanya Risnes says:

    What a blessing this would be to win. A very generous offering. I am a member that has not yet used the services do to being a caregiver for my mother but I would love to and plan to one of these days, I love the service that you provided. Yoga and traveling are two of my favorite things! I teach Kundalini, it would be great to expand my yoga teaching abilities. Sat Nam!

  141. Raeanne Wright
    Raeanne Wright says:

    Thank you for making this opportunity, as well as so many others through the site, available to teachers and explorers of the practice! I am honored to be a teacher and I currently run a donation-based yoga program in Troy, NY. It has been several years since I have been able to attend further training, as finances have been very tight. I would be so grateful for the opportunity to take time to nourish my own practice and extend my teachings to the many students that cross my path. Blessings! 😉

  142. Shannon Larkin
    Shannon Larkin says:

    Wow, what a beautiful opportunity to share Yandara’s magic with the world! I fell in love with Yandara during my 200 YTT; even before I left, I was thinking about coming back. I think that being a part of the Yoga Trade community is beneficial because in our increasingly busy lives it is really special to have a grounding online community that encourages yogis to center in on what’s really important in their lives/practices. I would love to go back to Yandara for 300 YTT or Kundalini! I had never done Kundalini before going to Yandara, and I would love to bring this incredible practice to help my community unwind and find peace in the busy city. I found this ( ) article to be very impactful to me. I had left home a stressful backpacking trip around Europe to go to Yandara for my 200 YTT– the best decision of my life! Namaste.

  143. Whitney Pitman
    Whitney Pitman says:

    Being a part of the yoga trade community has been a wonderful weekly reminder of the opportunities and doors that are available to strengthen your practice, seize adventure and dream big! Each week I explore the opportunities with a twinkle in my eye as my mind races with the idea of traveling to a new space and sharing my love for yoga! If I was to receive this scholarship I would be so grateful as I’ve been saving for around a year now for the right teacher training to cross my path. This would be my first 200 hr teacher training so it goes with out saying it would be extra special to receive this gift. With my learning I would be able to come home and share knowledge and practice with those around me and my community. I’ve had opportunities in my community to volunteer as a yoga teacher with ‘Living Yoga’ which offers trauma informed yoga to youth that has been effected by trauma and in correctional facilities. It has been such a humbling experience taking yoga down to it’s core values in each class and being able to share my experience of why I came to that mat.


  144. Iris van Hoevelaak
    Iris van Hoevelaak says:

    It is great being a part of this community. It keeps my dream alive and also add more to my dremas. To see all the possibilities is amazing and very inspiring. Winning this scholarship would be one step closer to one of my dreams. Last week I had a big surgery, my hip needed to be replaced. I’m young but I needed it. Winning this would mean having a bigger purpose to finish my revalidation with a great result. I believe that doing yoga when it is possible again would be very beneficial for my body and for my spirit. And I believe I can use this in my future classes so people will know what is possible even when you had an injury. You have to listen to your body, which is not easy but so important. I have learned this lesson the hard way but I am determined to use it for the best. When I can begin practising yoga again it will be a great journey to find myself again and to trust my body again. It is a long road but I am looking forward to it. All the best and namaste, Iris

  145. Karina Seidel
    Karina Seidel says:

    I feel so so grateful that this platform and its community exists and for being a part of it. The stories shared are truly inspiring and each week I am looking forward to receiving the newsletter and browsing through new opportunities offered worldwide. After completing my 200 hour certification this year I found two great worktrade positions already, allowing me not only to gain more experience and confidence in my teaching, but also to travel to beautiful parts of the earth and immerse in different cultures.

    Having taught yoga mostly to tourists so far I realized I would love to focus more on people in need, to really being able to offer something from my heart to others. I am already looking into volunteering options at refugee camps or other NGO projects and I am excited to continue my yoga journey in this direction.

    Even though I have completed a teacher training, or maybe even because of that, I know that there is so much more to learn about yoga. That is why I would love take this scholarship to further my education and deepen my knowledge and practice in a 300h advanced teacher training.

    Yogatrade, thank you for your support and for this giveaway!

    All the best,

  146. Texel Feder
    Texel Feder says:

    Yandara changed my life. My time there opened my eyes and heart in a way I never knew was possible. All of my sweet teachers and fellow classmates supported one another with such love and kindness I felt all the hard layers of life melt away. In so many words, I found god. In the eyes and hearts of all those around me. I have been dreaming of going back since I left!
    Thank you Yandara family. And thank you Yoga Trade for supporting and sharing this magical place with the world!

