5 Magic Ingredients for Everyday Happiness

To create a delicious meal you must use the right ingredients to enhance the desired flavors. Life is the same way. There are certain ingredients that magically can IMG_8908change your life if you are willing to try. Learn to listen and you will discover the magic.

1. Gratitude.
It is not the happy people who are grateful; it is the grateful people that are happy. It is as simple as that. Whatever happens on the outside there is always something to be grateful for. Make it a habit to write down what you are grateful for every morning or every night. It can be whatever you feel thankful for in the moment. There is no right or wrong answer. For instance it can be the sunset that night, the beautiful breakfast that morning, a good night sleep, your pet, and so on. It doesn’t have to be a long list, don’t feel like you have to include all and everyone in your life every time you write. The key is that you truly feel gratitude for whatever comes to mind in that moment. Writing is a powerful way to manifest. Your subconscious mind is continuously creating new neural pathways in your brain when you commit to change, which is the key for breaking and making new habits.

2. Unconditional love.
Live without judgement towards yourself or others. Allow life to happen with one key factor present: unconditional love. When you learn and experience what unconditional love feels like, you will create wonders for yourself and others. The first step is to start with you. True unconditional love for oneself is the fundament for loving relationships with others. Make a habit of smiling to yourself when you look in the mirror and say out loudly; I love myself, I am beautiful, I am proud of me, or any other positive affirmation that feels right to you. Another tidy twist is to write down positive affirmations in a notebook or on stickers that you can place wherever you prefer. Perseverance is the key to create change. There are many good books to read for inspiration and education, one of them is “You can heal your life” by Louise L. Hay.

3. Breathe!
There are several benefits from oxygenating your body. All the cells in your body are dependent on oxygen to thrive, so you are giving them exactly what they desire to be happy, healthy and harmonious. DoingIMG_8476 breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and yoga is wonderful to de-stress and feel in ease with yourself – mind, body and spirit. Create your own space and mindfully concentrate on your breath. Allow yourself to let go of the outside world during your practice. Embrace all sensations in your body, observe them without judgement, just let life be.

4. Optimal nutrition.
“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be food” – Hippocrates. It was well known then, but our modern society seems to be ignorant of the fact that the quality of our food is essential. Nutrition these days are a labyrinth of diverse diets and opinions of what to eat and what to avoid. Instead of choosing a blind path you might get lost on, make it easy for yourself by following one simple rule: eat foods that is as close to nature as possible, foods that feels good to eat. Natural and nutritional whole foods will benefit your mind, body and spirit in ways processed fast food cannot. You don’t have to follow a strict diet and focus on what not to eat, because that will often lead you to desire the “filthy foods” even more. Instead use an 80/20 or a 90/10 rule where you eat natural, nutritional and delicious foods most of the time, and allow yourself to have whatever you are craving once in a while. After a period of time with your new eating habits you will feel and see the positive changes, thus no longer be eager to engage in habits that doesn’t engage in a happy and healthy you.

5. Humour.
Laughter is the best antidote to stress, pain or conflict. The physical benefits of laughter go further than just getting toned abs (but that’s a pleasant bonus for sure). Laughter boosts the immune system, prevents 1507379_627583300657955_5558489470614083180_o-copyheart disease, decreases pain, and relieves stress, anxiety and fear. Laughter builds a perfect platform for happiness and joy – so embrace your inner child and start playing!

Stiina is a certified Yoga teacher, freelance writer and nutritionist. She has lingering lust to live for health and happiness after experiencing the contrast herself – thus her passion to help people to discover their biggest potential was born.


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