Yoga on & beyond the mat retreats

“Yoga on & beyond the mat retreats” is a luxury yoga retreat with new depths. We are here to teach you the breadth that yoga has to offer and pairing it with optional kitsurfing for all levels. Spend 6 days and 7 nights in a luxurious boutique hotel right on…

Ibiza Yoga Retreat – YogaNow!

Sept 29th-2nd October 2021 €695-850 This venue is a sanctuary. With some of the best views of the Mediterranean Sea, a private entrance to the Cala and direct sea access, we are happy to say that this will all be for the exclusive enjoyment of YogaNow! guests. Enjoy nourishing sunset…

Yoga Trade Membership

Connect with worldwide wellness opportunities and transformative ways to travel, work, live, and learn.


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