  147. Amanda Kingsmith
    Amanda Kingsmith says:

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity – thanks Yoga Trade and Yandara! As someone who spends most of their time abroad, I find that Yoga Trade is the best resource for finding teaching jobs in all corners of the world. It’s a great way to connect with other yoga teachers and studio owners! Thanks for being a wonderful resource.

  148. Chelsey Orth
    Chelsey Orth says:

    A couple fellow yoga teachers have raves about how much they love Yandara Yoga School. I am looking to deepen my own practice and then take the extended knowledge into the world to share from source. To be a light and love for all who seek healing! It would be an opportunity of a lifetime to seek this scholarship. Thank you for sponsoring this! ❤️❤️

  149. Desiree Sarver
    Desiree Sarver says:

    I came across a few months ago and LOVE it! Being part of the Yoga Trade community is BIG! This website provides yogis a platform to be united. Being able to come together worldwide brings hope, opportunity and a feeling of greater good! This Scholarship is an excellent idea and will benefit so many people it’s unequivocal.

    Thank You!
    Keep up the great work🙏🤸🏼‍♀️

  150. Karen Kobliska
    Karen Kobliska says:

    Here is my favorite Yoga Trade picture:
    I really resonated with this picture because I love the thought of bringing yoga into wherever you are, beyond the studio. Plus, I love nature! I love grounding myself and being in nature, and this picture shows that yoga has no boundaries and that you can ascend higher no matter where you’re at. Also, I totally believe in the quote on the picture that says, “You are worthy of all things magic.” It is so true!

    If chosen for this scholarship, it will improve my life by helping me be more self-aware and in-tune with myself and the Universe. When I am more self-aware, I automatically help others, too, because my overflow of abundance and good vibes I’m emanating will be felt by everyone near me. I’ll be immediately putting my certification to use by living the teachings I learn from the Yoga Trade experience and living a lifestyle of positive leadership, love and Universal Truth.

    Thank you for this opportunity – I am glad to be a part of the Yoga Trade community where I can have access to many exciting and life-changing opportunities!

  151. Annabelle Heggaton
    Annabelle Heggaton says:

    I stumbled across YogaTrade last year when I was traveling in Ecuador, and practised yoga at a gorgeous beachside village for a week with a beautiful teacher who found the role through YogaTrade. I was baffled at this seemingly dream like opportunity to travel the world doing what my heart and soul has always wanted to do. So I signed up to Yoga Trade and have loved reading the blogs and getting my weekly hit of job opportunities.
    Doing my 200HR YTT is something my heart has been yearning to do for YEARS, however my logical mind has talked me out of it for YEARS, yet now I know that following my heart will never lead me astray. I am now committed to saving money to enable me to complete a YTT that is aligned with my spirit and values and I would be honoured to receive this gift of a scholarship for Yandara Yoga Institute.
    Thank for you bringing an amazing platform for yogi’s to connect on a global scale <3

  152. Sarah Foat
    Sarah Foat says:

    Hello Yoga Trade! I finished my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training last year in Rishikesh India. Since that experience, I have felt torn between leaving my current job as an educator and becoming a full-time yoga teacher. After much soul searching I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and pursue yoga teaching full time. Although I am scared and unsure of the future ahead, I know in my heart this is my path. Staying comfortable is not going to get me to where I truly need to be, my dharma is calling. I attribute a part of this push to follow my path to Yoga Trade. The emails I receive and photos I view on Instagram are inspiring and remind of all the incredible opportunities there are out there for me. Thank you, Yoga Trade for reminding me of what is outside my 4 walls! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  153. Wendy Reynolds
    Wendy Reynolds says:

    Wow, super grateful to you for offering a scholarship to the yoga world. I’m currently dedicating myself to a yoga PhD (2+ years to go), so would love the opportunity to gain some additional hours of training (and time away to reflect on my research). The venues and offerings at Yandara look inspiring. Will share on FB and good luck to everyone 🙂

  154. Ammi Teir
    Ammi Teir says:

    What an amazing opportunity this would be! I did my two teachers trainings in 2016; 200 h in power vinyasa and 50 h in yin. If I won this scholarship, it would probably go towards another style of yoga to broaden my knowledge. Thank you Yoga Trade for connecting yogis and for organizing this awesome contest!

