Yin & Yang Practice – Earth Element

“ Explore how movements and stillness compliment each other to bring balance.” Learn and discover a fundamental practice of movement and stillness through the earth element, focusing on the lower body and finding balance through the upper body. Coming from the Yin and Yang symbol from Chinese origins, which represent…

“Open Your Heart to Bali”, Love ‘N’ Move Yoga Retreat 2023

Join us for a week long event designed to open your heart, relax your mind and energize your body while experiencing the magical island of Bali. Home to an ancient culture known for it’s warm hospitality, exotic temples and stunning natural backdrops this destination is the perfect place to get…

Bali-200 hour Yoga Teacher Training + Reiki Certification

Soul School engages students every day for up to 10 hours in & out the classroom, merging ancient teachings of the East with Western ways of communicating. This course will require your complete dedication in understanding and studying multiple aspects of yoga practice and philosophy. The magnitude of immersion in…

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