Sailing the Greek Islands

Connect With Your Deepest Calm Sailing the blue waters of the Mediterranean you will rediscover ancient ports and tap into a sense of timeless peace.  From swimming and snorkeling in the crystal waters to strolling along the cobblestone streets of the quintessential white-washed villages, get ready to explore the magic of Greece for a…

Journey to the Ancient Temples of Greece

 From ancient sites in the mountains to stunning temples overlooking the deep blue Aegean waters, you’ll be on a journey through the cradle of western civilization and deep within for self-discovery. Our Itinerary for the week June 17, 2023 – Airport shuttle to the hotel June 18, 2023 – TEMPLE OF…

Wellness Retreat – Skyros, Greece

I would like to invite you to our next  SPACE Retreat, a five day magical journey where we focus on five meditative cultivations. We welcome anyone who has or would like to start a journey to ‘reconnection to self’. I will provide you with an opportunity to learn the simple,…

Self Care Yoga Retreat

Relish in the beautiful landscapes and sea of Amorgos, Greece for 6 nights and 7 days. This retreat is an absolute dream that provides an exquisite venue for deep nurturing and self-care. Each day will deliver 2 yoga classes; an enlivening morning class and a grounding afternoon/evening class. These classes…

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