  155. kilty inafuku
    kilty inafuku says:

    The Yoga Trade community has been such a great resource for me. Directly, seeing everyone’s posts helps me as a yoga teacher by connecting me to great opportunities. Already, I’m in connection and coordinating to lead a luxury yoga retreat in Mexico. Indirectly, seeing what others are posting inspires me to show up fully and get creative with my own offerings. It’s a blessing and joy to be connected on this platform. As far as the scholarship, I get to share what I learn with my students with every training and workshop that I take. The students are always excited for new material when I return home from a training or adventure. That’s the beauty of taking yoga trainings away from my home in Hawaii- there’s a much bigger ripple effect taking place. Keeping my fingers crossed. Mahalo Yoga Trade community! Let’s keep doing what we do best!

  156. milagros granitto
    milagros granitto says:

    state how you feel being part of the Yoga Trade community is beneficial, or
    how the Scholarship will benefit you as well as other people.
    Im an yogatrade fan since one year ago, i find it super useful for community and job opportunities!! an online sangha, full power!
    as i want to continue with my yoga path, this wonderful scholarship will help me to get my first certificate as i couldn’t get one yet!

    i want to help people to have a better life, to feel better, to feel love and compassion
    my heart says i should help people through yoga, i want to inspire them within my own yoga path
    so this wonderful opportunity will make my dreams come true!



  157. Susanne Probst
    Susanne Probst says:

    Being part of Yogatrade is such a wonderful experience! It gives me a sense of belonging, of being on the right path. Besides Yogatrade shows me that everything is possible in this life! There is so much power and such a great vision behind it that shines through everything I encounter here.

    With every yoga-class I take, every meditation-circle I hold, every massage I share I make one more step towards myself and by that towards other people too. This is what drives and where I want to dive in even more deeply through a new training, to get a clear vision what is my medicine that I can share with the world and how I can inspire people to be themselves.
    So a visionquest in one of my favourite areas in the world would be a beautiful magical opportunity to dive to the roots and bring new things up to the heavens.


  158. Katia
    Katia says:

    Yoga trade has given me many opportunities and even more dreams. When teaching to guests of an eco surf resort in Nicaragua, found with Yoga Trade of course, i had a lot of free time and started teaching local staff, mostly women who worked in the kitchen. they really enjoyed the practice and this inspired me to start the project to bring yoga to refugees in Lesvos, Greece.
    The project as a big dream is in its very start and we need a lot of support but on every day basis we are already teaching yoga there for a month or so, not on proper yoga mats and in a free classroom if there is one, but we are already see the difference we make and it makes us go on and further!
    I am also very grateful for this opportunity and i think if i would be the lucky one to get the scholarship, i would really enjoy bringing more expertise in my teaching with 300 hours training as well as the break with time for myself.

  159. Brittany Bares
    Brittany Bares says:

    Hi Yoga Trade Community!

    3 years ago, during my first teacher training, I stumbled across YogaTrade, after googling “yoga” and “travel” and “work”. jackpot! When I look back on the experience now, it understand that the moment of discovering YogaTrade was a message from the Universe- a message that it was possible. That I could live and fulfill these “crazy ideas” that were exploding in my brain and through my body during YTT. I viscerally, emotional and mentally knew this: I had to start traveling & teaching yoga~~ adventuring out while I explored within in.

    Now, 3 years later, I have traveled the world, learned about culture, community & myself & have been able to support part of my travels through teaching yoga.. YogaTrade has connected me to my first international teaching positions & those positions have led me to a place and group of people that are now an active and integral part of my life.

    This seed of yoga and travel has also inspired a new business and project that is currently manifesting within me, by direct way of the Universe. The serendipitous google search 3 years ago provided me with a couple of very important seeds: the ability to see with my own eyes that my dreams were in fact possible- I can travel and teach and learn and experience. It is possible! YogaTrade also provided a community & system to return to, to learn from, & to search and inspire new dreams!

    Thank you YogaTrade and fellow community members. It is your personal investment into your dreams and persistent curiosity that brings light to the world. Thank you thank you! brit.

  160. Kimberly Bilokreli
    Kimberly Bilokreli says:

    Being a part of the Yoga Trade Community motivates and gives me the courage and inspiration to both stay on my soul path but also share all the teachings I’ve embraced and used to empower myself.

