Yoga Trade Travel Teacher Spotlight

Fiorella Cosignani is a Chilean actress and drama teacher who has been involved in yoga since the age of 15. Throughout her life she has delved into many different disciplines including, Aero Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Acrobatics, Modern & Butoh Dance. She is always thirsty for more knowledge about the body and how it works. In 2015 she left her job teaching drama for kids at a school and sold all her things to travel around the world; practicing yoga and becoming a travel & yoga blogger. She had the opportunity to write about the whole trip for two important magazines and brands in Chile.

During the trip, she completed a 200 hour teacher training (Ashtanga Vinyasa – Hatha Yoga) in Rishikesh, India. This was a life changing point for her, and made her change a lot of her priorities in life. She decided to go back for a third time, this time for a long term stay. After spending a year in India she is now in her birth country of Chile, sharing her knowledge. She loves to teach to adults and enjoys helping them find a moment for themselves, where at least for 60 minutes they can be in the present. She’s always trying to share with her students that yoga is not only about being flexible, strong, and balanced in the body but also in the mind and heart; and that yoga s a way of living not just going to a class.

She is also passionate about teaching yoga to kids, which is a completely different thing, you need a different language and a different way to get their attention. Her goal is make classes fun and a space they can learn yoga skills that can be used outside the classroom. Everyday she feels amazed and grateful to see how her kids take the practice as a very important part of their day and how much they can absorb and improve.

India is calling her again. Even though she’s practiced for a long time in many different countries she has never found something she loves as much as Rishikesh. She enjoys; the way of teaching, the way of living, practicing everyday, sometimes 2 times a day, walking around the city, sitting down at the banks of mother Ganga to watch the sunset… that’s life. She wants to travel this time also to the south of India to see more of the natural beauties and culture of India. After India, she plans on continuing to share her love of Yoga around the world.


Instagram: @fioreyogini