200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training – In English (3 weeks intensive )

Yoga Styles: Hatha Yoga, Hatha Flow & Vinyasa Flow Certification: Yoga Alliance® US Skill level: All levels In this 200h Yoga course, you will lay a strong foundation in traditional Hatha Yoga, as this is the asana-based practice all other Yoga styles developed from. ​ You will learn more than 150 Hatha…

4 Days Yoga & Wellness Retreat Fall Into Balance | Hessen Germany | Instructed in English

This Retreat is a dedicated time for your wellbeing: to explore your vitality, connect to your inner power and tap into your joyful self. Yoga is supporting the body to reach its potential healthy state, releasing physical and emotional blockages and energizing life. During the retreat, we learn to observe…

4 Days Meditation Retreat with Yoga in English | Hessen Germany

When we quiet the inner movement of the mind, we enter the life field, our mind is clear, our body is happy, our heart is right and the sky is the limit. ​ This retreat is a multi-layer experience of meditation in sitting, standing, walking, dancing, relaxing, eating, working, relating,…

6 Days Meditation Foundation Training | Instructed in English | Hessen Germany

This training will give you the foundation for your home daily practice of breathing, meditation, and mindful yoga, as well as a simple practice of bringing awareness and light into your life heart bit, to any action and interaction. ​ It is a safe space to step out from your…

4 Days Healing Qi-Gong with Meditation Retreat | Instructed in English | Hessen Germany

Movement & Awareness Weekend At the heart of Germany – Werra Meissner – Near Kassel Learn about the powerful system of healing and energy medicine (from China) The art and science of using gentle movements and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy (Qi). Qigong practice leads to…

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