    The Living Yoga Alchemy course shared by Yandara Yoga Institute strongly calls to me and will enhance my philosophy in teaching! “Alchemy” refers to the transformation of something ordinary to something extraordinary. We are are magical, beautiful and whole! All beings are extraordinary! I would love to encompass and share all that Yandara has to offer <3


  161. Courtney Cates
    Courtney Cates says:

    I fall more in love with yoga everyday and I truly believe that it has saved me. Coming out of a toxic relationship and dealing with all the obstacles of life can sometimes be overwhelming. My practice helps me to see through all of that and turns my focus to honoring my God and myself. I would absolutely love to begin my teacher training with this scholarship opportunity.

    Thank you so much!! Xoxo

  162. Anna Kidney
    Anna Kidney says:

    Thanks Yoga Trade! Yoga has changed my life since finishing my 200 hour with Yandara in January 2016. I am looking to complete my 300 hour with Yandara in Baja so I can delve deeper into my studies and give back to the community through more advanced teaching. Practicing yoga and challenging myself has been one of the most eye opening and heart opening experiences of my life. Baja is a magical place, and Yandara is an amazing school.

  163. Katrice
    Katrice says:

    I truly believe that whether you’re proactively seeking a community or not, YogaTrade just happens to provide you with exactly what you don’t even realize you’re looking for. I had stumbled across a group of individuals at Envision Festival that sparked the idea that my dreams could become reality. It wasn’t too late. I was going to run away with the circus. I played with this idea the following months & my brain kept telling my heart that I was being silly & just wanted to escape my current situation.
    Shortly after joining YogaTrade, I came across the same group of individuals I saw at the festival. Upon further inquiry, I realized they embodied everything & more the existence I wished to achieve for my self. Now I’m running towards my dreams with the opportunity to train & teach with these lovely circus artists🤩💜

  164. Kiara Boyd
    Kiara Boyd says:

    Divinity at it’s finest! I was just doing research to find the perfect 300-hour program to advance my teachings and knowledge of the beautiful practice of yoga. I want to be a better student of yoga so I can become a better teacher for those I encounter. Yoga Trade has literally changed my life. It’s offered me the opportunity to experience teaching in Jamaica and has also opened my eyes to the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. I’m constantly looking at the different stories and successes of different yogis on Yoga Trade and also constantly encouraging yogis in my life to join and explore the page/stories too. This site has opened my eyes to what being a yoga instructor can really look like and reminds me that I don’t have to limit myself or my experiences to one studio, place, or country for that matter! THANK YOU YOGA TRADE <3

  165. Leah Bess Murray
    Leah Bess Murray says:

    First off, just the fact that Yoga Trade has expanded in the form that it has in the past two years shows such passion and strength for our yoga community. It is a vast accomplishment and something I am super proud to be apart of. To be able to apply for a scholarship for furthering our education via this platform in itself shows what a great community it is! Not to mention there are 300+ comments on this thread. Amazing. Secondly, one of my favorite articles written is the one that some how interweaves so many people who I have worked with along my yogic journey through the Surf & Yoga Festival in Panama & Texas. ( Put simply Yoga Trade is a magical place with magical connections. If this scholarship would be granted to me, I plan on expanding out these types of scholarships via the festival to those low income individuals in the communities the festival travels to. Working in Central America via the festival I have come across an abundant amount of women and men who would love to become certified but do not have the means to do so. Also through my journey, I have had 20+ students ask when I will be offering my own certification via the festival in the future. I have been searching for the right opportunity to come together to be able to offer certifications and further education via the festival. This 300 hour certification would be the start to this expansion and of course another branch of our yoga trade family! To be able to work with Yandara and create this connection between Yoga Trade, Yandara, and the Surf & Yoga Festival would be a 2018 goal and huge accomplishment. I for see this endeavor to only grow and create union. We are all one. THANK YOU! Love and Light. Namaste ~*~

  166. Kimberley Nutbey
    Kimberley Nutbey says:

    It’s beautiful to see how YogaTrade has grown over the past few years and I’m grateful to have been part of it. Offering this opportunity is another prove of a beautiful step forward. Supporting the yoga community to continue ones own growth so that we can share more with others. I’ve been teaching yoga full time for the past 5 years and have always emerged myself in new adventures in different cultures with great joy and much gratitude. No matter how many classes I teach, I make sure that I’m always a student myself. I would definitely use the scholarship to deepen my own journey towards personal life coaching so I can support the community I am in on a more personal level, on the mat and off the mat.

  167. Maddie Lynch
    Maddie Lynch says:

    First of all, I’d like to state my gratitude for being a part of this big, beautiful, global community of yoga teachers, healers and spiritual seekers.

    I am currently volunteering (teaching yoga) at a holistic addiction retreat center in Australia (a subject very dear to my heart and something that would probably never happened without yoga trade). My experience here has truly been eye and heart opening, and I feel so blessed to be a part of the guest’s healing experience here at the center. So THANK YOU so much Yoga Trade for allowing experiences like this to take place
    l over the world, building more connections and enabling their to pursue their passions at ease.

    I would of course really love to receive the scholarship, and I feel that the scholarship would benefit many of us within this community, allowing us to deepen our knowledge, practice and understanding of the yogic path; simultaneously allowing us to share this knowledge with others thus contributing towards healing on a global level.

    I have very recently completed my 200hr TTC in India (before coming to Auz to teach), and I have been travelling blogging my journey. I look forward to blogging about my experiences here at the Holistic Addiction retreat thanks to Yoga Trade.

    Many blessings,
    Maddie 🙂

  168. Diana Craddock
    Diana Craddock says:

    I began my Yoga journey over 30 years ago, but only more recently qualified as an instructor, taking my 200hr YTT at the Yandara Institute, Baja, Mexico. Yandara changed my life. I became empowered there, transformed. Amazing! Through my journey there, I’ve started my own small business. I’m in the early stages so far, but it’s happening. Because of the wonderful, inspiring teachers at Yandara Institute, I am now reaching and touching others, guiding them into the bliss of all encompassing Yoga.
    Words just can’t express how much it would mean to me and how dearly I would love to win this scholarship and grow further in order to pass this on to students whose journeys lead them to my door. In the words of beautiful spirit whose name is April “I’m ready, I’m open, why not!”

  169. Caterina Boutagy
    Caterina Boutagy says:

    Although i am no longer a traveling or jobless yogi, i have kept my Yoga Trade membership for the feeling of community i get from it. I love checking out the job opportunities and stories as it instills me with a sense of belonging and inspiration to keep growing as a teacher and student, whether it’s someone sharing their experience of teaching abroad for the first time, or a reminder of why starting a website is important. Little blog posts like this one remind me of the power of this practice that i can sometimes find myself becoming complacent in.

  170. Samantha Weinraub
    Samantha Weinraub says:

    Firstly, it is very important to express gratitude and offer a huge Thank you to Yoga Trade for this incredible opportunity. I think it yoga is an amazing tool and resource for self-awareness, knowledge, health and well-being. It is a way of life that everyone should have access to. I would like the chance to participate in this scholarship, because I would like to bring yoga to communities and towns to reach people that may not even be aware of yoga, or of the benefits that come with it. I’ve been practicing yoga for 15 years, and would like to pursue it on a a deeper level. I think yoga is a way of life, and through a YTT scholarship it would be possible to immerse myself fully in yoga, and then be able to give that opportunity to more people.
    Thank you very much!

  171. Sara Öhnell Mantel
    Sara Öhnell Mantel says:

    Yogatrade has given me the opportunity to work with yoga at 2 beautiful places in Indonesia. And I will use yogatrade over and over again. It’s a fantastic community and I would recommend it to anyone out there willing to travel, teach and learn. The scholarship would mean the world to me. It would give me the chance to see a new part of the world, a part I’ve never been to. It would give me the opportunity to learn more about myself, to dig deeper and to reach higher. 2018 for me is about releasing fear, stepping out of the darkness and in to the light. Shining bright with love and light. I would be forever grateful to continue learning, connecting and spreading love. Namaste

  172. Carolyn Parker
    Carolyn Parker says:

    Hi! Hope I’m not too late to enter! I hope I can! This is a wonderful opportunity.
    Everything offered at the Yandara Yoga Institute would be so valuable and such a gift. Thank you for posting to the yoga community. We are all grateful for this opportunity..thank you. This would be something special and absolutely life changing for me personally. This past year was one of the hardest I have had and though I practice and teach yoga regularly, a bad car accident where I suffered from a disabling concussion, really opened my eyes to what my new path in life needs to follow. Creativity, giving, sharing, art and the gift of yoga are my focus now. My experience from this past year in healing and how yoga plays a huge role in the recovery of mind and body would be something I want to share with others having similar experiences. I feel that to help my community I would benefit greatly by immersing myself in more training and learning. What a wonderful gift. Thank you!
    Thank you!

  173. Jodi Maclean
    Jodi Maclean says:

    Thanks Yoga Trade for posting this Scholarship for Yandara 🙏🏽… Yandara & Yoga Trade has opened my eyes to all the opportunities out there. From Studing at Yandara back in 2014 I have since followed my Dharma/path that has led to many epic experiences. Guiding yoga classes on the Atlantic coast of the UK to the Tropical jungles of Sumatra. This Scholarship will help fund my 300hr that I would be ever so grateful for !!!
    Lots of love & Light Jodi x

  174. Katherine Tagliavia
    Katherine Tagliavia says:

    First of all, to me this scholarship represents the manifestation of the power of “Giving”, so THANK YOU to all the organizators behind this opportunity for offering this gift to the world’s yoga community.

    When i first heard about yoga trade’s community last year trough instagram, I tought that it wasunbelievably amazing that there was a strong yoga community and kind hearted people out there working to help, support and most important: encourage each other to accomplish its soul dreams.

    Personally, being selected as the winner for the Yandara’s Teacher Trainings wouldn’t only mean an opportunity for expand my knowledge as a teacher, but also to bring and share knew content, points of view, vision andexperiences from the western world to Venezuela yoga community… Venezuelan people are facing a hard time due the political situation of the country, and the yoga community is not excluded of this chaos.

    Getting access to international workshops and guests teacher has become impossible nowadays, so any chance to learn something new is more than valued and well received, and considered a totally blessing that restores the constantly shatteredd faith of the community. Venezuela needs light.

    I loved Clare story ( because I felt like I was reading some parts of the path I’ve already walked thanks to the yoga practice and also transported me into that “walking into the unkown” path that last year I began to feel deep inside my soul that I want and need to step into… I’m a believer of the benefits of the yoga practice. To me, yoga has been a path of healing and transformation. Yoga has become a mirror to face my fears and find my original self, and not only that, it also has granted me so many blessings, one of them was the gift of being able to participate on a Yoga Alliance Teacher training lead by all you can yoga leaders in Venezuela. Since I become closer to my inner self I felt my life has turned into a magnet for miracles.

    Thank YOU for the opportunity. Good luck to everyone!
    Love from Venezuela!

  175. Julia Gentner
    Julia Gentner says:

    I would absolutely love this opportunity, yoga has given me so much confidence and has completely changed the way that i view the world. i learned alot about taking the time for yourself both on and off the mat as an integral part of being present and self-less to others. after completing my 200 ytt in 2014, I have loved getting to share my practice with others and creating a community of like-minded people. Yoga Trade has been so amazing to see and participate in such amazing experiences. Yoga and yoga trade has allowed me to travel and learn more about my practice, myself, and so many others. I would be so appreciative to have the opportunity to continue my training at yandara!

  176. Janna Van Duijkeren
    Janna Van Duijkeren says:

    What a nice opportunity this is, just as Yoga Trade is as well. 🙂
    I recently joined Yoga Trade cause I am traveling around the world since 2015 and I want to combine this freedom with the ultimate freedom for me: YOGA! I met yoga 2 years ago and since November I’ve really dived into the yoga philosophy, completing my 200hr YTT in India and back in India now to explore more. It would be just great if I could continue my studies in order to feel ready to teach and share this freedom and way of life with others. I feel I have found my purpose in life, just need the flow of life now and more development to be able to inspire others too – getting in touch with their true self.

  177. Liz Getman
    Liz Getman says:

    What a generous gift! Thank you for this beautiful offering to our community.

    My connection with Yoga Trade began at a yoga retreat center outside of Barcelona, Spain. I stumbled upon the center synchronistically via Airbnb. There, I met a young woman from England who planned to stay the next six months teaching yoga in Spanish and English to visitors and retreaters from around the world. She suggested I look up Yoga Trade for similar opportunities. I signed up right away and am so grateful I did! I’ve loved seeing and reading about the variety of heart-opening, soul-quenching opportunities this platform provides. That experience in Spain was a wonderful entry into this community and perfect example of the connection you provide to yoga teachers like me.

    If awarded the scholarship, I would use it for an RYT-300 training and to further my ability to reach a range of yogis and populations in Florida, my current home, and across the globe during yoga retreats. The majority of my work as a yoga instructor relates to accessible, community-based yoga practices. I serve as the volunteer program director of a nonprofit organization called YogaLoka, which brings yoga and meditation services to marginalized populations, including the homeless and veterans. This morning, after returning home from teaching at our homeless shelter and thinking about how to share this gift of yoga on a wider scale, I read about this opportunity. Synchronicity at work again.

    I believe each of us and each opportunity presented to us is connected at the deepest level. With an open and grateful heart, I submit this post as my entry for the scholarship. Thank you.

  178. Sabina Satya
    Sabina Satya says:

    Namaste 🙂

    Being a Yoga Teacher is both the best job you can possibly have and challenging at the same time.
    For me it is important to exchange experiences and help each other to grow during that wonderful journey.
    Yoga Trade as a community helps me and other souls to connect, to rise and to shine.
    I love to look forward to deepen my knowledges and meet beautiful souls during my studies at Yandara Yoga Institute.

    Thank you and
    see you soon!

    Sabine Satya
    Love life and life will love you <3

  179. Harley Norton
    Harley Norton says:

    YogaTrade is an incredible asset to traveling Yogis like myself because it connects us to a world of inspiration & opportunities that we may never have been aware of without logging in. This network of people, places and experiences- both had and available to have- opens the eyes to the endless possibilities being a modern day Yogi has to offer. Each time I sign in to my account, I’m reminded that there’s so much more out there than the place I am currently sitting. This scholarship is a prime example of that. The opportunity to continue one’s Yoga education internationally would be the greatest blessing. Thank you, Yoga Trade.

  180. Chaturika Sakhi
    Chaturika Sakhi says:

    Happy new year to all of you! May you have a very blessed 2018! I feel so happy to be part of Yoga Trade community! I also feel that this scholarship is a chance for everyone to come together in groups like this, people with same good interest, like health, taking care of the planet, and spirituality. Jaya!

  181. Bri Sykes
    Bri Sykes says:

    The Yoga Trade community is so beneficial because it connects its users with opportunities to give back. As a yoga teacher, my main intention is to be of service to my students and I believe Yoga Trade provides amazing opportunities to be of service. The scholarship would allow to gain more knowledge to share back with students and the yoga community.

  182. Michal Becker
    Michal Becker says:

    This is just awesome! I have been dreaming about moving my practice further with 200 hrs certification and to meet likeminded people from around the globe for some time now and Yoga trade does exactly that – helping to bring people together with the intention to meet, grow, learn and teach each other and from each other – awesome community. The scholarship would just the perfect little tiny push into what dreams should be like – fulfilled! 😀

  183. Samantha Emsley
    Samantha Emsley says:

    What a wonderful idea. I think being a part of the yoga trade community is a very special thing – bringing together like minded souls across the globe to share skills, learn and grow together. I would love the opportunity to dive deeper into my studies of yoga with a scholarship at Yandara Yoga.

  184. Errin Gaulin
    Errin Gaulin says:

    It’s been a privilege to be a member of the Yoga Trade community for the past three years! Being a part of a community that honors seva, exploring the world we live in and teaching the healing practices of yoga and meditation far and wide is a blessing in my life. To be among like minded individuals who value these things affirms my beliefs that I am exactly where I need to be, at this very moment. I can’t wait for the right opportunity for me to travel and work as a yogi, serving and teaching others the powerful, life-changing ways of a yogic lifestyle. It is my passion in my home land, and it is my passion wherever this journey of life shall take me. I look forward to the days where I can afford traveling the world and doing what my heart and soul loves. Spreading yoga is spreading healing, spreading love, and spreading life in its best form. I love this community and will always be a part of it.

  185. Alena Egorova
    Alena Egorova says:

    I think that every yogi can say that yoga has changed their life for the best. As a yoga teacher, I am tremendously grateful to serve as a vehicle for this change in the lives of others. I believe that bringing teachers together is a an incredible step towards a more mindful society, as together we have more impact on the world. YogaTrade is a big step towards creating a powerful international community of people whose intention is to spread love and connectedness. We all know that oftentimes we have to sacrifice comfort in life to fulfill our purpose, and this is not an easy bridge to cross. The opportunities like this scholarships are rare, and for me personally it would be a huge encouragement to follow my passion. I would love to use it towards studying Life Coaching to leverage it in my yoga teaching and create even more positive transformation in my students’ lives.

  186. Carissa Fernandez
    Carissa Fernandez says:

    Yoga Trade has been an amazing way to link yoga, service, travel, and community. I am grateful to be a part of this community and to know that so many adventures are there waiting for me. I attended Yandara for my 200 hour certification back in 2012 and it was such an amazing experienced. The teachers and the students a like both taught me a lot about myself. I hope to be able to return to Yandara to take the Yin/Restorative and Bhakti training sometime very soon. Thank you for this opportunity Yoga Trade!

  187. Cathy Manuel
    Cathy Manuel says:

    I have been doing yoga consistently for a few years now and this winter I was planning to take my YTT. Unfortunately, I have recently been diagnosed with cancer and put off work. Gratefully, it is at an early stage and post surgery I should be fine. However, my goal of teaching a class at the 2nd annual Yoga Fest, which a friend and I co-organize, will have to be put on hold and hopefully will be fulfilled in 2019. As I await my surgery I was surfing the internet for all things yoga. I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon this site that I immediately got a membership. Even though I am not yet an instructor, the possibilities that this site provides is exciting. It ignites my dreams and allows me to dream about a different future. A few of my favourite Yoga Instructors have taken their training at Yandara and I was also browsing their site earlier today. Winning a scholarship for my YTT 200hr would be amazing given my current health and financial restraints!! Thank you for providing all your members with such a great opportunity!!

  188. jenny barrios
    jenny barrios says:

    i think this is an amazing opportunity! and i´m so grateful with you for offering it!
    i just want to learn all i can in order to offer the best knowledge to yoga lovers, and people in general, a pinch of serenity, a pinch of humility, a pinch of harmony with the planet and all beings.
    I hope this scholarship help me spread this beautiful knowledge in the best way.
    thank you so much!

  189. Blanka Pavlickova
    Blanka Pavlickova says:

    Yoga trade is a beautiful community of people who share the same values in life and honour the unity of yoga. Let’s continue spreading the love, light and kindness that is within everyone of us. Travelling the World, learning about myself, growing, stepping outside of my comfort zone, teaching yoga, inspiring people and bringing a bit of happiness into somebody ‘s life is the most beautiful feeling in this world. Yoga has given me peace and joy and the balance much needed in my life. There is always more to learn, deepen the knowledge, practice mindfulness, explore the endless possibilities within yourself and experience unexpected. I am grateful every day to be part of the Yoga family. I would love to keep my spiritual self focused in 2018 and bring my practice to a different level this year. See how far my mind and body can stretch. As a yoga teacher I love to pass all my knowledge, positive vibes and energy to my students and share my passion with them. It fills my heart with an excitement, joy and happiness. Big thanks to Yoga Trade for the opportunity and for bringing all yoga people together. Namaste.

  190. Kimberly Charnuska
    Kimberly Charnuska says:

    Thank you Yoga Trade and Yandara Institute so much for this beautiful opportunity. As I have been actively feeling a tug inside to deepen my practice and further develop my skills as a teacher, I randomly saw this post and had to enter before I went to sleep! Yoga trade is a community that makes me smile from the inside because it hosts wonderful opportunities around the world for yoga teachers to connect and have a chance to travel, teach, learn and grow in places that they may otherwise never have been able to. As a travel lover, I am constantly seeking opportunities around the world to see when I will be a good fit for one. I am from the U.S. and in all of my travels I have never been to Mexico! I truly would be inspired to come to learn and grow with your team at Yandara Institute. I have studied 200 hours in my home state of NJ and 300 hours in an advanced training in Rishikesh. I truly hope to study yin yoga if I win this scholarship and use the experience and knowledge to continue sharing my passion of yoga with others around the world. Thank you Yoga Trade for all of the amazing opportunities that you provide us all! xx

  191. Heather Reiners
    Heather Reiners says:

    This scholarship will further my studies in yoga and help me enhance yoga teaching in the community. It will allow me to achieve my goal of gaining 300 hour certification. 2017 was a very difficult year for me, loosing a close family member that I loved dearly. Reading “A prayer for those who dance with death..” on the Yoga Trade blog helped me to come to terms with the cycle of life. The loss of my loved one makes me want to live life fully and be the best person I can be. The best teacher I can be. I hope this scholarship will enable me to share the gift of yoga with even more people in the community.

    “I pray we can find courage in acceptance and not fear. I pray this acceptance leads us to a deeper appreciation of it all; the horrors, the beauties, and the deep love that always surrounds us on this wild ride we call life.”